Monday, June 27, 2011


Well folks, this is it.  We only have 2 days left to accomplish what should take weeks to do.  For some reason that just seems to always be the way it is with us :)

Here is a quick rundown of what is going on here:

Sunday:  As I was making dinner and talking to Paige on the phone, we realized something.  I had booked my flight before I knew we were moving home and I had thought I had scheduled it so that I had all day Monday to accomplish things.  I had a hair appointment, multiple other appointments and since we are moving home I had planned on doing a lot to get the house ready to bring the kids home.  However, apparently when you book a flight for Monday at 12:59 a.m.  That doesn't mean Monday night late, that means SUNDAY NIGHT LATE!  I had 5 hours left to pack up, and do whatever I could at the house.  I had to cancel all of my appointments for the next day and head to the airport at 11:00 p.m.   After flying all night and arriving at my destination at 11:00 the next day I am just slightly exhausted :)

At first I was upset at myself for being so scattered that I didn't even realize what day my flight was on.  However, It turned out to be another blessing.  We REALLY needed this extra day to get things done.  

Monday:  Paige and the kids picked me up at the airport and we headed to Costco.  We had a bunch of stuff to return there that we had just purchased and don't have room to move home.  We also needed a few more things for the road. We then went home and started cooking, cleaning, working, packing, etc.  Then it was time for Hazel's first real karate class.  (The other two were the intro classes)  She begged and begged to get her "Gi" and her Papa had agreed so here she is!
Can you believe how cute she is!?  I know I shouldn't say that because she is my own, but I just think she is a little doll.  Everyone there couldn't get over how cute and little she was.  She did great and I have a ton of videos and pictures that I will post another time!  Funny:  When I tell Hazel we are going to Karate she says (with attitude) "Mom - It is martial arts".

Next was Brody's Karate class where he did excellent!  He just keeps getting better and better and says that he LOVES It and can't wait to sign up when we get back home. 

Tuesday:  Packing, cleaning, packing, paperwork, returning borrowed furniture to those wonderful people that loaned it to us, and more!  Then at 3:00 Wyatt has his final cognitive assessment!  After that it is more karate lessons!  (Brody's class fee was non-refundable so I am taking them both every single day until we leave because they love it and so we get something out of what we paid.)

Then at night we are doing our best to get all of the BB moms together who have relocated to this center.  We are going to try to go to dinner and just chat and share thoughts and ideas.  It will be my chance to say goodbye to all of my new wonderful friends.  :(

Wednesday:  Packing, cleaning, packing, cooking, etc to get ready to leave!  Then at 12:00 I go to Wyatt's final 12 week report followed by Brody's at 1:00.  Then we will go over any home programming that we need to work on.  After all of that the boys will have their small graduation where they received a frame with all of their stars in it that they have worked so hard for!  After that, Karate again!

Thursday:  First thing in the morning we drive out - but not to go home!  We are driving about 7 hours away to go to see the cousins!  We had already planned to go there for the 4th of July so we are going!  The kids are SO excited to go and play with their cousins that they almost NEVER get to see.  My husband is flying in there and meeting us for the family vacation.  Paige's husband is also flying in Friday and then the two of them will head off on their fun adventure of driving the van home packed to the brim!  Now I don't know how Paige feels about it, but her husband said he thought it sounded fun... crazy!  So for those of you that think I am mean for asking them to do it, just know that they offered!  :)

Then on the 4th of July, we will all fly home with Bo.  Paige and Drayton will arrive the same day with the van and we will all be back home! 

Now, the fun part is going to be actually pulling all of this off :)  We have had so many people help and more offer to help and we are so grateful. 

This has been an amazing journey, but as I said, this is only the beginning.  We have so much more to do!  I have had many people ask me if I will continue the blog even though I am going home.  The answer is YES!  I have finally accomplished my goal of writing a journal and I am not going to stop now.  The boys (especially Wyatt) will continue to learn and grow and improve and I want to document every last bit of it. 

Thank you to everyone that has helped us, supported us and prayed for us along the way and we hope that those things will continue as well!


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