Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wyatt's 8 Week Progress Report!

Okay folks, I met with the Center Director today and got Wyatt's report.  He is doing great!  I LOVE that there is concrete data that shows his gains and improvements in all the areas.  Once I post the report I am going to bed!  I keep staying up WAY too late because my brain won't stop working :)

Here we go!
(Again this levels are overall from the start of the program until now)

Sensory Motor Room:

Core Stability:                  Went from level 1.5 to level 4!
Balance Beam:                 Went from level 2 to level 6!
Visual Ocular Reflexes:   Went from level 3 to level 6!
Fine Motor:                      Went from level 1 to level 6! 
Gait:                                 Went from level 1 to level 5!
Interactive Metronome:   Went from level 1 to level 5!  (with Prompting)

Notes from Coach:

Wyatt is such a joy to work with in the sensory motor room and has given so much effort.  Many gains have been made but what I am super excited about is his overall awareness and his communication skills.  Looking forward to seeing his levels climb even further!

Cognitive Room:

Motor Goals:       Went from 19-24 months to 31-36 months
Listening Comp:  Went from 19-24 months to 25-30 months
Cognitive Goals:  Went from 19-24 months to 31-36 months

Notes from Coach:

Wyatt is showing me more of who he is every day.  He is making great eye contact and using more and more words.  He is writing his name, letters and numbers on his own.  He is using scissors.  He is playing "pretend" with the dolls I have.  The baby is Hazel - he named her!  He is following directions more and more and choosing the order of activities.  He is also saying "no" to some of my requests!  His progress is so encouraging!

Go Wyatt!  I can't believe that he named a doll Hazel!  That is SO cute!  I love having these reports to go along with my own documentation of his gains and improvements.  It is just a matter of time before his Autism (i.e. right brain delay) will be a thing of the past. 


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