Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This is truly one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Really.

I know I have told you all how amazing it is that Wyatt is trying new foods.  But there is NO way you can even comprehend how amazing this is.  My son is 6 years old and has never fed himself with a spoon.  He never would even let a spoon get anywhere close to his mouth.  He never ate anything that wasn't a finger food.  He never tried new foods.  (All of the above he used to do before his regression at age 2). 

Over the past 4 years, I have tried offering him new foods often.  I have tried creative ways to get him to try them.  I have treated his bowel disease which I had hoped would help him start eating more foods.  I have done 3 years of ABA therapy including a program designed to get him to try new foods.  All of these things have just really not worked. Over the years he has gotten slightly better at least with being more flexible i.e. eating square waffles and not only round ones, etc.   But overall, he has been the same.  If I do get a food near his mouth or try force feeding him, he gags, pushes things away, and even throws up. 

Wyatt has only been in Brain Balance for 4 weeks.  4 WEEKS!  Over those  4 weeks we have gotten him to lick the spoon with applesauce on it.  We have gotten him to actually get some applesauce in his mouth.  This all had to be coaxed and heavily reinforced.  Well on Sunday that all changed!  I hadn't given him applesauce in about a week because I had just forgotten.  I decided to give him a small bowl.  Of course he immediately asked for "game".   I wanted him to try the applesauce again so I gave it to him but not without a price!  He had to wear his sock, his eye patch and his earphone in one ear. 

Note:  I know it looks like my poor child doesn't own clothes because all of these videos he is shirtless.   He does, in fact, have clothes.  Some of these videos are in the morning.  As for the rest, they all just happen to be taken when he doesn't have a shirt on. 

So I gave him his applesauce and went to the kitchen to get the medicine ready.  I came back very shortly after and the bowl was empty!  He had eaten it all without me even telling him!  He handed me the spoon and said "apple".  HE WANTED MORE!  I couldn't believe it!  I gave him some more and reminded him that it was applesauce.  Within a few minutes it was all gone again!  He said "apple" and I gave him some more. 

I was SO tired.  My husband was here so I went to lay down for a minute and actually fell asleep!  I think it was for a total of 6 minutes, but I am not complaining.  Anyways, I was awoken by the most amazing little boy.  He ran in my room, sat on the bed by me and said "applesauce!"  It was with such determination like he knew exactly what he wanted and knew that he had asked for it properly!  I immediately jumped up and got him some more applesauce!  By mid-day, he had eaten a jar and a half of applesauce.  This makes me a little nervous, but I am hoping it is just because it is a new food and ti is different and good.  I hope he is not overly obsessed because it is bad for him :( 

NOW I WAS OUT OF APPLESAUCE!  No big deal right?  Wrong.  I had a little boy that after 4 years FINALLY wanted to eat something new.  He actually liked it and he was verbally asking for it and he was going to get it!  Problem:  It was Sunday and we don't shop on Sunday.  Solution:  I had three apples and a Vita-mix.  I watched a video online and headed to the kitchen.  I whipped up the most awesome applesauce and it was delicious!  I made the mistake of adding a little cinnamon.  Wyatt tasted a bit, but didn't love it.  He kept asking for applesauce until he went to bed. 

The next day he asked for "applesauce" about 1000 times until I made some more.  He loved it and ate it all day long.  This has continued since then.  Today I made it with 3 apples and one pear and he loved it! 

So, now we are to today.  He wanted applesauce this afternoon, but he needed lunch.  Brody was eating my delicious home made chili.  I have gotten Wyatt to lick the spoon before but we haven't gotten far.  I was sure he didn't like the looks of all the chunks - beans, meat, etc.  So what did I do?  I blended it all up in the Vita-mix.  I gave it to him and told him to eat it and he did!  Now, he doesn't scarf it down like the applesauce, but he was actually taking little bites of it.  He needed coaxing and reinforcment, but that is how the applesauce started too. 

My new plan:  Since with Brain Balance we are kind of starting from the beginning and rewiring the brain, why not go back to the beginning with food?  I have decided to puree all of the food I want him to try - just like it is baby food.  The plan is that he will get used to different textures and tastes and eventually will tolerate the foods even when they are in their usual state.  It is going to work.  :) 

Again, there is NO way any of you could understand how HUGE this is.  This alone (okay, maybe with the potty training that happened overnight) is worth the money we have paid.  I know without a doubt that Brain Balance has made this happen.  I am so happy.  So excited.  So relieved.  So grateful.  So blessed.  This journey is a worthwhile one and although it is very challenging, I am SO happy that we are on it. 

Now watch the videos and see my Amazing Boy in action! 


Here he is eating whole, real bites of applesauce!
Here He is asking for more applesauce! 

Here He is eating Chili!!!!!!!!!


  1. wow, tam. that is amazing. i want to try your chili! he says applesauce so good.

  2. Tammy, hope you don't mind that I have been following your blog. Annie showed it to me and I'm hooked. It is amazing to see what is going on. I loved the second video. You can hear the excitement in your voice. Hang in there. Know that there are lots of people praying for you and your family. Looks like you are on the right track!!

  3. Love the second video as well. Way to go Wyatt and MOM! He does say applesauce so cute! :)

  4. I understand how HUGE this is! I think it is wonderful. When our children surprise us with these developments, we know all of our hard work and sacrifices are worth it. Way to go, Wyatt!

  5. That is so awesome! Way to go Wyatt! One of these days I need to get all of your amazing healthy recipes.