Friday, June 24, 2011

This is Not the End!

I hope I didn't leave anyone hanging last night.  But just in case I did, let me clarify a few things:

  1.  We are NOT done with Brain Balance.  We are only done at the location we are at. 
  2.  We will be modifying our home programming and working on everything possible that we can   with Wyatt and his broken leg. 
  3. We will continue to work on home programming with Brody as well. 
  4. We will work hard to keep the boys moving along and progressing.
  5. We will work hard to get our center up and running.  I set high goals and I am hoping to open by October!
  6. Our boys will continue the program at our center for as long as it takes to get them balanced and until the symptoms are no longer present. 
  7. We will use the knowledge, and experiences that we have been blessed with to help bless the lives of other children and families struggling like we have been for so long.
There is NO way that I am giving up or taking a break even for a day.  We have finally found the answer to our many years of prayers and we know that Brain Balance will heal our children.  Even though there are ups and downs and good times and hard times, I know the end result will be worth it.  I wouldn't change a thing about my life right now because I know it is exactly the way it is supposed to be. 


Here is a video of Wyatt adapting to his cast.  He didn't move for about 4 days or so, but he finally dares to scoot around a bit.  He has tried to stand up on it a few times, but we all freak out, so I think he is getting the idea that he can't do that.  I just love seeing him trying to figure out how to do things now - he is so smart.  

I know I am not crazy because Paige has noticed too, but he is talking a lot more in the last few days.  A lot.  He is making little sentences, communicating more (I think because he has to more because he can't really do anything for himself) and singing songs.  His articulation is MUCH better too.   We love you Wyatt! 

Here is a short clip of Brody roller skating.  We went to the sensory gym today (Wyatt played in the art room and the toy room and even asked for the zipline!  We tried holding him and his heavy cast as he went on it a couple of times -but it was hard!).  Anyway, Brody ended up wanting to try a friend's skates on and I was a little nervous. The last time he put them on he literally could not even stand up for one second.  He kept falling right away and gave up very quickly.  He fell down a few times today, but he kept trying and at least stayed on his feet most of the time!  Go Brody!

Hazel at the store.  The other night I ran to the store and Hazel wanted to go.  Everyone else was in bed and she was already in her pajamas.  She is so fun to take places alone because she is a different child.  She is just so much more mature, talkative, etc, when you are one on one with her and there isn't so much craziness around.  She pushed this big cart through the entire store and then asked me to video her doing it.  She is such a sweetheart and loves her brothers so much.  She is a good helper and will continue to be an important part in their recovery. 


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