Monday, April 4, 2011

Goodbyes are Hard - Really Hard

Wow.  I knew that Papa leaving would be hard and emotional, but I never expected what took place tonight.  I hope for everyone's sake that it gets easier each time because I am not sure how many times we can make it through this.

Let's rewind to Friday and start from the beginning.......

Friday was absolutely insane. As I said before, I had to get a rental car to make it through the day.  We had to get Wyatt to Brain Balance by 12 and then pick him up at 1:00.  I had to be back for my nutrition meeting (this will be a WHOLE separate post because there is NO way I can go into that tonight) by 1:30.   The meeting went until 3:00 even though I got a text from Bo that his plane had landed early at about 2:40!  I finished up the meeting and headed out only to realize that the rental car had absolutely NO gas!  My husband who I hadn't seen in three weeks was waiting for me at the airport and I had to stop and get gas??!! When I left the rental place they had said they put $10 in it - obviously they did not.

I picked him up (kissed him) and we headed out to see the kids.  They were waiting at Brain Balance for us since Brody had just finished his session.  I was so proud of Paige because it was her first time driving to Brain Balance in the golf cart and she made it there with three kids and didn't get lost! I already posted about their reunion so if you didn't see it, check it out :)

Bo needed to scan and send some documents to his office so we all piled in the rental car and went to Staples.  We were all starving and had to wait for the documents so we decided to go to the Chilis that was right in the parking lot.   We usually NEVER go out to dinner  - for lots of reasons:
  1. The kids diets are very restricted and it is hard to find something on the menu that is legal.
  2. We usually end up taking our own food in for Wyatt and having them heat it up.  Most places are nice, but some are not.
  3. The kids are usually loud and crazy.  (Probably from the excitement since they don't get to go out much)  I once got yelled at while at Texas Roadhouse because Wyatt was being loud.  He wasn't being bad, just squealing from excitement.  A woman stood up and leaned over the divider to our booth and said (in a mean voice with a very mean look on her face)  "Can you control your child!" I told her that sometimes I couldn't because he has special needs but she didn't seem to care much.
  4. If you turn your head for 1 second, Wyatt will run away. 
  5. If you turn your head for 2 seconds, Wyatt will be at a different table drinking people's drinks and eating their french fries.
  6. You get the picture. 
However,  we were all hungry and it was going to be a bit before we went home so we decided to go for it.  Problem:  We had NO food for Wyatt.  Not even snacks.  This usually means that he will just go hungry because he is so picky and will NOT eat anything - ever.   Here is how the night went:
  1. I ordered chicken breasts with corn on the cob for Brody and Hazel and figured I would try to get Wyatt to eat some of the chicken.  This plan always fails and ends with Wyatt (and me) crying from trying to force Wyatt to eat the chicken - or whatever food I have ordered. 
  2. Since I had no food for Wyatt, I cut up the chicken and put it on his plate.  He wouldn't touch it - surprise, surprise.  However, I decided to bribe him with my phone (he loves to watch movies on YouTube and never gets to watch anything anymore so he wanted it bad) It worked!!!  He ate a piece of chicken!!!!  This is HUGE and amazing!  I let him play with the phone for a minute and then made him eat another piece to continue playing.  We did this until he had eaten the whole plate of chicken!  Yahoo!  Amazing! Breakthrough!  (FYI - it once took 3 hours to get him to take a microscopic bite of a carrot....)
  3. They were still loud and crazy.  Banging forks, putting stuff in their drinks, jumping, squealing, etc.  But overall not too bad.
  4. Wyatt tried to run away a couple of times but was caught just in time.  
  5. Wyatt tried to drink some of Bo's drink but was unsuccessful! Luckily no one near us was eating french fries. :)
  6. You get the picture. 
As I looked around at my cute family and how they were becoming more "normal" (ha ha) I turned to Wyatt just in time to see that he has just peed his pants.  Hmm.  Not sure why since he has been so good with that lately?  Maybe because he was so excited to have my phone?  Maybe because he wasn't right by a toilet?  It was so strange because usually he would say "potty" or try to take his pants off first, but not this time.  He just stood there and peed (a lot).  We cleaned it up with napkins and Paige got some paper towels from the bathroom, but he was soaked.  When we got to the car,  we decided it was better to get him out of his wet clothes so he sat in the backseat with no pants, no underwear and just a hoodie. 

We went to Staples to pick up the papers.  Bo was just going to run in, but Brody and Hazel wanted to go - really, really bad.  (They obviously don't have much excitement in their lives)  Brody said "can I go?  Bo said "ok".  Hazel said "Can I go?"  Bo said "ok"  Paige said "Can I go?" (punk) and Hazel (mini- punk) said  "NO PAIGE!  YOU ARE TOO OLD!   Since Paige was too old, Bo, Brody and Hazel ran in the store while Paige and I stayed in the car with the naked boy.   As Hazel ran in the door I heard her yell "This is So Fun!"  It is amazing how the little things are so fun for kids.  Just being with their Papa (no matter what they were doing) made them so happy.   After a couple minutes, Paige and I turned around to find Wyatt laying in the back window of the car (teaser pic #1 from Friday)  Bo and the kids walked out and saw him as well as some passers by who thought it was quite funny.  
So Happy and Free!

We loaded back up and headed back to Brain Balance.  We decided that Paige would drive the car home with the naked boy and the rest of us would take Bo home on the cart paths   We were loading people into the golf cart when we saw Wyatt naked standing on top of the car.  (He is very fast)  Brody saw him and yelled "He shouldn't do that - it's inappropriate!"   Brody was right so we quickly got him down (after a few photos of course) and we all headed home. 
He even did a little dance for us.
When we got home, Papa gave everyone the prizes he had brought from home and then it was time for bed.

Speaking of bed...... I am headed there right now.  It is late and I am so tired.  I am sorry that I have to keep y'all hanging on the rest of the details of the weekend, but it just has to be.  Last night Hazel's bed deflated and I had to switch her to another one, Brody was up in the night saying he was going to throw up and I had to make him a bed in the hallway near the bathroom and this morning Wyatt DID throw up.  No idea why and no other symptoms.  He acted fine today except he wouldn't eat at all.  I had wanted to wait up to talk to my husband when he lands, but I don't think I will make it. 

Goodnight honey, we love you and miss you and can't wait to see you again. 

Goodnight everyone else - I will post the rest of the weekend tomorrow.


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  1. Hi, i came across your blog recently..i plan on taking my 5 year old nephew who has mild pdd to brain balance this month as soon as the center opens in NJ. i wanted to prepare him for the program a little. i know there is some reflective exercise (i think thats what they are called) that can be done. im pretty sure the right brain is lacking. i was wondering if you could tell me the exercise you did before you started the program and any other information that would be helpful to prepare him so he would get the most out of the program. i know you are very busy. so if you dont get the time to i would understand.. but if you do have the time please email me at i thank you so much in advance. i wish you and your family the best. i will keep you in my prayers.