Sunday, June 26, 2011

Times are changing and things are different!

I thought about this while I was sleeping last night. It seemed like I should share it with anyone who is willing to listen.

I don't know where to start...... I just want everyone to know that this world is dangerous! There are so many things out there that effect our lives. We have to be very careful with our family and the things we let them do. We need to be educated about the world around us. We need to realize there are things people advise us to do with our children but it might not always be the best for YOUR child. Instead you should take control of your life and research for yourself to see what is the right choice for your children.

Children are all different yet doctors are treating them like they are all the same. For example they have every child on the same vaccination schedule?? Really.... how can they expect not to have negative outcomes when they give kids so many shots full of crap before the age of two?? All I am saying is before you just go and do things research them and look at the side effects and really decide for yourself if your child is worth risking......just because your doctor and other people strongly advise you to do it doesn't mean its the best thing for your family. Everyone is different. Now of course lots of people that are not educated just listen to their doctors because they are supposed to be the ones that know and want what is best for your children....not true YOU are the one that should find out and decide what is best! I am not saying don't listen to your doctors I am just reminding you that you should be in charge of your kids lives and do what you think is best for them. For some getting vaccinated might be whats best and for others it might not be. Just do your homework! Your kids are worth it!:) Its not only vaccinations, the things you feed your children are so harmful. Most of America has very bad eating habits! Obviously! Just be careful what you feed your little kids it effects them more then you think!

Just making sure your kids get outside and get exercise is so crucial in the way their brain develops! Kids need balance. They can't just sit in front of a television or play video games, they need to do physical activities. It is very easy in the world today to stick your kid in front of a television so that you can get things done or to get them video games to keep their time occupied. Just do your best and make sure your kids get what they need to develop like they are supposed too! There are so many kids that get labeled as the bad kid or the crazy kid when it goes a lot deeper then them just being bad. Most kids really can't help it and its very sad. The worst part is people don't understand or are not open minded enough to think outside the box. I just hope that someday people will realize times are changing and things are different.

The sad thing is that parents would never do anything to hurt their kids, but most people are doing it not even knowing that they are! I hope that if people have done something and found out it was harmful or hurt their child that they would inform and share their experience with anyone that would listen. We need to have an open mind about other peoples lives. We need to be willing to listen and even learn from others mistakes.

Who am I to try and tell people how to raise their kids....... I am no one to do that! I for sure have lots more to learn I am just writing this to express how thankful I am to have learned what I have learned from Tammy and her family! They have taught me so much that I would have never learned if it wasn't for them and I am so thankful for that. I know this is crazy for me to talk about all this when I don't even have kids yet! But that is what I am so thankful for I know way more then I did before and so I am more prepared when I do have kids!

I am so thankful that I have learned so much from Tammy and her family. I used to not know much about autism or behavioral problems....... I used to see a kid throwing a fit or acting out of line and think man that kid is a brat (sad I know). How many people are oblivious to the problems with children today, like I was? Sad to say most people still are! A lot of people are still thinking like its 30 years ago. Times have changed and things are different! Please just find out for yourself what is best! Take others opinions and experiences and then decide. Don't let others decide for you!

 I just think its sad to see so many people not realize when their kids have issues. They say he's just being a boy or its just a phase. A lot of the times it not just that. There are underlying problems, maybe from the food they eat or the things they occupy their time with. There are lots of factors.. I just hope more people can have open minds:) For those of you that are seeing issues in your child that there is finally an answer and its BRAIN BALANCE its amazing!

Sorry guys that was random and didn't have much to do with anything..... just had to express my appreciation for Tam and her amazing family! So glad I can be part of this journey!

Here is the updates of the kids over the last two days:

  • Wyatt slept pretty good or at least better then the previous nights... I actually got some sleep.
  • Brody and Hazel have been sleeping through the night and not coming into the room as much as usual.
  • Did usual breakfast and medicine.
  • Wyatt has been saying potty better, he had two accidents since he broke his leg I think because he was scared when we moved him. Now he is more comfortable and he is telling me when he has to go.
  • Got Wyatt to do some of his BB that he can still do with his broken leg.
  • Brody and Hazel have been good help watching Wyatt when I take power naps:) Simmer down Tam, I only did it once..... okay I didn't do it.... not yet anyways.
  • Wyatt was dying to get out of the house so we went for a golf cart ride.
  • We ate lunch (haven't eaten that for days)
  • We colored, built blocks, played with trains, did BB exercises and lots of other random things throughout the day.
  • We had one of the other BB families come over for play date.
  • The kids at first were kinda crazy but it got so much better as the day went on. They started to play like normal little kids not fighting and being totally crazy the whole time.
  • Wyatt is so cute he keeps trying to get up by himself but he is so careful and not once has he put pressure on his broken leg!
  • Caught Hazel and her friend locked in the bathroom and they wouldn't open the door. They were splashing sink water all over the mirror and being crazy. So we decided to get out of the house.
  • We took the kids on a walk and that went well other then we forgot to bring water (Tam will kill me) lets just say they were glad to get home:)
  • The kids played for a little while longer and they did extremely well. The first time we got together it was extremely crazy the kids were screaming and jumping off everything and fighting and it was horrible and that was only 3 months ago. This time they played 100 times better.
  • I made dinner for the kids and did medicine and then it was time for the play date to be over. 
  • We had noticed the girls had been quiet so I went to check on them and they had gotten into Hazel's makeup. They said they wanted to be tigers, they had makeup all over their entire bodies! It was not good. 
  • After that they headed home and everyone went to bed!

  • Breakfast and medicine.
  • Did some BB stuff with the boys.
  • Went on the golf cart and let Wyatt direct us, good thing I had him and Brody or we wouldn't of known how to get home!! They are still way better then me at directions:)
  • Got home made lunch and played a little.
  • We had a play date scheduled with some of the kids friends. They did awesome they weren't crazy and they played really really good. Wyatt was cute and kept trying to say Christina!
  • We played for a couple hours and then we headed home. 
  • I made dinner and did some BB with the boys.
  • Wyatt said potty and I barley made it on time! He is doing really good at telling us when he has to go. Poor little guy can't just get up and go we have to take him. 
  • Went for another golf cart ride and got some cute pictures. Hazel loves to stop and get the dandelions so since we don't have much else to do with Wyatt we stop at all the flowers so they could blow them! 
  • Wyatt is asking for food so good, instead of just saying toast.... he will now say I want toast and bacon please!! So cute!
  • Put the kids in bed.
  • Locked the doors and went out on the town..........;)(Simmer)
 Sorry for the bulletins but there isn't much happening because poor Wy can't do anything! Tam will be back in charge soon then the blogs will get deep again;)

Here are a couple cute random pictures of the weekend! Enjoy:)

 The kids right before going to their friends house they will miss all their friends!

 Cute Haz and her cute hair do!

 They wanted to do an action shot??

 Wy chillin' where he chills best on the kitchen floor with his trains...poor little guy!

Wy was having way to much fun with those barbies! Silly Wy!

 Haz playing with a little kitchen set.

 Wy would scoot a crossed the whole floor with this it was so cute.

 Bro and Haz and one of their good friends! They will miss you guys!

On our golf cart ride getting all the dandelions!

Night (:

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  1. Paige - you are amazing! We are so blessed to have YOU in our lives. Thank you for all that you do and sacrifice for our children. I am so glad you could learn more from us than just craziness and how to get poop out of carpet. :) Thanks for the awesome blog. I love hearing how the kids are doing while I am gone so I don't miss anything. See you tomorrow!