Friday, April 29, 2011

The Big Apple!

No- I am not talking about applesauce again. This time I am referring to something totally different yet totally exciting!

Tonight I got on a plane and headed to New York City. My husband also boarded a plane and we met at JFK!

So fun to have a little getaway for the weekend. Thanks to the whole crew of people at my house taking care of our darling kids. You guys are the best!

Awesome Paige and my amazing mother in law just drove 2000 miles to bring my car out. They got here just in time to get back in the car and take me to the airport. We now have a car! However, Wyatt does a lot better in the Cart and it saves on gas so we will still be using that as much as possible.

Well I am off to bed and I might actually get to sleep in (past 7 am...) for once!



  1. Have a fabulous time! You both deserve a little weekend getaway.

  2. YEA! Hope you have a blast! You deserve a break more than anyone I know..... Forget having fun...maybe you should just sleep the whole time:)