Monday, June 13, 2011

Let the Party Begin!

Wyatt and his daredevil crazy pool jumping tricks.....

The result of what you saw in the above video.  (This didn't result from that particular jump..)  I was watching Hazel and then I heard Wyatt crying.  I ran over and got him and he was crying pretty bad.  I saw that he had an owie on his chin.  Some other moms said that he jumped off backwards and hit his chin.  No matter how hard we tried, he still kept jumping all crazy.   I think he figured out how to make sure he didn't get hurt again.  Poor guy. 

Hazel's drawings.  She has been drawing people lately.  This is our family plus Mimi.  She said the person on the top right was little Papa and the one in the middle next to him was big Mama.  Thanks Hazel.  When I took the picture she immediately asked me to send it to Uncle Tom who she LOVES!  So I did :)

Wyatt wanted the bike helmet on so Paige put it on for him. He walked around for a bit and then took it off.  Silly.

Wyatt the artist!  I came out of my room the other day to find Wyatt drawing this!  If you can't tell, it is a train... I could tell right away and then he added the number 4 on it which means it is Gordon.  I think it is pretty good and definitely better than I could draw it!

Right after Gordon he drew James!  Go Wyatt!  I love that he is drawing new and different things each day and the houses are becoming less and less frequent.  The other day he drew a chicken?  Then he drew an airplane and he also draws the cutest caterpillar.  I don't think  have a photo yet but I will get one.  He is a really fast eraser!

Grown up Brody.  I catch him like this all the time.  Reading.  Lately he has been reading the scriptures (kid versions) non stop.  He LOVES them and can't wait to talk to his Papa on the computer and ask him a million questions about it.  He told me the other day that he knows more than I do now.... No comment  :)

Wyatt got another star last week!  He has been doing great and continually improving.  I am so proud of all of his hard work.  He is an angel.

Brody drew this picture for Uncle Tom and wanted me to take a picture and send it to him.  He wanted to keep the picture for himself :)

I don't really even want to talk about this one.  We had to get Wyatt's blood taken a few weeks ago.  He is supposed to get it done every 30 days because of a medication he is on for his bowel disease.  We had gone 2 months and it just had to be done.  The place I knew could get his blood (we went there for the BB tests) would not be covered on insurance for these tests so I had to go somewhere else.  I called first and explained our situation and they assured me they could do the job.  I don't know why I even believed them for one second because I have heard that before and they are always wrong.  He had been stuck at three different labs in one day a couple of years ago, because they kept saying the other lab was more qualified, etc. etc.  Ever since then, for the past 4 years, we have driven 5 hours to my amazing Dr. and he has been able to get the blood every time.  Convenient huh? When we realized we couldn't do that every 30 days, we convinced our good friend to come to our house and do it (he is a wonderful nurse anesthetist).  These two amazing people have the same thing in common - they use an IV start or catheter and remove the needle.  Labs WILL NOT do this.  They leave the needle in, the child moves and screams and kicks and has to be held down by three people and then they just blow the veins.  They started in Wyatt's right arm and you can see above how that turned out.  Then they moved to his left hand and that worked out about the same.  Then they decided to go back to his right forearm and that was even worse.  I told them I didn't want to do it again if they weren't sure it would work and he assured me he could get it.  I wasn't looking at what they were doing, as I was holding Wyatt and talking to him and trying to sing to him as he screamed and thrashed.  As I looked down once I saw them still poking him and poking him.  Paige said they must have poked him there 25 times.  We have been through a lot when it come to blood work, but this one was the worst ever.  Wyatt was screaming and freaking out so bad that I thought he was going to pass out.  It was seriously the most traumatic experience for me and him, Paige, Hazel and Brody too.  Just horrifying.  After all of that, they still got no blood.  So that was it for me.  Unless he is under anesthesia of some sort (which I don't want to do either) I am not even going to attempt to get his blood again.  Ever.  :(

When Drayton was here Wyatt kept stealing his hat and putting it on.  He looks so stinking cute in it!  So Paige ordered some kid size hats that she is giving to the kids because they all want to be just like Uncle Drayon :)

Here are the other two hanging at Walmart with Uncle Drayton.  They just love him - probably because he is just a kid.  Right before this picture he was doing the hula hoop in the aisle...

I came in the room the other day to find Wyatt writing this.  Luckily I got a picture be fore he erased it!  He loves to sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes"  and I guess he just decided to write part of the song.  I am just amazed by how well he can write letters without EVER being taught how.  Seriously, that handwriting you see is better than mine. 

Paige took this while I was out of town.  I guess Brody told BB how he was riding his bike and they gave him a star!  Way to go Brody!

Paige took the kids to a friends house while I was gone and it looks like Wyatt put on the skates again.  He did that when I was there with him too.  We are going to have to take him outside on of these days and see if he will try skating.  If so, he may need  a pair of his own!

Hazel the climber!  I love that she is doing everything her brothers are doing.  She is getting so mature and I can't believe how fast she is really growing up. 

