Sunday, April 17, 2011

Maybe Sports really ARE His Thing?


This is Brody.  He is my darling boy who has NEVER been interested in sports.  If you have read my earlier posts you know that his phrase used to be "sports just aren't my thing".  We tried him in Soccer and he ended up getting the entire team to climb the fence and pretend they were Spiderman - right in the middle of the game.  He did OK at T-ball but didn't really want to play again.  He just never really had the coordination it took (because his brain didn't communicate with his body...) to play sports.  Because of that, he would not really even try.  He might try something for 1 minute, but the second he couldn't do it, he was back to playing Legos or something easier that he knew he could do well.  This is typical for a lot of kids with ADHD - depending on their sensory issues, etc.  

I posted last week about Brody hitting little balls at the park with a stick and how it amazed me.  He also was throwing his stuffed animal in the air and catching it last week.  Both of these things don't seem amazing in and of themselves, but for Brody - they are amazing.  Now I am sure that if I had worked with him a ton and practiced and practiced, he would have eventually been able to do those things. However, the remarkable part is that because of Brain Balance, he is literally doing these things OVERNIGHT.  We have lived here for one month and have not tried to work on any of those things with him.  In fact, it is usually his idea to try these new things and different sports and he is NOT giving up!  If he doesn't do it perfectly, he keeps trying rather than moving onto something else. 

So - now to discuss the photo above.  We went to visit cousins about an hour away today.  We have only met them once before but the kids are all best friends!  Brody LOVES playing with cousin Patrick.  At the end of our visit today Brody and Patrick decided they wanted to go outside and play some basketball.  I thought that sounded new and interesting and headed out to watch.  The last time Brody played basketball with friends was a few months back.  We all went to the church to play and Brody spent the whole time riding his scooter around and wasn't even interested in playing.  Not today.  Paige, Patrick, Brody and Hazel all played as Wyatt and I cheered them on and took video.   When I started watching I truly could not believe my eyes.  He was trying to guard, steal and shoot.  (I don't think he tried dribbling yet...)  If he missed the shot he would try again and didn't give up! 

I KNOW this is still my sweet little boy, but how could he be so different so quickly?  How could he be not only interested in playing sports, but do pretty well at them with absolutely no help, practice, etc.  I am not saying he is pro or anything, :) but he had the skill required to make a basket - which he has never had before.  He had the interest to try and play - which he has never had before.  And he had the confidence to keep trying - which he has never had before.  There is NO doubt in my mind that Brain Balance is the reason for all of these changes.  We are not only seeing changes with sports, but just with his overall maturity level, his hyperactivity, his focus, his flexibility, his mood swings, his social skills, and the list goes on.  Please watch the videos below and see for yourselves how great he is doing!  

Love you Brody!

I just stayed up making pumpkin muffins on the specific carbohydrate diet - which I have done for two years.  However, this time, since they have an almond allergy now, I had to grind my own pecans to make flour, and then substitute applesauce for eggs and coconut oil for butter.  They are not cooking all the way in the middle even with double my usual cook time.  They are just kind of gooey, but I am hoping they are ok by morning and that the kids will like them!  It will be trial and error for awhile, but I think I can at least get a few things to work for them so they aren't just eating meats and fruits and veggies. 

Anyways, I really wanted to talk about the rest of our day and do a bunch of updates, but I am so dead.  So once again, it will have to wait.  Hopefully tomorrow I can at least post a bunch of the funny things they have been doing and saying - they are the funniest kids!  

Bro and Haze with cousin Patrick.  They helped him get the corn off of the grill.  They both LOVE corn and Brody had two ears and still wanted more!

Brody and Coach Patrick :)

Wyatt, Hazel, Cousin Olivia and Brody

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  1. That's awesome! Way to go Brody! Wow, I am so happy that this Brain Balance is working!!!! What a bunch of cute kids! :)