Saturday, June 18, 2011

Today was a BIG Day!

Brody lost ANOTHER tooth.  I think that makes 4 since we got here just three months ago. 


Wyatt Broke his leg.  His tibia bone (which is the shin bone and main bone of the lower leg) is broken in three places.  It is 12:38 and he is finally asleep.  He fell asleep a few times for about 5 minutes and then woke up.  He HATED the splint and my husband finally convinced me to just take it off and now he is asleep.  I just hope he doesn't try to move or stand up.  I will be sleeping on the floor next to him (trying to) while he sleeps in the recliner chair. 
The rest of the story to come tomorrow.....


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  1. Oh my gosh TAMMY!!! I am curious to know what happened....poor Wyatt! That is so sad. I can't imagine a broken leg. I'm sure you will somehow make it are such a great mom! Good luck and I hope cute little Wy Wy can sleep and deal with his leg in a cast!