Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lessons from Wyatt

I have decided that I am going to take lessons from Wyatt.  He is so smart it blows me away.  But what I really need lessons in are art and handrwiting.  I am not kidding you when I say that his handrwriting is better than mine.  I almost wrote these same words and then let you guess which one was Wyatt's and which one was mine, but I decided not to humiliate myself like that.  :)

Wyatt wrote this a couple of days ago with no help whatsoever.  I guess he was writing words that start with H (just in case some of you didn't see the pattern..)

Art lessons are next on the list.  He literally can draw WAY better than me.  I am horrible.  I always used to say that I can't even draw a stick figure and that is pretty accurate.  He tries to get me to draw trains, etc. and his are ALWAYS better than mine.  Here is his latest drawing.  He drew this while waiting for the kids at karate.  I don't think I would have the first clue of how to draw something that remotely looked like a helicopter.  He must be getting his handwriting and artistic ability from his father, because it is definitely not from me.

If you notice, Paige is holding his hand so he can't erase it while I take a picture.  He is so fast that he draws something awesome and it is erased before his pen leaves the board.  Thanks for stopping him Paige!  I love this picture!

The next lesson I need to take from Wyatt is how to go to bed early!  I have a 10 hour drive on Thursday and I haven't recovered from the last three months yet...  The house is not even remotely packed and still needs to be cleaned.  Tomorrow is going to be insane and I have a feeling I won't get to go to bed tomorrow night... 

I am SO excited for the Brain Balance reports tomorrow though!  I LOVE hearing how the boys are doing and I am especially excited to just really get to see their starting and ending points on everything. 

In order to have my meeting I have to finish my paperwork!  It is about 2 hours worth that you do at the beginning and at the end of the session.  They ask every question under the sun and it is VERY hard to do. They use this in conjunction with their assessment to give you an accurate picture of where your child is at.   I already did Brody's on the airplane Friday and now I need to do Wyatt's.   It was so interesting doing Brody's because there were questions that I know I marked a 10 on last time (meaning the highest) and now I marked 1 or zero.  I can't wait to look at the two and compare them.

Since it is already midnight, I have to start my paperwork now - so I have to say goodbye.  But,  I am so excited to give you a report tomorrow night after I get their progress reports! 


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