Saturday, April 23, 2011


BRODY is 8!! 
I can't believe that my first born is 8.  I really can't.  Time goes by SO fast.  Brody is SO Smart.  He has the vocabulary and personality of someone much older than him.  He says the funniest things - really, I think they are funnier than anything.  Once when he was 5 I asked him why he hadn't done what I asked and he said, in the sweetest voice:  "Oh, but I didn't year you - My ears are VERY small." 

Today he said that he only had one battle droid and "isn't that a bummer?"  He also said, "This is the greatest day ever!" 

Wyatt also got his Birthday presents finally since we wanted to celebrate together as a family.  He is very excited as well! 

Hazel has been asking (crying) all day about where her presents are.  She doesn't quite understand why BOTH her brothers are getting things and she isn't.  (Even though Papa bought her Tangled, she got a new swimming suit and she gets to share many other things with her brothers. 

I will do a post with all of the birthday presents and festivities later!  For now, I will be playing with the kids and cleaning up the messiest apartment ever.  Seriously. 

See you later!

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