Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yahooooo! Wyatt Picked his Nose!!!!

No - you didn't read that wrong.  I am so stinking excited that my almost 6 year old boy picked his nose!  I even gave him a hug and kissed him and said good job!  Isn't that what everyone does?

Let me explain.   Have y'all ever seen your child pick their nose?  How about fix their pants if they are twisted?  What about wipe their face off when there is food on it?  Have they ever gotten food stuck in their teeth and tried to get it out?  These are all normal things that kids do right?  Well not my Wyatt.  In fact it is the strangest thing - sometimes you don't really ever notice your child isn't doing something until you see him do it for the first time and then you realize "They have never done that before".  Does that make sense?  I notice when Hazel picks her nose (yuck!) and I make her get a tissue and wash her hands, but I never went around looking to see if Wyatt picked his nose.  I have so many other things to worry about and who just thinks about this stuff all the time right?  It is obviously easy to notice things kids ARE doing as opposed to noticing things they are NOT doing. (Besides not starting to talk or bigger things of course)

So - it is a strange yet exciting feeling to see something you have never seen before because it means change!! 

Wyatt has tactile under-sensitivity.  (He has many sensory issues, but we will just discuss this one for right now.   Kids on the spectrum usually either have under or over sensitivity.  Here are a few symptoms.  The kids won't necessarily have and they are usually all at varying degrees of severity, but this gives you an idea:

Under-sensitivity (Hypotactile) (This describes Wyatt.  He has all of these symptoms to a degree.)
  • Doesn't notice or respond when Cut
  • High Threashold for Pain (barely feels pain although this has improved over the years)
  • Doesn't sense the feeling of hot or cold (Goes outside in the freezing cold and takes off shoes and socks and is not phased.  Sometimes even takes his shirt off.  Same with the heat.
  • Craves contact sports
  • Doesn't notice when sits down on an object
  • Provokes roughhousing or fighting
  • Compulsively touches
  • Acts like a bull in a china shop
Over-sensitivity (Hypertactile) (This describes Brody more.  He has most of these symptoms as well as some of the Hypo ones)
  • Dislikes playing sports (Remember - "sports is not my thing")
  • Dislikes being touched (not Brody really)
  • Hates tags on clothes 
  • Has allergic skin reactions
  • Hates makeup/jewelry (obviously if girl)
  • Has poor body temperature control (Brody will be freezing when it is hot, or the other way around. Also his temp seems to fluctuate a lot.
  • Does not like clothing on arms or legs
  • Has low external pain threshold (wow- he has this bad.  He gets the smallest owie in the world and he cries terribly and is bothered by it for days.
  • Doesn't like touching (not Brody)

Because Wyatt is under-sensitive, he doesn't notice or even feel the list of things I mentioned above. 

So here is the story.  If any of you are grossed out by boogies then feel free to stop here.  :) 

I was putting Wyatt to bed the other night and I noticed he had a few "friends" in his nose.  I got a tissue and used it to try to get a few out.  He let me do it and didn't really fight me which was good.  There were still more but I figured I wouldn't torture the poor kid and I just laid by him and sang some songs.  Next thing I know he jumped out of bed.  I didn't know where he was going so naturally I followed him.  I assumed he had to go potty since he walked into the bathroom.  Wrong!  He climbed up on the stool and looked at himself in the mirror.  (Also a more recent development)  He got close to the mirror and started looking in his nose.  He acted like he could actually feel something in there bugging him (which is unusual because of the under-sensitivity) and he put his finger in his nose to try to find out what was in there :)  Maybe because it was so new to him he didn't know how to get them out so he did the cutest (grossest) thing and grabbed my finger and put it in his nose!!!  It was so cute.  He let me get the boogie out and then he looked in his nose again and you could tell he felt better.  He went back in his room and got in bed. 

It seems so strange to be so excited about such a strange thing but again, it shows me that he FEELS things and he is NOTICING things he has never noticed.  This is great! 

So then today:  He had just eaten lunch and was headed to the park with Paige.  They were in the garage getting ready to leave and they were already on the golf cart when Wyatt jumped off and came back in the house.  Paige followed him in to see what he was doing.  He again went in the bathroom and stood on the stool and looked in the mirror.  This time he was looking at his teeth!  He had some food stuck in his teeth and he was trying to get it out!  This was so cute because again - we have NEVER seen anything like this.  He again had me help him get the food out and then he went back to the garage and headed to the park. 

Wyatt and Brody are both improving with their symptoms each day.  We are truly amazed at the things that we see happening.  The most amazing part is that these things just seem to show up out of nowhere.  We don't work on them, teach them or talk about them.  They just happen and they come relatively fast compared to all the other treatments we have done (which is a lot).  Once again - this is Brain Balance. 

If any of you are keeping track, I still never finished the post from last weekend and I have promised about 20 other posts that I have yet to do.   Maybe this doesn't bother any of you, but it is driving me crazy!  I want to have everything documented, in chronological order and I don't want to forget it.  Hopefully over the next couple of weeks if I do 2 posts per day I can catch up.  So - starting tomorrow look for morning AND night posts! 


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