Monday, June 6, 2011


Yes really Tam has officially given me the posting assignment while she is gone! What is that about?? I am going to have to a talk with her about that decision;)

This one is going to be short cause I am tired and I am not a trooper like Tam and stay up all hours of the night bloggin! ( I know Tam will love me leavin off the g's) Anyways so today was busy busy busy. Let me tell you how it went!

Of course it started out with Hazel or Brody (I am not sure which one, cause when I am asleep, I am asleep and I don't really know what is happenin.) coming in and whispering to me "Paige just so you know Wyatt is awake." This is a good thing because for one I sleep through everything and two I can never hear him in the mornings! So I got up and gave the kids a shower cause I don't know how long its been since they showered last......... Simmer down Tam they shower all the time;) ( just have to give you crap, I owe you a lot!) Then I started breakfast and today was BB, so I like to get exercises done before the boys go to BB. I made breakfast and did exercises. Then I was off to take Wyatt to his BB session. We dropped Wyatt off and when we got there he ran right into the back to the cognitive room and went to the lady and said if your happy! He wanted her to sing, If Your Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands, he loves that song and apparently he loves her to sing it to him. Unfortunately it wasn't his turn so we had to go wait in the lobby where I sang him, If Your Happy and You Know It..... until it was time for him to go back.

While he was in I ran home and got everyone ready to go to one the jump houses. I gathered up water, socks, extra clothes and of course food cause these kids are always starvin! We picked up Wyatt and went to the jump house. They had a blast there and all played together really well. Wyatt is so cute he will run in and turn and look at me and say gonna get you! So of course next thing I know I am chasing all the kids in the whole place......great just what I love to do!;) Then it was time to go get Brody some lunch before his BB. So we all ate lunch and took Bro to BB. Meanwhile, a friend asked if we wanted to go to the jump place and swim after Bro's session. So I was like why not Wyatt of course has been asking for swimming all day. We packed up all the swimming stuff and were off you get Bro. Picked him up and went back to the jump place. When we got there I realized I hadn't grabbed Haz any socks! Which is usually fine but last time we got yelled at because the kids wouldn't keep their socks on! I was debating on just waiting in the car cause my friend said they were almost done or just going in. We searched the van to find any socks at all and the second time around we found some of Brody's socks. So Wyatt had to wear Brody's and Hazel wore Wyatt's and everyone was happy. So we went in and jumped for a little bit then it was off to the pool.

When we got to the pool, there was no one there!!! This was amazing cause there are always so many people. And they don't understand your kids so they get mad and its just very stressful! But we had the pool to ourselves. Wyatt loved it! Brody likes it when there are lots of kids to play with or really anyone he is always making friends no matter their age! (Tam can tell you all about those stories.) Haz just recently started to be able to swim by herself with a life jacket...she thinks she is pretty cool;) We had the pool for about 30 minutes before our fun was ruined.... it wasn't bad but a whole bunch of teenagers is enough for me to leave. We swam for a little longer and then it was time for dinner.

After everyone was done eating and ready for bed I noticed Wyatt playing with his mouth. He has a tooth that is loose! Which isn't really rare that a kid would have a loose tooth, but the fact that he noticed it and could feel that something was different is amazing! He used to never notice things like that at all and he is way more aware of his own body now. He kept pushing it and examining it to see what was going on. I asked him if he wanted me to pull it out and he said pull out! So I attempted to but I couldn't get a very good grip on it. I was afraid he was going to push it so hard it would come out and he would swallow it. I tried a few more times and no luck. He played with it until he was asleep. Here are some pictures and videos of cute little Wy and his loose tooth.

Note- There is supposed to be a cute video of Wyatt playing with his loose tooth but I don't know how to work this Tam might fix it later!

It was time for bed and for some reason tonight Wyatt wanted to sleep with Brody and Hazel......which is different he has never tried this before he usually just runs right into his room. It was too cute so I had to let him fall asleep with them!

They are cute and they can't wait till their mom gets home tomorrow....fine either can I! ( Not only so she can take her blog and kids back over;) Hope you had a good weekend but don't try and do it again;) Well that was our wonderful Monday...

Night (:

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  1. Wow Paige, you are really getting good at this! We always know the kids are in good hands with you around! I love the pictures of the kids all sleeping together! I think it's so cute that Wy wants to be friends with them now. I love the video of Wyatt's tooth. I wonder what he would have thought if you would have pulled it out.