Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter, Messy House, Random Thoughts

Happy Easter Everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful day.  We had a great day, but definitely not at all like our usual Easter Sundays.  We had no family around, no Easter Dinner and even the Easter bunny didn't show up until about noon!  None of that mattered because we were all together!  Having Papa here changes everything.  We actually felt like a real family.  We went to the park, we went on a walk, we went to the store together, we played together, etc.  All things that we didn't even get to do very much BEFORE we moved away.  The kids had a blast and didn't want Papa to go home.  Brody cried at the airport, but it was better than last time.  They all wanted to go home with Papa on the airplane...  Brody at least wanted to go all the way up to the gate and I explained to him that we couldn't do that and he wanted to know why.  I ended up explaining 9/11 to him in the best way I could.  It is weird how I assume that my kids know things just because I do.  I don't even realize that they weren't born yet and don't even have a clue about things before their time unless I teach them.  He was SO interested and wanted to know everything about it.  He then wanted more stories that related to that and I ended up telling him about Pearl Harbor.  He was fascinated and wants to learn more.  He is just like his father :)

I really have so much to talk about, but just no time.  I feel like I should stop saying that since I say it every day, but it is true.  And I guess it is my way of apologizing for throwing random pictures and thoughts up.  I guess It is also my way of telling you that there is something better to come.  However, in the end this blog is just a crazy journal of my thoughts and of our journey so the entire thing may be random pictures and thoughts and that is fine by me.  I just want to have everything documented so I can look back and never forget.  I also want others interested in Brain Balance to have something to read to give them an idea of what it is all about. 

So - since it is 11:30 and I am even more tired than usual, I will do my best at a short re-cap of the last few days and then I am off to bed. 

The first photos are the main reason that I don't have time to blog.  After a weekend of Birthday Celebrations, Playing with Papa, and Easter Bunnies my house is DESTROYED!  I always swore I would never put pictures on my blog of my messy house.  However, for the sake of keeping it real and never forgetting the craziness that is my life, I did it anyway. 

This is now spotless, but it was not fun.  I actually don't mind dishes, but I am getting too old to stay up late doing them.

Dining Room mess as well as laundry, etc.  Laundry will have to wait until tomorrow! 
The family room/random bedroom/toy room.  This is such a funny looking room.  We don't really have furniture and just take what people have so graciously offered to us.  Now add Birthday presents and Easter stuff and you have got yourself one crazy messy place!

Easter stuff before the kids got to it......

When I took Paige to the airport on Thursday Hazel insisted on coming.  I think she was tired.  (The other kids were home in bed (or were supposed to be) while my friend came and sat at the house with them and also let me use her car.  Thanks M!!)  Paige was supposed to come back at 6:00 am tomorrow morning, but unfortunately her grandmother passed away on Wednesday Night.  She is extending her trip to attend the funeral and spend time with Family.  Rather than buying another expensive plane ticket, Paige has so generously offered, and has not been forced in any way ;) to drive my van back!  My wonderful mother in law has agreed to keep her company.  Also, My sister is flying in tomorrow for a visit!  For me it is perfect timing because she will be here to help out since Paige is gone.  I really don't think I would make it the week alone - seriously.  However, she may be wishing that she had purchased refundable tickets... :)  This is a crazy week!  By the end, I will have my sister, Paige and my mother in law all here.  Yahoo!!  I wonder if there is a way I can keep them all and never let them leave?

Waiting for Wyatt to get out of Brain Balance so that we can go get Papa from the airport!!

Papa bought Brody a Lego Star Wars dictionary for his Birthday.  He is in Heaven! 

Wyatt just chillin on his new ride.  (Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma and Great Grandpa and Grandma!) He can't/ won't quite pedal by himself yet, but we are going to work hard this summer to get him riding it!  He loves it and keeps saying "bike" with a smile on his face. 

Papa brought Hazel her makeup kit from home.  She didn't waste any time getting all dolled up.  I think she does a pretty good job putting it on by herself! 

Haze got herself dressed today (which she always does) but today I LOVED the outfit!  I think she looks so cute!  She usually comes running out in something crazy like red leggings and a spider man T-shirt.  Or, a T shirt and only tights?  Love my crazy Hazy!

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  1. Hazel, you look so groovy in your outfit that you picked out. Brody, we are so happy that you had a fun birthday and your daddy was there with you all. And you had a wonderful Easter. Wyatt, we are so thrilled that you are eating different foods and all by yourself. You look so great on the bicycle. We miss you and love you. We pray for you all the time. Love, Grandma Z and Grandpa Gary.