Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Day!

Wyatt had his first day back to Brain Balance and they said he was good and had a really great day.  He even got a star, but I forgot to take a picture of it - I will when I go back there today. 

When he came home he naturally wanted to play with the iPhone and so I used it to get him to try some food.  We had him eat some hamburger (beef not turkey) which sometimes he does but usually fights it.  He did it pretty good so I got out the applesauce again.  I had tried it again the other day and he was NOT having it so I was discouraged.  But today he picked up the spoon and just started eating it!  So I decided to try something crazy and see if he would eat my homemade tomato basil soup (thanks to my sister Heidi for the recipe!)  It is red in color so I thought he would freak out and push it away but he put it right to his mouth and tasted a bit.  There was only one spoon full in the bowl but with a little coaxing and not really any fighting or gagging he ate all of it!  Amazing!  Wonderful!  Huge!  Awesome!  He also finished his hamburger and his applesauce.  Now - I still have to try to get him to actually consume more than a tiny spoonful and eat these new items on a more consistent basis, but this is progress.   I am sure that will take time but the hard part is over!! (Okay, just for those foods for now, but it is a start!)

The best part is that if I can get him to eat that soup and other soups (pureed of course) then we might actually get some nutritious food into him!  Here is what was in my soup:

All organic:

Fresh Tomatoes
Fresh Celery
Fresh carrots
Fresh Garlic
Fresh Onions
Fresh Red pepper
Fresh Basil
salt, pepper and a few seasonings.

All of those vegetables and HE ATE IT!!  Can you tell I am excited!  We will be trying to get him to have some more for dinner and chances are it will not go as well - that is just how it always works.  But we will keep trying.  This is more progress we have seen with his picky eating EVER after 4 years of diets, ABA and other treatments.  Can I say Brain Balance?

See you tonight!

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  1. I love the WY WY updates. Give him a big hug and tell him that it is from his Uncle Josh. (I mailed you today the disk with all the pictures from Christmas that I took of Wy Wy.)

    I smiled when I read the part about Wy Wy not being sensitive to cold...when I took a lot of my pictures of Wy Wy, I remember is was FREEZING cold outside, and he had taken off his shoes and socks. And I, who usually NEVER gets too hot or cold, was FREEZING in full gear.

    Love and miss you guys!