Saturday, June 4, 2011

Paige again!

Okay everyone I know you have been waiting for me to take over this blog thing again. Mostly because my last blog was so freakin awesome!;) Well I am back! Yes, thats right Tam left me again:( Fine, maybe she deserves a break just a little bit..........:) No, but really I hope she is having a good time with her husband!

Now I could get all into this blog thing and blow Tam away with how good I can write but I won't do that to you guys who choose to read this. I am just going to tell you about our fun day! 

Alright here goes short and sweet....

I woke up around 2:30 to find Brody and Haze in my bed!  I was almost to lazy to go put them back in their own bed, but I did. I got Bro up and was walking him into his room when he turned to me and said in a very serious voice "Paige I was very comfortable, why are you making me move!" He is so funny. Luckily when I took haz in she didn't wake up! So that wasn't to bad other then waking up at 2:30( which is weird cause Tam usually is still blogging at 2:30:) So I went back to bed and was awoken again by Brody. He was quietly whispering ....Paige.....Paige (maybe because I might get a little cranky when woken up:) Next thing I hear is Brody saying "this is a total emergency that we can not handle!) Great!!! What is it now.........

 Yes you guessed it pee all over the floor! I walked in and Brody said "I tried to put toilet paper on it but it just didn't work." Then I saw Hazel standing over by the tub with her pants off. I asked Hazel who did this and she said " I had to go really bad and Brody was on the toilet!" Which I guess means don't go into the other bathroom maybe just go right where you are standing! Silly Haz!

Next it was breakfast time, which consisted of bacon, muffins, strawberries, blueberries, fruit smoothie, and eggs for me and Haz. This went fairly well I brushed and did the smells with the boys. Everyone ate and it was time to get exercises done! We had to get them done to be able to go do anything fun. So I told Wyatt if we get exercises done we could go swimming. Wyatt is obsessed with swimming! Poor little guys wakes up and first thing he does is get his suit on. Seriously we went swimming everyday but one this week!

So we got exercises done and it was lunch time! We grilled some steaks and some turkey burgers with some greenbeans! It went pretty fast because the kids were so excited to go play with their friends.
I packed up all the bikes and swimming stuff and we were off to the church parking lot to ride bikes. Bike riding is a very good exercise for the boys to stimulate their right brain! Also, Bro just learned how to ride without his training wheels so he was dieing to ride some more. They all did very good at the church. It was nice big open area so they had a blast and I didn't have to worry about traffic! Wyatt also did really well and didn't try to run away once! Thanks BB! Here's a few pictures and videos of the kids riding. They did awesome!( Oh yeah since I am not at all a blogger or really even a computer person per say I didn't know how to rotate this... so just turn your head......thanks!)  

After they were tired of riding it was off to the pool yet again! But wait I forgot we had no more BACON (which is a disaster in this house). So we run to the store to pick up the few things we needed to survive till Tam comes back:) The whole time Wyatt is still saying swimming, swimming, swimming. I just kept telling him we have to get bacon then we can go swimming. We load up in the car and then I realize we can't leave the bacon in the car its way to hot! So we head back to the house. By now Wyatt has been waiting like all day to go swimming. He was not very happy we had to stop at the house. So I decided I was going to run the bacon in while everyone went potty so I wouldn't have to try and take them at the pool! That doesn't work so well cause I can't leave the other kids while I take one potty(and again no Tam to help) (think I am making her feel bad yet) Simmer down Tam it went great! So all the kids went potty and got back in the car.

Now we were finally on our way to the pool! Right? Wrong... I remembered that I picked up some bacon and apples for a friend and they were already at the I went to the pool and grabbed her keys and went around the corner to put her bacon away! By the way Wyatt didn't like that idea at all.....pulling up to the pool and seeing all the kids in there playing and then driving in the oppisite direction! Not good....but we survived. We made it back to the pool and everyone was so happy to finally be swimming(excluding me:)

So I sunscreen them all and get their life jackets on and off they went! There were so many people there it made me a little nervous trying to watch all three of them but they did excellent and listened so it was not bad at all. Other then the time Wyatt was trying to be sneaking and tried to get someones beer! (If its in a can he will get it) Luckily he didn't! We swam for about 2 1/2 hours and it was time to go.

Everyone was starvin and if you can believe it actually tired! So we headed home for dinner. Over all I think that the kids did awesome and got lots of good exercise in today. Anyways this is way longer then I wanted it to be.....Sorry to all of you who will read this......I am definitely not a blogger!  (Maybe after this Tam won't ask me to write it anymore....that's my goal;)

I just want to say that being a mom is hard! Not that I am at all but when I have 3 kids for four days, it sure feels like it! Everyone that is a are amazing! It is constant work all day with pretty much no breaks:) I just want to make sure Tam knows what a good job she is doing! Really she is so amazing and cares about her kids more then I have ever seen anyone care! She will do everything she has to do to make sure her kids are meeting their full potential! You are doing awesome Tam keep up the good work!

Oh yeah I almost forgot...... Since she likes to always mess with me I figured why not mess with her back right:) This is a video of Tam that she will be so mad at me for posting.....just scroll down! Have fun.....

Okay Okay there is no video but I bet I got her worried!

Good night:)

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