Wednesday, April 6, 2011


 Okay folks - here is the deal.  I am way behind and I can't possibly do a post about each and every one of these photos.  So - I decided to post them all with captions and you can just scroll through and check them out.   How does that sound?  Great!  The next post will be a video album of the same nature.  If I get time you will get a regular post as well but we shall see!  

Now - these photos are in no particular order.  The dates are all intermingled as well as the topics.  This is VERY much against my usual nature and it is taking a lot of restraint right now to not totally rearrange them and put them in chronological order, etc.  I can do this!  Here goes!

P.S.  I don't think there are many, but there may be a few duplicates  - sorry!
On our way home from church our first week here.  It was cold but beautiful and only took us an hour to get to church! 

Me and the kids on the way home from church.  Wy didn't feel like taking any more pictures :)

Haze came running in one day and said she missed her papa and wanted to wear her "I Love Daddy" pajamas.  We put them on and took a picture to send to Papa.  Not sure if we ever did so if not, here you go Papa!

While Wyatt was in Session at Brain Balance, Paige and I watched a video showing us how to do the reflex exercises (VERY helpful!)  Bro and Haze played and built creations.  They are just cute.

So excited to finally get to Jump 2 it!  I had promised them for a week and we had not been able to get there.  After a freezing 45 minute golf cart ride we were finally here!  The mean mama made them wait to go in so she could get a picture :)

We kept finding Wy asleep on the floor in his closet which we determined was because he liked the light on while he slept.  He now has a crib mattress  that a friend in the ward gave us that fits right in there!

Brody just started doing this one day.  I supposed other kids probably do it too, but I thought it was interesting because this is something I did NONSTOP when I was growing up.  I went up and down the hallway at my house.  I never showed it to him, he is just a crazy monkey like his mom was. 

This is one of my favorites.  This is not just a picture of my cute little girl.  This is a picture of my cute little girl wearing a sock on one foot.  She wants to be like her brothers so when we went into Brain Balance she says "I need my sock too mama".  Seriously - how cute is that?

Switching Gears.....  My sweet little angel from the photo above just got in trouble for stabbing a pencil through the side of this chair that was brought over for us to borrow.  Notice the holes in the chair behind her..... oh Haze - that face is just pitiful.

Poor Wyatt.  He woke up Monday morning and we went to give him his supplements.  He started gagging before we even gave them to him.  (He usually fights a bit but takes them ok.)  He kept gagging and luckily Paige got him to the bathroom in time and he threw up!  We don't know why and assume he caught some weird bug?  He just didn't want to eat really for a couple days, but he didn't throw up again.  Poor baby just wanted to relax so he got a little extra movie time :/

Here is another photo of Wy chilling with his blocking glasses on.  He is only allowed 30 minutes of screen time per day and if he wants it he has to wear these glasses.  Sounds mean, but it is for his own good :)  What a good boy!

Brody and Hazel with their Base that they built.  This is something that occurs multiple times a day at our house.  It is always different and always creative.  They are two peas in a pod.

This is just yesterday at the park by the library.  It is right by the lake and we walked out to see the water and say hi to the ducks.  What a beautiful view.  What a handsome boy. 

Another one from the park with little sister.  They are so silly and best buddies.  Can't wait for Wyatt to play more with them.  He is starting to and it will only get better. 
Shock Trooper Masks - enough said.

Wyatt at Jump 2 It.  He is amazing.  He climbs up the steep slides instead of using the stairs.  I don't know how he does it.  He LOVES slides and jumping and loves when I slide with him.

Hanging in the Lobby at BB waiting for Brother.

The kids are all obsessed with swinging.  Brody and Hazel play a game (that I supposed I taught them) where they swing and I am standing in front of them and they "kick" me.  I of course don't let them kick me (usually) but I make over dramatic motions, let out yells and sometimes fall over and say "hey - don't you kick your mama".  Don't really know where I got it or why I started it but they LOVE it.  So you can imagine what the people at the park think when we are running towards the swings and Hazel yells "I'm going to kick you!" 

