Friday, June 17, 2011

We're Rollin' in Style!

Wow- If this isn't rollin' in style, I don't know what is! 
We really do seem to be on a roll again.  This process has a lot of ups and downs, but I feel like we are on another up.  The changes and progress are coming fast and I have a feeling they are going to keep coming.  :)

We started our 12 week assessments and so far things look great!  We have to do the other half of the assessment and go over the reports still, but I am so excited!  I just love seeing on paper confirming what I see at home.  I also love learning more things that I can work on at home with the boys to help them moving along.  The sucess of Brain Balance depends a lot on how much work the parents do at home.  This program already works miracles, but it would be asking a bit much if it was all done in the 3 hours a week at the center :)  We have to make sure they are doing all of their exercises and working on things to build the right brain.  We also have to make sure we are NOT doing things to stimulate the left - very important. 

I will give you the full report when I get it in a couple of weeks - can't wait!

Paige leaves tomorrow morning to go home.  We will miss her but I am sure she is glad to get out of here and get a break!  She works night and day for kids that aren't even hers - she is an angel.  Have fun at home Paige! 

My husband is coming in Saturday for Father's day!!  Yahooo!  It was kind of last minute but I am SO glad he is coming!  We all miss him terribly and the kids thought they wouldn't see him until the 4th of July.  They actually don't know he is coming - it is a surprise!

Here are some fun pics and updates:

Silly Wyatt.  He loves to skate but still needs a lot of help.  He borrowed some skates from a friend and apparently stole my sunglasses out of the car.  Doesn't he look stylin'?  On Tuesday we went with 2 other BB moms and rode bikes, tricycles, skates, etc.,in the church parking lot (no cars!).  Then we had a chaotic picnic on the grass and went swimming after. 
Wyatt has been doing great lately.  He listens so well and after his assessment today they said that his listening comprehension was amazing.  Yay!  He is starting to eat better again (that has gone up and down) but today he ate a bowl of my vegetable soup again and was actually taking almost normal sized bites..  He is talking a lot more, he is more connected and he is not as obsessive or rigid.  He has been loving playing with all of us and playing tickles with his brother and sister.

HERE IS THE VIDEO!  Wyatt wanted to go jump again the other day and started pointing and saying "this way" so Paige got her camera out quick and captured this!  I am so happy we have it.  I really can't get enough of hearing his sweet little voice.  There was a time that I wondered if he would ever speak a word - and now look at him :) 

I have a whole post to do on Hazel, but for now just know that she is growing up so fast.  You saw the video of her hitting the baseball, she is now swimming around (with a life jacket on) and she even jumps off the side of the pool and goes under all by herself!  (Videos to come later).

This video is from today. She loves riding the tricycles all over the sensory gym but today I got her to try the big bike with training wheels.  She did great!  She kept pushing back on the pedals which puts on the breaks (same problem we are having with Wyatt).  But she started to figure it out!  She may have been able to do this a long time ago, but we didn't ever have  a bike small enough for her to try it!

Here she is in a friend's car!  She rode around the parking lot in this as well as rode her scooter and bike. 
Here is a video of Mr. Brody.  I have been very impressed with him over the last week.  He has matured even more.  He has been reading non-stop, he is very calm and helpful.  The other morning when I woke up I went in their room and it was all clean!  I asked him what happened and he said he got up and cleaned it.  He did that WITHOUT ME ASKING HIM!  As well as with no help from anyone.  That is rare.  He has also been doing chores around the house for me.  

Today at the sensory gym he went over to the bikes.  There is a whole row of rolling things - bikes, tricycles, scooters, etc.  He is almost always on the tricycles riding around.  Today was the first day that I watched him go over, look at everything and pick the bike!  He has been riding his own bike around, but I just love that he chose that one on his own.  He rode all over and as I was watching Hazel I saw him go by me towards the lobby.  As he did I heard him yell out "how do you stop this thing!" and then I heard a crash!  I went into the lobby and found that he had ran into a little display cart (not hard and it didn't even move).  I asked him what happened and he said it wouldn't stop!  I checked the brakes and sure enough, they didn't work!  Poor kid!  I am just glad he didn't get hurt, but I need to tell the place to fix that bike or they are going to have injuries! Here is a cute video of him riding!  He is getting much more confident!

More to come tomorrow!  


P.S.  Brain Balance Works! :)

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