Monday, April 11, 2011

Quick Update Tonight - Blame the Government

Okay- I could blame the Government for a lot of things :) but right now I am just referring to TAXES.  That is right -  it is April 10th and I am still working on them.  It only takes about a full week to go through receipts, documents, bank and credit card statements, etc. to figure up our medical expenses for the year.  (This was WAY easy to do this year since I am not at home and don't have ANY of my files.  Thanks to my awesome sister for going through all of them and putting them into my table :)  I am trying to get all of the information to my accountant by tomorrow and since I am not done I don't have time for a fun post about Spring Break, Wyatt's upcoming Birthday, etc. etc.   I really am sad.  I know I say this all the time, but I am SO far behind on what I want to document here but it will just have to wait.

We are back at Brain Balance this week and so I will try to get back on top of my daily kid updates as well as other useful (and useless) information.

As for now, here is a really fast update! 

  • LOVES playing with his friends from upstairs and wants to play all day long.  
  • Came downstairs in the middle of the play date the other day and said "he quit" because they were playing the Wii and he couldn't do it.  I told him that he couldn't just give up and needed to try harder and he would get better.  He went back up and tried and was able to do it!  I was so proud of him because he has always been easy to give up because he had such a hard time doing things he should be able to do and he didn't know why.  Things are all coming together now :)
  • Loved playing at the docks today and made friends with some kids that had little fishing poles. He was very intrigued and they taught him how to use them and he was loving it!
  • Our friends were at the park with us and they had apples.  He REALLY wanted one so they gave him one.  He gave it to me and wanted me to wash it.  I just had a bottle of water so I dumped it on the apple to wash it.  A few minutes later he was licking Wyatt's feet for some reason!! Sick!  (Especially since they had been in the lake water.... ) Our friend said "You will lick your Brother's feet but you have to wash your apple?"  It was pretty funny.
  • Still having a hurty belly and I am not sure why.  I still wonder if it is a bug that they both have.  I was telling him he might have a bug and he asked "where is the bug??"  Funny Bro. 

  • What to say about Wyatt.... He is a little STINKER!  He is SO smart and is starting to be very sneaky.  (That is actually a good thing - I think....)  Here is what he has been up to:
NOTE:  Okay so Wyatt's doorknob is turned so that we can lock him in his room at night.  No - it is not mean, it is to protect him.  If we let him roam free he could escape from the house, flood things, turn on the oven or the garbage disposal, etc. etc.   Anyways, it is so funny how he goes into his room and locks it because it locks him in but I know it is his way of shutting us out when he doesn't want to be bothered. 

Here we go....
  • He knows he can't play on his phone unless he wears the blocking glasses so now rather than asking for "phone" or "game" he says "glasses".  It is cute.  The other day I walked into the room just in time to see him grab the glasses off of the counter, grab the phone off of the counter, give me a sneaky look and then walked into his room and locked the door. Remember that when he locks his door it is locking him IN, not us OUT.  
  • He will be in there playing and then we go check on him to see if he is wearing his glasses.  He NEVER is but here is the funny part:  All we have to do is open the door and he doesn't even look up, he just grabs the glasses and puts them on and goes back to what he is doing.  I have video to document this.   Punk.
  •  If you walk out of the room, he climbs up into the kitchen cabinets looking for contraband.  He found it the other day and Paige caught him after he had eaten half a piece of wheat bread :(
  • He is OBSESSED with his phone now so we might have to take it away completely :(  He is supposed to get 30 minutes a day but he gets SO mad and throws terrible fits when we take it away that we may not be able to do it at all...
  • He has been escaping the house a lot.  He has gotten pretty fast to where he flips both the deadbolts on the front door at the same time and then takes off.  He usually waits until we go into the other room or we are not in sight and then takes off.  We have to chase him down and bring him back.  The funny thing has been that lately he runs right up the stairs to our friends house.  (Remember the one who is his Brain Balance coach?)  We are not quite sure why he wants to go up there, but he keeps trying so we have taken him there a couple times to play for just a few minutes.  He likes to play on her balcony which scares me so we can't stay long.
  • When we left for church this morning he saw an old loaf of wheat bread out in the garage that we had left there to take to feed the ducks.  He tried to get it and I told him "no - yucky".  So then after church at one point I heard the alarm go off "garage door" so I ran to get him.  When I tried to open the doorknob it was locked!  Of course I could just unlock it but I KNOW that was his way of giving himself a few extra seconds before I got to him! Smarty pants.  I got out there just in time to see him trying to get the bread!  I don't know why he wants to eat plain wheat bread lately? Note to Wyatt:  It's not really all that good. 
  • He has been saying "potty" really good or going into the bathroom on his own still.  #1 and #2! This doesn't make him a stinker - just had to throw it in here!
  • Loved the park and lake/docks today.  He wanted to jump in the lake so we had to really hold on to him.  He  also tried to get into everyone's boats.  
  • Here is the most stinker Wyatt moment EVER!  (Again it is a good thing because he is thinking for himself and doing what HE wants as opposed to what everyone else wants him to do, but it is still hard to deal with sometimes and he is still a stinker!)  
    •  Like I said before, Wyatt locks himself in his room all the time and it is fine because we can just unlock it and get in.  But today he went too far!  He ran into my room and shut the door and locked it!  The doorknob to my room is NOT turned around so now we really were locked out!  He had done this the other day but we knocked on the door and told him to open it and he did - but not this time.  Why?  Because my phone was in the room charging.  Wyatt had planned it all out just right.  He was now in my room with my phone watching Thomas and Friends on YouTube with the door locked where we couldn't get to him, or stop him, or take the phone or make him wear glasses!!!  We knocked and knocked and bribed and bribed but nothing worked.  I really wonder if he would have ever opened it.  (Probably not since the phone was plugged in and therefore would never die..)   So we did the only thing we could and unscrewed the doorknob and took it off.  He was NOT happy that we had ruined his little plan and the rest of the night was full of tantrums and asking for "glasses".  Even though at the time it is SO frustrating, looking back it is so funny and I love how stinking smart my little stinker is! 
  • She is a punk.  (Paige made me do it)
Okay, more on Hazel later, but it is midnight and taxes are not done along with a trillion other things so tomorrow will be a post all about HAZEL!


P.S.  The words "quick"  and "short" are not actually in my vocabulary so you will want to disregard them if you see them.


  1. I can just see Wyatt figuring out that plan. Oh if he could tell us all about what goes on in his smart little brain!!! If Hazel gets too punky for you, you know where she is welcome! I hope you got some pictures at the lake, that sounds beautiful. Love you lots, we pray for you every time we pray. Good luck getting your taxes done. Love ya!