Thursday, June 30, 2011

Still Packing....

Not done and it is 2 a.m.

Yes, all of this plus more you can't see (slide, trampoline and bikes, etc) is all fitting in one minivan.

Apparently the crazy day wore Brody out and it hit him mid-slide.

The boys had their graduation and progress reports today so you will get that update soon!

Oh- and Hazel decided to take a ride on Wyatt's bike despite our telling her no. We turned around to see her screaming on the bike as it sped down the decline driveway... Before we could get to her the bike crashed and Hazel came tumbling after. :(

Poor baby!

Oh- and I hit a parked car. Let's just say this was not my best day. Something I have never done before and I guess I thought now seemed like a good time to try it.

Their Car....

I would say goodnight but not sure I will be going to bed! Instead I will say thanks to all of you who helped us pack and clean and entertain crazy kids. You are awesome!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lessons from Wyatt

I have decided that I am going to take lessons from Wyatt.  He is so smart it blows me away.  But what I really need lessons in are art and handwriting.  I am not kidding you when I say that his handwriting is better than mine.  I almost wrote these same words and then let you guess which one was Wyatt's and which one was mine, but I decided not to humiliate myself like that.  :)

Wyatt wrote this a couple of days ago with no help whatsoever.  I guess he was writing words that start with H (just in case some of you didn't see the pattern..)

Art lessons are next on the list.  He literally can draw WAY better than me.  I am horrible.  I always used to say that I can't even draw a stick figure and that is pretty accurate.  He tries to get me to draw trains, etc. and his are ALWAYS better than mine.  Here is his latest drawing.  He drew this while waiting for the kids at karate.  I don't think I would have the first clue of how to draw something that remotely looked like a helicopter.  He must be getting his handwriting and artistic ability from his father, because it is definitely not from me.

 He is so fast that he draws something awesome and it is erased before his pen leaves the board.   I love this picture!

The next lesson I need to take from Wyatt is how to go to bed early!  I have a 10 hour drive on Thursday and I haven't recovered from the last three months yet...  The house is not even remotely packed and still needs to be cleaned.  Tomorrow is going to be insane and I have a feeling I won't get to go to bed tomorrow night... 

I am SO excited for the Brain Balance reports tomorrow though!  I LOVE hearing how the boys are doing and I am especially excited to just really get to see their starting and ending points on everything. 

In order to have my meeting I have to finish my paperwork!  It is about 2 hours worth that you do at the beginning and at the end of the session.  They ask every question under the sun and it is VERY hard to do. They use this in conjunction with their assessment to give you an accurate picture of where your child is at.   I already did Brody's on the airplane Friday and now I need to do Wyatt's.   It was so interesting doing Brody's because there were questions that I know I marked a 10 on last time (meaning the highest) and now I marked 1 or zero.  I can't wait to look at the two and compare them.

Since it is already midnight, I have to start my paperwork now - so I have to say goodbye.  But,  I am so excited to give you a report tomorrow night after I get their progress reports! 


Monday, June 27, 2011


Well folks, this is it.  We only have 2 days left to accomplish what should take weeks to do.  For some reason that just seems to always be the way it is with us :)

Here is a quick rundown of what is going on here:

Sunday:  As I was making dinner I realized something.   I had booked my flight before I knew we were moving home and I had thought I had scheduled it so that I had all day Monday to accomplish things.  I had a hair appointment, multiple other appointments and since we are moving home I had planned on doing a lot to get the house ready to bring the kids home.  However, apparently when you book a flight for Monday at 12:59 a.m.  That doesn't mean Monday night late, that means SUNDAY NIGHT LATE!  I had 5 hours left to pack up, and do whatever I could at the house.  I had to cancel all of my appointments for the next day and head to the airport at 11:00 p.m.   After flying all night and arriving at my destination at 11:00 the next day I am just slightly exhausted :)

At first I was upset at myself for being so scattered that I didn't even realize what day my flight was on.  However, It turned out to be another blessing.  We REALLY needed this extra day to get things done.  