About 2 years ago, I had found some of those plates you can draw on for a cheap price.  They have been sitting in a closet because I didn't think the kids were ready for them.  When I came home last week I decided to bring them with me.  The kids all drew pictures on their own plates and did a great job!   

Even Wyatt drew his famous (or infamous) house.  I will have to put pictures of the plates up sometime - I forgot to take them.

Hazel the Chili face.  For some reason she decided that her lunch would look pretty all over her face instead of in her mouth.  She posed for the picture with a big smiled on her face.  I think she knows she is cute....

I spy with my little eye...  A GIANT DISGUSTING COCKROACH!  The other night it was about 2 am when Hazel came running in the room with maybe the most scared look I have ever seen on her face.  She said "there is a big bug in my room in the closet!  They come in all the time and tell us there are spiders, etc. and most of the time they are tiny.  Although, as of the last week we have had a wasp, a SCORPION! multiple spiders (one that was even smashed on Paige's pillow when she woke up in the morning... ew!!!) and TWO of these giant cockroaches!  This was the first one and it was NOT fun and I am NOT happy.  They spray the apartment every month, but obviously it is not working.  I found a safe bug spray that apparently you can drink it is so safe.  It says it will kill all this stuff,  so I am going to have to order that and fast!  I can't have my kids getting bitten by a scorpion in the night!  It is even worse since all of our beds are just sitting right on the floor...  Anyways, We ran into Hazel's room thinking it was just a yucky spider and saw this HUGE sick thing.  You can't even tell how big it is here, but it was almost 3 inches long.  And it was trying to fly!!  Sick! So we grabbed plastic cup and brave Paige trapped it under there.  Then we slid cardboard underneath it and took him straight to the toilet.  The video below is disgusting.  We had another one of these yesterday morning and repeated steps one and two again. 

I was sitting at my computer the other day when Hazel walked in like this.  Wow.  Princess skirt, 4th of July socks and underwear on her head.  It looks like Paige dressed her again.  ;)

Brody the Monkey! I can't believe how good and strong Brody has gotten.  When we first got here he would do the monkey bars one bar at a time.  I may have already told you this, but I am telling it again.  I would try to get him to do it the correct way and he said it was too hard.  Last time we were at the sensory gym he just started doing it!  So this time I got some video and it is awesome!  AWESOME!
Two climbers.  Brody can get to the top of this huge wall.  Hazel is so tiny she can't quite reach a lot, but she is getting better.  And yes, she is climbing in a dress....

Wyatt was laughing and having so much fun on the rings and monkey bars.  He is now doing the monkey bars the correct way too (while we hold him) but I couldn't get him to do it on video this time....

Another big smile!

What a handsome boy!  I love the REAL smiles I am getting from him lately :)
Found this on Paige's phone.  She took it last week before she took the munchkins to church.  Aren't they cute! 
We went to church today and the kids were great!  Wyatt got really hyper in primary, but overall they were excellent.  Brody answered questions correctly and Wyatt even said the closing prayer in his class.  On the way home Hazel told me that Big Foot was in her class at church.   I don't remember if I already mentioned this but Papa told them a bunch of stories about Big Foot when he was here last.  Even though they both say they know he is not real, they have both been up multiple nights with nightmares.  Thanks Papa. :)

Hazel the princess tap dancing at the children's museum :)

Below is Wyatt and his plates of food at the children's museum.

Hazel the Swimmer!  Okay so she can't totally swim yet, but up until now, we had to hold onto her the whole time.  Now she is able to wear a life jacket and kick around the pool all by herself.  She is SO proud of herself and it is darling.  She wanted me to take a video to send to her Papa.  Here you go Papa!  

Here is the last video!  When we were at the sensory Gym the kids got a HUGE surprise!  We met the cousins there and guess who came with them??? MIMI!!  She was back in town to visit her Brother and the kids didn't know about it.  They were SO excited to see her and we wish we would have recorded their reaction when they saw her.  When Wyatt saw her I pointed to her and said "Who is this?" and with a huge smile he said "Mimi!" and gave her a hug.  :)  Anyways, we decided to try throwing some baseballs to Hazel to see if she could hit them.  She was awesome!  She hit her first 4 or so in a row!  Once I started recording, she missed two, but she hit the next one!  Her other hits were better - just so you know :)  Again, I love seeing how happy she is at her accomplishments.  You can tell she is very happy and knows she is doing well and I love that.  It looks like she will have her Mama's softball skills :)  



  1. Hazel's people look exactly like Cambree's. And I had to laugh about the Big Mama part....cause Cambree has also said those exact words. But, believe me I am MUCH bigger than you! :) :) Wyatt draws so good! I think it's awesome you capture all these little moments with your kids. This blog is amazing and can you imagine reading all of this in a few years from now?!

    Your incredible Tam!!!

  2. Hope the 'owie' feels better soon ;(

  3. Tam, that is how Grandma Loa used to catch bug, then take them outside and let them go.