Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Okay, the day wasn't THAT bad and I don't want to move across the world - across the country is far enough thank you very much.   However, it was definitely one of those days where it seems that everything goes wrong, is hard, doesn't work and so on.  This is how it started:

Wyatt has been FREAKING out.  This is NOT the way he usually is at all.  He is very mellow most of the time.  Sometimes he is hyper, but he has never really been one to tantrum.  The last few days, he has been throwing tantrums like I really have never seen before.  It is really hard to tell why he is doing it, but from what I can tell he is revisiting his terrible twos.  Brain Balance told me this would happen.  Hooray!  Why am I happy?  Because when they start to "regress" into the terrible two behaviors, that means that what we are doing is working and that his brain is changing.  I believe they said it may last for a couple of weeks and then when it is over the BIG changes start coming.  So even though it is really sad and hard to deal with, we are praying it is short-lived and that a few weeks from now Wyatt will be taking off like we have never seen.  Note: This was first thing in the morning, hence the boxer shorts.  Also, the tantrum went on for at least 5-7 minutes prior to us filming.


Now - I wouldn't typically put a video of my child having a tantrum on my blog.  But for documentation purposes, for myself and others looking into Brain Balance, I decided to post it. 

Wyatt had already had a turkey burger and now a smoothie and he was still acting starving.  He kept asking for "Toast" which of course only takes about 3 hours to make once I grind my own pecans into flour.  I decided to look online for some other recipes and found one for pancakes.  I thought maybe it would be easier and he could just eat it like bread.  What do you think?

Yummy Pancakes. 

I don't usually have recipes not turn out so this did not make me happy.  Especially because it was so hard to make and the ingredients were costly.  

  *********BREAKING NEWS*********
Tammy was injured in an unfortunate avocado accident.  It has been 2 hours and the wound will still not stop bleeding.  She will be finishing this post as soon as she regains her ability to type. 

Thank you for your patience.


P.S.  Tammy would like to retract her earlier statement that "The day wasn't THAT bad."
Too much blood to even see the wound.
After putting pressure on it for 15 minutes with a rag, we wrapped it with this paper towel.               It bled through in 5 seconds.

The culprit.
To be continued.....

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