Monday, April 4, 2011

As You Wish.....

The kids have been begging to watch my favorite movie of all time "The Princess Bride".  We were going to watch it last movie night but didn't have it so we watched Newsies - which they loved.  Paige brought the Princess Bride from my house when she went home last weekend and they have been DYING since then.  (Especially Paige :)  In fact, they probably already know the movie from start to finish because they have asked me 1000 questions and I have told them the whole story and have probably quoted every line from the movie.  (I once watched it 8 times in a row - literally)  They are so excited and not happy that I am taking a few minutes to do this post!

It is Spring Break here and there is no Brain Balance this week.  That sounds like a break, but really it is just more time we have to try to fill up with appropriate, right brain stimulating, fun activities.  The windy weather today made it extra hard because we couldn't really go anywhere.  We did some art projects and other things, but the days really drag by.  We were hoping to have our car by today so that we could do some fun things this week, but the plans fell through so we are back to the drawing board.  (Thanks Drayton for being willing - you are awesome!)

We are hoping to hit the library tomorrow for some new books.  By "hit" I don't mean rob or anything - although I think that is what they thought I was trying to do when we were there last week.  I guess I still haven't posted about that either - man I am behind.

Anyways, I will try and get back on tonight and get some more posting done, but if I am too tired then we again wait until tomorrow.  I am trying to balance my life and my old self would just get the kids in bed and work work work.  I still do that, but once in awhile we will stay up and have a party! 

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