Sunday, June 19, 2011

How Did this Happen???!!!

Well, Brody's tooth just got loose and then it fell out.  :)

Alright - I guess you figured that one out.  Here is a short version of Wyatt's story.

After we dropped Brody at Brain Balance, Wyatt said "jump".  We had an hour so it seemed like a good idea.  We jumped and played for about 20 minutes until it happened.....

These videos show you how the kids slide down the slides at Jump 2 It.  They don't just sit down and slide, they jump, land half way down the slide (or more) and then slide the rest of the way down.  Sadly, this time Wyatt's right leg was underneath is other leg when he landed and it didn't end well.  It really seems strange that a blow ups slide can break a leg, but I assure you it can.  In fact, I was standing at the bottom of the slide watching him come down and I heard the huge snap!  It was terrible!  I immediately knew his leg was broken, ran up the slide and scooped him up and headed out to the car.  Hazel was with us, but Brody was at Brain Balance.  A wonderful friend kept the two uninjured children (many others offered!) while I took Wyatt to the urgent care.  The doctor and nurse were AWESOME (pretty rare as far as I have seen) and they did x-rays and put the splint on him. 

I have spent the day making sure Wyatt doesn't move at all (especially since he cried until 3 am last night until I took the splint off).  I am nervous it is going to cause more damage, but he is acutely aware of his leg and the pain he feels when he moves, so he has been in the same spot for the entire day. 

There are many more details I need to share, but I figured I should at least tell you how it happened. 

I have tried to tell the kids not to slide like this, but it obviously didn't work.  You can see that they do it all the time and I really didn't realize what kind of damage it could do!

How he spent the ENTIRE day.  The screen time is killing me, but the poor boy is in pain, can't move and has nothing to do.  We will have to get back to business soon!

This is how Wyatt slept last night (at least for an hour or so...) I brought my mattress out and slept (ha ha) next to him.  He didn't go to bed until about 3, and then moved, tossed, turned and woke up mulitple times. 
Thankfully my sweet husband just got here!  He is the BEST when it comes to taking care of sick or injured kids.  He has the softest heart and just loves and comforts them.   When we got home from the airport, Wyatt had woken up so he came to take care of him.  Problem is that Wyatt is still awake 2 hours later which means we are too...    Hopefully he goes to sleep soon so we can all get some rest!  Brody and Hazel will probably be running in here at 4 a.m. to find their Papa.  They have been SO excited for him to come!  We love you Papa!  Happy Father's Day!


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