Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Very Blue Day (And I Don't Mean Sad!)

The theme of our day was BLUE!  Wyatt LOVES BLUE shirts so Papa had brought him one to help him feel better. We got him all cleaned up and in his new BLUE shirt for his big day.  I called first thing this morning and thankfully got Wyatt an appointment.  We went  in at 11:00 and got his cast.  He was SO good.  Really, Bo and I were both shocked.  However, I was less shocked because I had seen how good he was after the break when they put the splint on.  He literally just sat there and let them put the cast on.  Didn't fight, wiggle or cry (just whined a bit...)  I have posted a short video documenting this below.

Our little sweet boy in his BLUE wheelchair.  I am SO glad that we had booked a last minute Father's day trip for my husband.  He was SO amazing and took such good care of Wyatt and all of us.  The kids had so much fun playing with him and we even got to go on a date. 
Wyatt was SO happy all of the sudden.  I think he was so glad to be out of the house and not laying down anymore.  It is hard to tell because he has skinny little legs, but his right leg is a bit swollen from the break. 

Being a brave boy.  In general, he HATES socks so this thigh high is not his favorite.....

Here he is all done!  We got him a BLUE cast.  It looks great!  Papa held him and comforted him the whole time.  They are both amazing!
Wy Wy and Mama.  I am just glad he is okay and that it wasn't a worse break.  It is broken in three places, but they said it should heal fine since it was still aligned.  When I heard it break, I thought I was going to see bone sticking out of him, so this is MUCH better that what I had imagined...
The doctor even gave us a permit for a little BLUE sticker to get us closer parking spaces :)

When we got home Wyatt was wiped out from the ordeal and his pain meds.  Paige flew in this morning at 6 am and was wiped out too so we left the two sleepy heads home and took the kids on a surprise BLUE outing...

Brody has been asking to go there since the day we moved here.  We kept wanting to go when Papa was here, but it just never worked out.  We decided now was the time headed out.  The kids were SO excited and loved every minute of it.  Brody was a little too excited and/or over stimulated because we saw him act more hyper and impulsive than we have in a long time.  He was running from place to place, darting in front of other people, etc.  Maybe he still just can't process that much information and excitement all at the same time?  The kids were still very good over all and way better than they have ever been before at this type of place so we had a great time.  It felt a little weird that Wyatt wasn't there, but we knew he wouldn't be up to it and didn't want the other two to miss out on it.

Touching the Stingrays.  We did this for a long time.  They both loved it!  However, most of Brody's time was focused on touching the hammerhead sharks.  He ran all around the pool trying to catch one.  Even after he touched one a few times, he kept trying again and again.. 

Here he is finally touching one!  He was so happy!  I was shocked I caught any pictures or videos because the sharks came and went so fast.

Here is another one!  Brody asked if we could have a hammerhead shark as a pet.  I am going to say no to that one :)

Hazel in the BLUE Tunnel.  She is so grown up!

Brody in the BLUE tunnel.  It was so much fun to see all the fish, sharks and whales swim right over your head!
This room was awesome.  It was set up kind of like a movie theater with this huge BLUE "screen".  We could all just sit down and watch the show.  It was beautiful.  Here are the little two cuties standing at the glass.  I love this picture!

The giant Whale shark.  It is a good thing Brody was there because he knew pretty much what every fish or shark was.  When we first walked into the aquarium there was a tank of fish and Bo and I didn't know what they were.  Brody said "they are Tuna!"  We asked him how he knew that and he said "Because I am smart."  Yes he sure is :)

We told the kids these were the "shrieking eels" (from the Princess Bride for those of you who have not seen the greatest movie of all time!).  It looks like we scared him a bit :) 

Up close and personal with the eels.  I have never seen them up close and they are U-G-L-Y!  The sign even said they had a face that "only a mother could love".  Too funny.  Oh - and note to Monica:  NO WAY could I eat one of these things!  Sick!

Brody and the Japanese spider crabs.  We couldn't stand there too long because Bo and I got creeped out.  Who wants to stand around looking at giant spiders?!  Yuck!
Here are the videos of the kids touching the stingrays and the sharks.  This was for sure their favorite part!  Bo touched them but Mama kept her hands out of the water!

So there you have our BLUE day.  We are very proud of our brave Wyatt.  He has been so good!  When he woke up yesterday he did get very upset about the cast and tried to hit it and get it off.  He also said "scissors" and "cutting" trying to get me to cut it off like Papa did the splint.  I think I will make a calendar and cross off each day that he has the cast on and have a picture at the end of him cast free so that he can see that there is an end in sight!  I just wonder if he thinks this is his new leg forever! 

We had a great day, but we were all quite BLUE when we had to drop Papa off at the airport :(  We are so glad we will be seeing him again in a couple of weeks for the 4th of July! 



  1. Glad Wyatt was tough! I like the blue cast! :)

  2. Tammy, I was so happy to read about your blue day and know that things are much better than I have been worrying about. I have felt so bad for the little guy and for you. So glad that Bo got to be there and that you had the exciting day at the aquarium. We pray that Wyatt handles his cast okay and you can keep him on the program soon. Loves, Grandma Z