Saturday, June 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home

It is great to be home and have some quiet time with my husband!

Our internet is down so I am writing from my phone- short and sweet.

It was a crazy day getting ready to leave. We rushed around, packed, folded laundry, paid bills, etc. I got to the airport just in time and said goodbye to Paige and the kids. I got through security quickly and was on my way to the gate when I realized that I didn't know which gate... So I opened up my phone app and saw something horrible: my flight was delayed over 2 hours! What!? I had rushed around and left my kids much earlier than needed and now I got to sit at the airport. I had plenty of work to do and phone calls to make so I kept myself busy.

For some reason the 4 hour flight felt like 8 and I just couldn't wait to get home. A good friend picked me up at the airport and we had a wonderful chat all the way home! She dropped me off at my husband's office and we headed home. Just then I got a text from some friends inviting us to meet them for dinner. I was starving and the restaurant was in the same parking lot we were already in so we headed over! We had dinner and good conversation and it was just good to see some familiar faces. Thanks guys!

We came home to relax and then my baby sister came over! She is in town with her boyfriend just for the weekend and I am just so glad it was the same weekend I am here so I could see her. Yay!

It is now 2 am where I come from so I am going to bed. We have a full fun day planned tomorrow- can't wait!

Paige and the kids are doing well and have some fun things planned while I am gone. Paige doesn't know it yet but she is writing the blog tomorrow to give us an update of what they do and how the kids are doing etc. Take notes Paige! :)


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