Monday:  Went to Costco. We had a bunch of stuff to return there that we had just purchased and don't have room to move home.  We also needed a few more things for the road. We then went home and started cooking, cleaning, working, packing, etc.  Then it was time for Hazel's first real karate class.  (The other two were the intro classes)  She begged and begged to get her "Gi" and her Papa had agreed so here she is!
Can you believe how cute she is!?  I know I shouldn't say that because she is my own, but I just think she is a little doll.  Everyone there couldn't get over how cute and little she was.  She did great and I have a ton of videos and pictures that I will post another time!  Funny:  When I tell Hazel we are going to Karate she says (with attitude) "Mom - It is martial arts".

Next was Brody's Karate class where he did excellent!  He just keeps getting better and better and says that he LOVES It and can't wait to sign up when we get back home. 

Tuesday:  Packing, cleaning, packing, paperwork, returning borrowed furniture to those wonderful people that loaned it to us, and more!  Then at 3:00 Wyatt has his final cognitive assessment!  After that it is more karate lessons!  (Brody's class fee was non-refundable so I am taking them both every single day until we leave because they love it and so we get something out of what we paid.)

Then at night we are doing our best to get all of the BB moms together who have relocated to this center.  We are going to try to go to dinner and just chat and share thoughts and ideas.  It will be my chance to say goodbye to all of my new wonderful friends.  :(

Wednesday:  Packing, cleaning, packing, cooking, etc to get ready to leave!  Then at 12:00 I go to Wyatt's final 12 week report followed by Brody's at 1:00.  Then we will go over any home programming that we need to work on.  After all of that the boys will have their small graduation where they received a frame with all of their stars in it that they have worked so hard for!  After that, Karate again!

Thursday:  First thing in the morning we drive out - but not to go home!  We are driving about 7 hours away to go to see the cousins!  We had already planned to go there for the 4th of July so we are going!  The kids are SO excited to go and play with their cousins that they almost NEVER get to see.  My husband is flying in there and meeting us for the family vacation. 

Then on the 4th of July, we will all fly home with Bo. 

Now, the fun part is going to be actually pulling all of this off :)  We have had so many people help and more offer to help and we are so grateful. 

This has been an amazing journey, but as I said, this is only the beginning.  We have so much more to do!  I have had many people ask me if I will continue the blog even though I am going home.  The answer is YES!  I have finally accomplished my goal of writing a journal and I am not going to stop now.  The boys (especially Wyatt) will continue to learn and grow and improve and I want to document every last bit of it. 

Thank you to everyone that has helped us, supported us and prayed for us along the way and we hope that those things will continue as well!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Times are changing and things are different!

I thought about this while I was sleeping last night. It seemed like I should share it with anyone who is willing to listen.

I don't know where to start...... I just want everyone to know that this world is dangerous! There are so many things out there that effect our lives. We have to be very careful with our family and the things we let them do. We need to be educated about the world around us. We need to realize there are things people advise us to do with our children but it might not always be the best for YOUR child. Instead you should take control of your life and research for yourself to see what is the right choice for your children.

Children are all different yet doctors are treating them like they are all the same. For example they have every child on the same vaccination schedule?? Really.... how can they expect not to have negative outcomes when they give kids so many shots full of crap before the age of two?? All I am saying is before you just go and do things research them and look at the side effects and really decide for yourself if your child is worth risking......just because your doctor and other people strongly advise you to do it doesn't mean its the best thing for your family. Everyone is different. Now of course lots of people that are not educated just listen to their doctors because they are supposed to be the ones that know and want what is best for your children....not true YOU are the one that should find out and decide what is best! I am not saying don't listen to your doctors I am just reminding you that you should be in charge of your kids lives and do what you think is best for them. For some getting vaccinated might be whats best and for others it might not be. Just do your homework! Your kids are worth it!:) Its not only vaccinations, the things you feed your children are so harmful. Most of America has very bad eating habits! Obviously! Just be careful what you feed your little kids it effects them more then you think!

Just making sure your kids get outside and get exercise is so crucial in the way their brain develops! Kids need balance. They can't just sit in front of a television or play video games, they need to do physical activities. It is very easy in the world today to stick your kid in front of a television so that you can get things done or to get them video games to keep their time occupied. Just do your best and make sure your kids get what they need to develop like they are supposed too! There are so many kids that get labeled as the bad kid or the crazy kid when it goes a lot deeper then them just being bad. Most kids really can't help it and its very sad. The worst part is people don't understand or are not open minded enough to think outside the box. I just hope that someday people will realize times are changing and things are different.

