Friday, June 24, 2011

Re Re????

Hi everyone once again its Paige! I am starting to not like when Tam leaves( ok I never liked it ;) because then you are all stuck with me writing the blog! I will give you a short recap of the day.....(when I say short I mean it, unlike Tam :) ( Tam you asked for it).

It started out early getting Tammy to the airport. Which went better then usual.....maybe because we had someone sit with the kids since it was early and Wy needs one on one care. Anyways, got Tam on her way and headed back for the long 4 days!!!!! Luckily, Tam took care of me and got me all the help I could need while she is gone... thanks Tam. I got home did all the medicine and started making the pumpkin muffins and cleaned Wyatt's carpet. I randomly started packing things we don't need for the next week, so we can head home! Then it was off to Brody's last assessment of BB to see how much he has improved over the last 3 months! So I took Bro to BB and after he got done there we ran to get some prescriptions and some fruit for the kids.

We got home and Wyatt immediately asked for momma like he misses her or something;) I had to try and explain she will be back soon.... Wyatt was so cute today I think he is going crazy not being able to do things he used to do. He kept saying swim, jump, sensations, and he even threw Brain Balance in there. He just wanted out of the house he didn't care where he went. But first we had to eat so I made everyone lunch and did some exercises with the boys.

It has been really hard to do all of Wyatt's BB stuff with his broken leg. So today since I had help we attempted to do the things we could still do with him. At first he was upset because he thought he got out if it. But we kept on him and by the end of the day he was doing them great! Good job Wy Wy . I decided it was too hard to carry Wyatt everywhere we go, so I went out and found good ole Jeffery ( its a stroller;) I put Wy in to see if it would work and it worked well and was much easier then carrying him. Poor little guy, he is getting much better but that cast is HEAVY! I think it might weigh more then he does;) Tam got him a little mini walker to use and he is slowly getting it but it is so cute to see him try and use it. He is holding his leg off the ground extremely well now, I think it clicked that he can't touch the ground with that foot!( Totally not because every time it touches the ground Tam or I don't get all scared and freak out:) After lunch I decided to take poor Wy on a little walk in the stroller......bad idea we only had like 15 minutes before Brody and Hazels karate class! When we turned around to come back to the house, you would of thought the poor kid was never going to get outside again. He was so sad and kept saying this way, that way, any way that wasn't home! Anyways we got back and got everyone ready for karate. Hazel was so excited to go and get her white belt....Brody had gotten his last class so Hazel couldn't wait for hers!

I wasn't so sure about attempting karate cause Tam had said how the people watching have to be extremely quiet so the kids can focus. But I couldn't say no to these guys they were so cute and so excited to go to karate so we attempted it! We packed up all the stuff including Jeffery and off we went. We went and sat down Brody went right over to where he was supposed to be with his class. I was amazed at how good all three of them did! Haz didn't make a peep the whole time watching Brody's class, Wyatt only made a few peeps but did extremely well with just sitting nice and watching. Also, Brody did good at following his instructors directions! Good Job Bro. Hazel was so excited for her turn she couldn't stop asking... is it my turn Paigee?? When is it my turn?? Brody's class got over and Haz jumped right up and went to sit down with her class. She is so little next to all the other kids its way cute. She did good and was so so excited when the class was over and they gave her the belt! She ran right over and was ready for them to tie it around her waist...poor thing it wrapped around like 10 times cause she is so small. I got some pictures of today and a video of Haz getting her belt its darling!

Good ole Jeffery!

Haz in her cute little stance!

So cute to see how excited she was!

  After both of their classes ! Now they are both white belts.

Proud Little Haz!

Then after karate we came home and got dinner and medicine and put everyone to bed........when I was informed I had to write the blog! For some reason I didn't really think she meant every time she leaves I have to write it! Guess I was wrong;)

Night (:

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