Sunday, June 5, 2011

My goal failed!

So Tam was supposed to hate my post and she didn't! Which means I am here again! Well I have to tell you all about today because it was amazing!

Lately we have not been able to make it to church because either I am gone on the weekend or Tam is gone. If you don't know it is really hard to take all three kids to church without help. The first time we went to church Brody and Hazel fought through most of sacrament, they just couldn't get along. They were loud and kept moving from seat to seat, they couldn't sit still. Wyatt was laying all over the chairs and being very wiggly and noisy. Lets just say with the two of us we couldn't keep them under control! We made it through sacrament and on to primary. By this time Wyatt was bored and couldn't sit still and wanted to roam the room. He was jumping all over and making loud noises. Brody liked being in with kids his own age but he was very silly and couldn't focus. We ended up having to leave because Wyatt wasn't having it anymore and he was distracting the class. So Tam took Wyatt and I  home and went back for the other two!

Needless to say its pretty hard with just one person.... so if one of us is gone we usually don't go! Which means we haven't been in  a long time!

Well not today! I decided I was going to try it...Tam was gone and she never in a million years thought I would go on my own with the kids...(probably because I said I never would.) So this morning I got up and asked the kids if they wanted to go to church and of course they were all excited and wanted to go. So I was like why not try it..... they have improved so much over the last two months.... how bad it could it be right???  RIGHT!

I talked to them before we left about listening and how important it was. I told them if they are good and will listen then maybe we can go all the time even if there is only one of us..... I hurried and made breakfast, got them all ready for church, loaded up the church bag and off we went! I always stress about being there on time because I hate walking in late! We were only ten minutes late which is not bad considering what little time we had to get ready. We got to church and we sat outside in the waiting area while they passed out sacrament. All three kids walked in quietly and sat down without saying a word??? I was shocked a little but didn't want to acknowledge it because we hadn't even went in to sit down yet. When it was time to walk in and I got up and all three kids got up and followed me in without a peep...... what is happening (I was stressing that I was going to have to wrestle with them all to be quiet and not fight.) But it didn't look that way so far. We got to our seats and sat down. Hazel asked for her scriptures so I gave those to her, Brody asked for the Book of Mormon stories so I gave it to him. Wyatt had his magnadoodle and everyone was settled. Then all the sudden I realize sacrament was over! Wait!! What!! Where were the three kids that just two months ago were fighting and being loud and not being able to sit still ???? They were right by me sitting nice without any noise, movement, or fighting! Really!!!! This is amazing. I would never believe it if I didn't witness it myself. All I have to say is THANK YOU BRAIN BALANCE! Really I know they have been improving and getting better, but I had not been to church with them since that first week we were here! It is really amazing the things that Brain Balance can do.

I was a little skeptical about Brain Balance at first, mostly because I have no kids and I am not dealing personally with the issues first hand(which I am with these kids but you know what I mean.) But I have read the book and learned so much about it since being here, and it totally works and it is finally the answer so many families have been looking for! I am so glad I can be part of it and witness all the changes that happen with these kids daily!

Anyways, we made it through all of church and the kids did awesome the whole time! Wyatt even participated in his class! It is truly amazing. Brody and Hazel both had a great time and listened extremely well! I really couldn't believe how well behaved and on task all three of them were!

Well I know its only 10 here and I am done, which still might be throwing people off cause Tam likes to do her post as late as possible;) Well lets hope Tam gets back soon so she can take this blogging thing back over!

Night (:

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  1. Thanks for sharing Paige! Glad church was possible and a GOOD experience. :)