Friday, May 13, 2011

3 Airports in 2 Weeks!

Okay, for those of you who thought I missed a post - think again!  I wrote this post in the shuttle last night at 1:00 a.m. but when I went to post it, Blogger was down!  I couldn't post it last night or this morning despite multiple attempts. 

So - I am not counting this as missing a day - I refuse.  :)

Here you go....................

For a girl who never used to leave the house, I sure am doing a lot of traveling!

It is after midnight and I am still not to my hotel! So- I thought I should post now just in case I am asleep when the shuttle drops me off and they have to carry me to my room!  Ok - that would just be weird so I will make myself stay awake. :)

I am hoping this is my last trip for awhile. It just seems like life is so much more chaotic when I am gone a lot and it makes it hard to get things done or have any type of schedule.

I just found out that I am the last hotel on the route and that it is 22 miles away- maybe I will be asleep after all....

Not much to say tonight besides this:

On the plane I sat by a young kid who grew up in quite the broken home and then enlisted in the marines right out of high school. He was injured and honorably discharged.

A girl in front of me was telling us how she was at work last week and had witnessed a coworker and friend get stabbed to death.

Those were just two stories out of one plane- think how many more there were? How many more stories, trials and hardships people are experiencing all over the world.

When I feel overwhelmed, stressed, or saddened by the trials I have in my life, I try to remember how everyone else is dealing with things too- many much worse than mine.

I truly feel that we can all handle what we are given if we choose to. We can learn from our trials and experiences and they can change our lives for the better.  Not only that, but we can then take what we have learned and use it to help other people and that is truly an amazing feeling.


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  1. Wait a sec, you didn't say where you were going or why...That's not like you to leave out details. =)