Friday, June 3, 2011

Crazy Hazy!

I don't remember if I have put any videos of Hazel on here yet...  So for those of you that don't know her - she is nuts!  She is so darling and sweet but SO funny and SO dramatic.  She loves to tell stories and I have NO idea where she gets them - usually.

I asked my husband to send me any photos or video he had from last weekend and this little gem showed up in my inbox.  I had never seen it until just now!  He had to send it in two parts because he was emailing it from his phone.  The total is only about 2 minutes and it my opinion it is quite entertaining.  I just wanted to give you a little piece of what it is like living with Crazy Hazy.  :) 

Disclaimer:  My daughter really isn't creepy :) My husband had just told her a story about how his mom accidentally dropped a pan of boiling broccoli water on him when he was younger and he got burned.  So Hazel apparently adapted that story to one about herself and mentions being all bloody!  THIS NEVER HAPPENED.  When I saw this video I was shocked when I heard that part.  I didn't realize until the end that she was trying to recreate a story like her Papa had told her.  Silly, Silly Haze.

Now that I have all the pictures from the weekend I can hopefully do that post soon, but for now I must pack!  I am heading out tomorrow to go home again.  It is so crazy because I really didn't think I would ever go home and this is my second time.  Paige is an angel to take such care of the kids while I am gone and I owe her big time.  Thanks Paige - you are the best!  I am excited to spend some relaxing quality time with my hubby and hopefully not end up in the emergency room this time :/



  1. Too funny! I have one of those at my house too ...highly entertaining!