Saturday, April 9, 2011

April Fools!!!

Okay - so I am a little late for April fools...  but it is still April right?

I know I promised two posts today and I am barely going to do one - sorry!  Right when I sat down, my Brody came in with a sick belly and thinks he is going to throw up!  I am not sure what is going on but Wyatt seemed sick this week too.  He appeared to have stomach pain and was hunched over and could barely walk.  He was lethargic as well and didn't really want to eat.  The hard thing with Wyatt is that he can't tell me anything so I have NO idea how he feels or why he is acting the way he is acting.  Is he sick?  Does his stomach hurt?  Does he have appendicitis? Is he going to throw up?  It is such a guessing game. 

Since Brody now says his stomach hurts pretty bad I am thinking they might have both gotten a bug?  He is not happy feeling this way and keeps asking me when it is going to be over.  I finally made him a bed in the hallway by the bathroom (just in case) and gave him a book to read.  He didn't believe me that the book would help, but when I just went to check on him he seemed a little better just having his mind off of his belly and into his Magic Treehouse Book. 

I am hoping he doesn't get worse and that Hazel and the rest of us don't wake up sick.  We will have to see how he is doing in the morning, but if we have any chance of getting up, showering, doing breakfast and medicine and then leaving by 8 a.m. for an hour golf cart ride to church then I had better get to bed. 

As much as I want to stay up for a week straight (or a year) and put everything in my mind on paper (or blog) I seem to be getting more tired and more run down as time goes on.  Funny how that works :)

Tomorrow is the last day off for spring break and then we are back to Brain Balance!  We are so excited!  The boys enjoy going and it is nice to get out of the house and get some fresh air.  Plus- the more Brain Balance sessions we do, the more progress and change we see so I look forward to each and every one! 


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  1. Tammy, my kiddos are sick too... I know what you mean about the feeling rundown thing... I keep telling myself I can rest when I'm dead!