Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wyatt is a Star!

Paige sent me an email today with this picture.  Wyatt earned  a start today at Brain Balance!  When I opened it and read it I started to cry.  It is truly amazing every time we see changes and improvements.  They may be small to some people, but they are HUGE to us.  I LOVE that he is using more words.  He has the words in there, but just doesn't use them to communicate.   But -  he is using them more and more and it is amazing.  I am tired and going to bed - but just in case you haven't heard me say this yet:  BRAIN BALANCE WORKS and is changing the lives of families everywhere and giving these children a future.  It is actually changing their brains and getting them to function properly so they are no longer in need of therapies, treatments, medications, etc.  It is literally a miracle.  Goodnight!

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  1. Great job Wyatt! We love you all. Keep up the great work!