Friday, April 8, 2011

How Refreshing!

Just a tiny post to mention something neato. 

This morning I randomly asked Brody how he was feeling and if he felt different at all since starting Brain Balance.  His response is below.  (I am going to record it next time I ask questions like these because his answers and expressions are so cute and I am afraid I will forget a tiny detail)

Brody:  "I feel refreshed!" 
Me:       "You feel refreshed?"
Brody:  "Yes - refreshed"
Me:       "What does that feel like?"
Brody:  "I just feel clear - My brain feels clear"

Now - I know that we are in Brain Balance and he hears us talking about it, but this is sincere Brody. About two years ago when we were talking once he said "My brain just doesn't cooperate with my body".  This was at a point when we had never discussed anything that would make him think of that.  He said that because he FELT the disconnect.  Now - After 3 weeks at Brain Balance he is already feeling "Refreshed". 

Side Note:  While I was writing this post Brody asked if he could go upstairs and play with the cute neighbor girls.  I told him we had to clip his fingernails first because they were getting too long.  In the past this was a HUGE issue.  He had TERRIBLE anxiety/sensory problems with having his nails clipped.  Over the last couple of years the fingers have gotten better, but the toes were still terrible.  He would whine, tense up, pull his foot back over and over, etc.  Sometimes we even had to hold him down. 

Not today.  He put his foot up on the toilet and I started clipping his toenails.  I think one time he told me not to cut his skin, but that was it.  There was no flinching, no crying, to restraining, nothing.  That is pure Brain Balance.  He is just maturing, changing and growing at a rapid rate.  For him to be one way for 8 years and then change almost overnight is not a coincidence.  It is faith, prayers and Brain Balance. 

Have a good day!

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