Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm Home! Wait- Where is Home??!!

Thank heavens!  I have been gone the last three weekends and I am so glad to be home in my own..... well......  mattress on the floor :)  The kids seemed to miss me and Paige might have missed me a little too :)

I came home and after playing with the kids for awhile I fell asleep!  I NEVER take naps but I really don't know if I have been this run down in a long time.  That is saying a lot since I have pretty much been run down for the last 4 years...

I  have a lot to write and I know you are all in suspense as to where I was last weekend and why I didn't tell you.  :)  You will just have to wait to find out...

In all the craziness I have a whole list of things that I need to blog about and haven't yet so we will be playing catch up.  First on the list:


The night before I left to go home to see my hubby, I stopped by to check the mail (which we don't do a lot because we don't really get mail....)  In the mailbox was a package for me!  Yahoo!  I got home and opened the package wondering what it could be.  Paige was in getting ready for bed and when she came back she found me sitting on the kitchen floor in tears.... She was confused to say the least..

I showed her what was in the package that had come from home.  (It was sent by a friend -You know who you are :), and a lot of other friends had included things in the package (you all know who you are!)  It was SO nice.  There was some of my favorite candy - and lots of it!  There was a darling watch, a darling hat and then a bunch of cards and letters from thoughtful friends.   Just the thought of the package was nice enough, but getting so many letters from friends back home was amazing.   They said things that were WAY too nice and just gave me so much love and support.  I sometimes wonder if people back home even remember who we are.  I know that is strange, but we are so disconnected from the life we used to have, it just feels like we never existed there.... weird I know.  Then, we don't really seem to have a place here either and I just feel like we are floating around without a place that we really belong.  The one thing I do know is that we belong at Brain Balance, so we are happy to be here!  However, it is nice to know that people back home love us, support us, pray for us and remember us!  

Thank you SO much to my thoughtful friends for the package, treats, gifts and words.  They will not be forgotten.  To the rest of you that I know are supporting us and praying for us, I thank you so much as well.  This journey is so much easier knowing how many of you are cheering for us!


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  1. It is so wonderful when we have friends and family who truly support and do things to help us make it through this thing called life. Our Stake motto is "Do Something, Darnit" It helps us remember that our ACTIONS speak loudest and help us communicate our love, devotion, and faith. Tam, you are a great example of DOING things to show your love and support. Love you!