So cute and so grown up.  He has really matured in the last 3 weeks - for real.  It is crazy.  He will be 8 on the 23rd.

Just loving being outside.  He brought some Legos to the park and was playing with them a lot at home too.  Since he only made towers, we had to take them away.  :(  He doesn't have many toys left but since it is warming up hopefully he will be swimming everyday and that is his favorite (not mine..)

Wyatt is really far away in this picture but I wanted to get the old school slide and the beautiful trees in the background too.  We found a park to go to while Brody was in session one day and they LOVED It.  This was a fast metal slide - like the kind we had growing up.  Wyatt had a great time on it as well as the jungle gym.  There was a teenager playing basketball and Wyatt went over to play with him.  He kept stealing the ball and then giving it to the boy and saying "throw it", etc.  It was cute but the boy was not sure at all what was going on.  :)  But he was nice and played a long with him for awhile.

Same park as above.  Hazel loves to be a monkey on the monkey bars.  She is really strong and can hold on and hang for a long time. 

Brody's owie.  He was washing in the shower and leaned over and hit his eye on the soap dish that pokes out of the wall.  It seemed like it hurt a lot but he was a pretty brave boy.

Not sure what these are but they fall from a lot of the trees.  They are all over the park.  The other day Brody was picking them up and then hitting them with a piece of wood.  (See Below)  I thought it was pretty impressive since up to this point in his life he has not really had the hand-eye coordination, etc. to do that kind of thing.   His saying has been "Sports just isn't my thing".   I decided to try throwing some of these to him to see if he could hit them.  They are not very big as you can see so it was a pretty hard task - but he did it!  He missed the first few but then he was hitting almost every one I tossed to him.  It was absolutely amazing.  We have not been practicing or working on this.  Brain Balance has just been doing its job!

When the kids pass certain levels at BB they receive stars and trophies that they can stick on the wall.  This is Brody's second star! 

This is Wyatt's trophy from his first day at Brain Balance!  To Wyatt!
Paige got mad and hit the wall.  Bad Paige.

Paige got mad and ripped the golf cart cover.
Okay fine.  Neither of those things were Paige's fault.  The first picture is from me trying to break apart some hamburger patties that were stuck together.  I always hit them on the counter at my house but there were no hard surfaces here so I thought the wall would be safe. Obviously I am stronger than I thought.  (Or that frozen patties are harder than I thought)

The Second photo is because the golf cart cover doesn't really fit but at least keeps out the rain and freezing cold.  When we were zipping it yesterday it just split.  :(

This is my new favorite picture.  This was just tonight at dinner.  Brody has turned into a total bookworm.  He is a GREAT reader and when tested was at a 7th grade level for reading comprehension.  However, he never usually enjoyed reading very much.  We have been going to the library each week and getting all new books and he reads every single one of them.  He is not supposed to read the same book twice so we will be going to the library a lot.  Anyways, we went yesterday and got books and it is so cute because I keep finding him reading.  He is reading when he goes to bed, reading in the living room, and reading at dinner.  Love you Bro!
I will see if I can get the video post done now!



  1. Yay! I'm so excited for the video post!! And I LOVE that picture of Hazel upset about getting caught!

  2. I'm so excited for you guys. What amazing progress. I've been catching up on your posts and have tears of joy and amazement running down my cheeks! You are ALL amazing! :)

  3. Cute kids. I can't believe Brody is going to be eight years old already! We sure miss seeing you guys at church! Sounds like quite an adventure you are having. You are in our prayers.

  4. Hi Tam! Loved all the picts. So what do the blocking glasses do?! Seriously can't believe Brody will be 8 and glad Wyatt is improving!!! Looks like a total crazy adventure! Love you!

  5. Love your skirt too!!! :) How do you always manage to always look amazing even super early in the morning on a golf cart?! :)