Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Very WORST Day Continued.....

Okay, now where was I? Oh yes, the TERRIBLE day.  It was one of those days that everything that could go wrong did - and then some. 

So, after the pancakes didn't turn out that well, I decided to use the batter and make muffins.  Don't they look moist and Delicious? 

I will not take the blame for these failures - it was the recipe!  The other muffins I made later turned out great and the kids loved them.  (But let's not talk about that right now - we are focusing only on the bad!)

Oh - and I failed to mention - Paige woke up not feeling well at all so that just made everything worse.  Of course the days we don't feel well are the worst right?  Anyways, she was trying to do exercises while I was trying to pay bills, etc.  Wyatt wasn't cooperating and was throwing a huge fit so that was fun.  Paige finally took the kids on a golf cart ride to get them out of the house while I finished some work.  They were still going nuts after that, so they went swimming.  I don't think Paige liked the idea, but she was a good sport.  I hadn't paid bills or done paperwork since we moved here and I was so behind.  Since I didn't have the bills here, I had to make my poor mother in law go over each one with me and give me the amounts and account numbers and addresses, etc.  Thanks Mimi!  Paying bills is never fun so that added to my not so fun day.  I jumped in the shower and of course, ran out of hot water.

When Paige got back she said the water was too cold so no one was really swimming. Surprise.  She showered the kids and then there was no water left for her.  She was trying to do Brody's exercises and he would NOT cooperate at all,  Wyatt had his phone and the battery died so he screamed and threw it and it hit the ceiling and Hazel was running around naked and would NOT get dressed!  I finally talked Hazel into getting dressed, told Brody I would take a birthday present back if he didn't obey (his birthday is Saturday!)  And I don't even remember what I did with Wyatt..  Oh wait - now I remember.  He started freaking out and saying "toast".  Well, I didn't have any because my earlier baking had failed so I was going to have to start over.  I knew it would be a good hour or two before the toast would be done so Paige started a chicken breast (which he doesn't eat) but I was going to make him eat.  He also wanted a smoothie.  He was freaking out really bad again and pushing us and screaming, etc.  This is so unlike him, however, it really scared me!  When I see him act so unlike himself, it worries me and I always think something else is wrong.  I didn't want him to starve to death so we just started cooking away.  I was still in my bathrobe and paige was still in her swimming suit and there was NO TIME to change.  It was seriously so crazy.  The screaming, the crying, the blending, the grilling the mixing....

We finally got the chicken breast thawed and grilled and then tried to get Wyatt to eat it.  He did NOT want to.  Thankfully, he wanted his phone bad enough that we got him to try it.  He realized it wasn't that bad and ate the rest - game in hand of course.  In the craziness, Paige and I had forgotten that we had thrown in a frozen pizza (since it was 4:00 and we hadn't eaten yet - and also because we were trying to make more freezer space).   It was burnt.  It didn't taste too bad, it was just really really crispy.  I had just a few bites and Paige decided to pass. 

We looked at the clock and realized that it was time for the Community Easter Egg hunt!  The kids had been talking about it a lot and we knew we had to go.  We had 10 minutes to get ready so I threw on some clothes, put my muffin batter in the fridge and we headed out the door.  Poor Paige was still in her suit.  We got there and they had some snacks and treats which the kids wanted but couldn't have.  They had some grapes and water.  Then the hunt started and it was nice and low key with not too many kids.  Wyatt was not interested and kept wanting to go home.  He picked up one egg and put it in his basked with a little coaxing but that was it.  The kids couldn't even eat the candy they got but they wanted to search for the eggs anyway.  Brody went around trying to give his candy to other kids and most of them said "no thank you!"  What?  More candy and they said no?  I guess that is a good thing but poor Brody was trying to make kids happy and give them candy and it wasn't working.   He finally did get rid of all his candy (keeping his eggs so he could play with them and have endless egg hunts around the house later.)  We tried to take a photo and the sun was too bright so it failed too.

After the hunt we came home and the cute girls from upstairs came to play.  I sent Paige to finally take a shower and relax since she had a bad headache and still didn't feel well.  Wyatt ran around and caused trouble while the kids all colored Easter pictures and then had multiple egg hunts.  They were all really worried about not getting their own eggs back so I had to write their initials on every egg.  One egg was never found in the end and there was a bit of drama, but it was a good play date.  The kids all LOVE playing together!

Meanwhile, I was in the kitchen baking muffins and cooking chicken and peas for dinner.  The girls went home and more fun began.  Wyatt wanted his phone back so instead of saying "game" or "glasses" now it was "chicken".  He asked for chicken because he knew if he ate it he would get his phone.  He did the same thing today.  Very cute.  Brody whined about the peas and I made him eat 8 because he is almost 8.  Hazel ate pretty good for once and then showed me her plate when it was gone.  She expects a VERY big response to that.  We have to scream and clap and say "Wow!  you ate all of your food!  You are amazing!  (One time I was really busy last week and she brought me her plate and showed it to me and I just told her to put it in the sink.  She had the saddest look on her face and said "You don't seem very happy".  I immediately gave her the show she wanted and she was satisfied.)  Paige got out of the shower and went to bed :(  Poor Paige. 

Meanwhile, I was in the kitchen baking muffins - yes, still baking muffins.  I started laundry, gave the kids 12 more snacks because they are always "starving" and was cleaning the kitchen like crazy.  I finally got everyone in bed after 12 stories and 12 more snacks and then started on my blog of the crazy, stressful, bad day. 

