Thursday, April 7, 2011

You're Invited to Home Movie Night!

Random Videos in Random Order.  Enjoy!

Video #1  
When I was getting Hazel out of the shower the day my husband was arriving,  I was apparently singing some sort of song about Papa coming.  Hazel picked up on it and sang a song of her own and here it is!

Videos  #2, 3 & 4
These are videos of Papa giving the kids their prizes from home.  Hazel's response is so cute.  Brody's response is so "Brody".  :) So funny.    Wyatt's response is very "Wyatt".  He didn't come over and look at the Moonsand but he did play with it and LOVE it the next day! 


Video # 5
Wyatt loves music and loves to sing songs.  He also loves Thomas the Train.  He started doing this last week with me where he said the train name and I sang the part of the song about that train.  It is not my best work and yes it is sad that I know every word to the Thomas & Friends theme song but he loves it so that is enough for me!

Video #6
This is Wyatt going down the slide at Jump 2 It and then climbing back up.  He is just so cute and so quick.  He loves for me to go up with him and then I sit at the top while he climbs up and slides down with me watching.  He LOVES when we play together which is so fun.  I love to be needed :)

Video #7
I really debated whether or not I should post this video.  Why?  Because it is creepy.  My little cute dainty girl is not really all that dainty.  She has 2 brothers, one of which has her playing star wars and battle all day.  For some reason Brody & Hazel were having a battle one morning and wanted me to film it so I did.  What happened next frightened me.  I am not sure where she got this voice- but it is scary.  Very scary.  

That is all for now, but I plan on doing a regular post tonight as well - if I don't fall asleep first!

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