Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Totally Random

So - I really wanted to post a bunch of pictures of Wyatt over the years.  Problem:  My computer with all of my photos is at home (my real home)  and I only have my laptop.  So I just spent the last hour going through emails back to 2005 and found anything I could of Wyatt.  They are totally random ages and shots but this is all I have got!  The photos are mostly of the first year except the last one when he is about 18 moths or so....  Someday I am going to write the story of Wyatt's life with photos, etc. so that I don't forget it.  At that time, you will get a more complete and chronological photo album.  :)

I will post captions and that is about all I have in me tonight.  We had a good day with Wyatt at the bouncy place and the park, etc.  but we are all tired. 

Oh ya - and good news!  We have a car this week!  My Dad's cousin just moved near us and is going to be gone for a week and he offered his car to us!  We are so happy and so appreciative.  We are going to try to go to the Zoo or somewhere fun while we can.  I love family (and friends).  They just help each other and take care of each other.  I can't even remember the last time I saw this man - 15 years go or more?  Yet, he drives out of his way to bring his car to me so that I can use it while he is gone.  Thank you Kevin :)
Here I am about a week before Wyatt was Born.  He was 8 pounds 11 ounces and was perfect!

Wyatt on his 1st Birthday eating his cake.  (Something he would NEVER do right now).  He has always been a very happy smiley boy. 

This was our Christmas Card Photo in 2005.  Now those are some cute boys!  For those of you who can't tell, Brody is on the left and Wyatt is on the right :)

Halloween 2006.  Man they are cute!

Wyatt is about 5 months old here.  I was taking pictures of him when Brody REALLY wanted to be in them too.  He came and posed for a bunch.  Silly Kids.

Halloween 2005.  My darling sister had gotten these basketball uniforms for $1 at Walmart so we took advantage and used them for Halloween.  I thought they looked SO cute. 

One of my favorites of all time.  So cute, so blonde, so happy, so perfect.

Love this one of the brothers both laughing.  I was probably crying trying to get a picture of them both together but at least they were happy!

I think he is about 9 months here.  I had taken about 20 pictures of him in these new pajamas.  I will only post one (at least right now...)

Another one of my favorites.  I remember being one of those people that thought a mom should ALWAYS be watching her child good enough that they would NEVER have a chance of getting near the toilet or touching the dirty seat or water.   Ha Ha.  I learned quickly that you just can't be everywhere - especially when you have a child with special needs.  They are harder to keep track of and need more attention.  Anyways, Brody came into the room and said "mama, Wy Wy is getting in the toilet"  I assumed he meant that Wyatt was playing with the water (which had happened before - yep, I admit it.) But boy was I wrong.  I walked in the room to find this.  Wyatt sitting down happy as can be.  He loves to swim so maybe he though it was a miniature pool.....  

Well, I Just fell asleep sitting up - literally - so I guess that means I am done.

Brain Balance tomorrow and more posts to come! 


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  1. Such nice photos of Wyatt. Thanks for sharing Tammy! Now, get some sleep. ;)