Paige ended up waking up and neither of us had eaten dinner.  She still had a headache and I told her I would make her food and get her some medicine.  We started on grilled cheese sandwiches and I decided to make Paige some guacamole with our perfectly ripe avocados.  We both LOVE guacamole and I thought it would make her feel better.  Sorry I never got it made Paige!  Every time I cut an avocado I stick the point of the knife in the pit to get it out.  Every time I do it I think "I shouldn't do this" but I do it anyways.  One time the knife went through and barley poked my hand and I swore I would never do it again.  Should have listened to myself. 

So, I poked the pit and the knife went through the pit, through the side of the avocado and through my ring finger.  I don't know how but it didn't just do a clean slice.  It essentially cut my finger like I was butterflying a chicken breast.  It went in and then somehow sliced under the flesh - yuck. 

Anyways, I screamed and scared the crap out of Paige and she didn't know what was going on.  I was bleeding bad and she got me a rag.  I put pressure on it and kept it in the cold running water.  I wanted ice, but we don't have any because we had to take the ice maker out of the freezer because there was not enough space.  We wanted to run up to the neighbors and see if they had band-aids, etc. but it was 10:30 and we thought they were probably asleep.  It really did hurt really bad - and I am pretty tough :)  It wasn't as bad as having shots in my toes for surgery on an ingrown toenail, but it was pretty bad.  After 5 or 10 minutes the blood was still coming a lot.  I was worried I was going to need to go to the instacare and that scared me.  I have never had stitches and never want to.   But what really scared me was a thought I had.  What if something had happened, or happens to the kids and I have no car to take them to the hospital, etc?  It just really made me nervous to not have a car here in case of emergencies.  I am glad I have scheduled to have mine shipped here- for many reasons and now for this reason. 

During all the commotion the sandwiches were on the grill.  Lately, every time we make sandwiches on the grill, they burn.  There is just too much going on here.  So - I am not kidding when I say that even though I was hurting and holding my finger and bleeding to death, I probably said "don't burn the sandwiches"  about 10 times - maybe more.   Please see below:
This photo was taken AFTER she scraped half of the bread off since it was black as night.
The first sandwhich came off burnt and I told her to make sure to not burn the next one.  But I guess she was too busy taking care of me that the next one burned too.  Just a nice icing on the cake for the day of fun we were having. 

My favorite part:  At one point during all of the drama, Paige tried to get me to come into the bathroom to let the water run on my finger.  I told her I didn't want to move and that was it.  Later, she admitted to me that the reason she was trying to get me into the bathroom was because she didn't want me to see the 2nd burned sandwich!  She was going to try to make a whole new one without me knowing!  Silly Paige!  She makes me laugh all the time.  The sandwiches were delicious once all the burn
stuff was scraped off.  Then, since one hand was holding the still bleeding cut on the other hand, Paige literally fed me bites of my sandwich.  It was funny. 

My finger finally stopped bleedin gafter 2 hours and we wrapped it with the paper towels and scotch tape and we were finally ready for bed at 1:00 a.m.  We were SO exhausted and ready for this now HORRIBLE day to come to and end.  I brushed my teeth and thankfully, everything went alright there.  Then I went to go check on Wyatt and he had wet the bed - and not just a little.  The blankets, sheets and the poor little guy were all soaked and he was awake just laying there.  Paige came to help me change the sheets and Wyatt's clothes, etc.  He wanted toast of course, so we gave him that and a little water and got him back to bed.  As I put him in bed I said "night night" like I do every night, but tonight he said "night" back!  He used to do that more when we were doing consistent ABA therapy, but hasn't done it in months.  Then I said "I love you" and he said "I love you too".  Again, he has done that before, but it has been months!  It was so cute and wonderful because it was spontaneous language and not me telling him to say something.  In fact the last two days he has had a lot more language than he has over the last couple of months and I know there is more where that came from!

Now it was FINALLY time for bed!  Yahoo!

Sounds like a crazy, bad, messed up day, doesn't it?  Well guess what?  Most kids on the spectrum have very little, or no rhythm and timing.  So what does that mean?  It means that their entire life is essentially off beat.  When Brain Balance describes it to you they say something like "you know those days when everything goes wrong the whole day?  You stub your toe getting out of bed, then you burn your breakfast, spill your OJ and are late for work.  Sounds kind of like our day yesterday right?  (Except ours was WAY worse!)   Well for kids like Brody, Wyatt and so many other children, they explain that EVERYDAY is like that for them.  Everything goes wrong, they feel unsettled, off beat, etc.  That is so sad.  We felt terrible yesterday and today wasn't much better.  But to think that these kids feel like this almost everyday is so heartbreaking.

Good news is that we are here to fix all of that! 

I have so many updates and funny stories to post but the typing is hurting and it is late.  But I do have one thing to say.  Today Brody and Paige were talking and Brody told her that he "feels regular" She tried to ask more questions and basically just got that he "just feels more regular."  I believe that what he is describing is that he is maybe having less days like ours was and more "regular" days.  :)

Today was not my favorite, but better than yesterday.  I will hopefully get to that tomorrow!  Paige leaves tomorrow night and Bo gets here Friday!  Yippeee!! We are so excited to have Papa back for the Birthday fun and Easter!  We miss you Papa and can't wait to see you!

Goodnight y'all. 

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