The sad thing is that parents would never do anything to hurt their kids, but most people are doing it not even knowing that they are! I hope that if people have done something and found out it was harmful or hurt their child that they would inform and share their experience with anyone that would listen. We need to have an open mind about other peoples lives. We need to be willing to listen and even learn from others mistakes.

Who am I to try and tell people how to raise their kids....... I am no one to do that! I for sure have lots more to learn I am just writing this to express how thankful I am to have learned what I have learned from Tammy and her family! They have taught me so much that I would have never learned if it wasn't for them and I am so thankful for that. I know this is crazy for me to talk about all this when I don't even have kids yet! But that is what I am so thankful for I know way more then I did before and so I am more prepared when I do have kids!

I am so thankful that I have learned so much from Tammy and her family. I used to not know much about autism or behavioral problems....... I used to see a kid throwing a fit or acting out of line and think man that kid is a brat (sad I know). How many people are oblivious to the problems with children today, like I was? Sad to say most people still are! A lot of people are still thinking like its 30 years ago. Times have changed and things are different! Please just find out for yourself what is best! Take others opinions and experiences and then decide. Don't let others decide for you!

 I just think its sad to see so many people not realize when their kids have issues. They say he's just being a boy or its just a phase. A lot of the times it not just that. There are underlying problems, maybe from the food they eat or the things they occupy their time with. There are lots of factors.. I just hope more people can have open minds:) For those of you that are seeing issues in your child that there is finally an answer and its BRAIN BALANCE its amazing!

Sorry guys that was random and didn't have much to do with anything..... just had to express my appreciation for Tam and her amazing family! So glad I can be part of this journey!

Here is the updates of the kids over the last two days:

  • Wyatt slept pretty good or at least better then the previous nights... I actually got some sleep.
  • Brody and Hazel have been sleeping through the night and not coming into the room as much as usual.
  • Did usual breakfast and medicine.
  • Wyatt has been saying potty better, he had two accidents since he broke his leg I think because he was scared when we moved him. Now he is more comfortable and he is telling me when he has to go.
  • Got Wyatt to do some of his BB that he can still do with his broken leg.
  • Brody and Hazel have been good help watching Wyatt when I take power naps:) Simmer down Tam, I only did it once..... okay I didn't do it.... not yet anyways.
  • Wyatt was dying to get out of the house so we went for a golf cart ride.
  • We ate lunch (haven't eaten that for days)
  • We colored, built blocks, played with trains, did BB exercises and lots of other random things throughout the day.
  • We had one of the other BB families come over for play date.
  • The kids at first were kinda crazy but it got so much better as the day went on. They started to play like normal little kids not fighting and being totally crazy the whole time.
  • Wyatt is so cute he keeps trying to get up by himself but he is so careful and not once has he put pressure on his broken leg!
  • Caught Hazel and her friend locked in the bathroom and they wouldn't open the door. They were splashing sink water all over the mirror and being crazy. So we decided to get out of the house.
  • We took the kids on a walk and that went well other then we forgot to bring water (Tam will kill me) lets just say they were glad to get home:)
  • The kids played for a little while longer and they did extremely well. The first time we got together it was extremely crazy the kids were screaming and jumping off everything and fighting and it was horrible and that was only 3 months ago. This time they played 100 times better.
  • I made dinner for the kids and did medicine and then it was time for the play date to be over. 
  • We had noticed the girls had been quiet so I went to check on them and they had gotten into Hazel's makeup. They said they wanted to be tigers, they had makeup all over their entire bodies! It was not good. 
  • After that they headed home and everyone went to bed!

  • Breakfast and medicine.
  • Did some BB stuff with the boys.
  • Went on the golf cart and let Wyatt direct us, good thing I had him and Brody or we wouldn't of known how to get home!! They are still way better then me at directions:)
  • Got home made lunch and played a little.
  • We had a play date scheduled with some of the kids friends. They did awesome they weren't crazy and they played really really good. Wyatt was cute and kept trying to say Christina!
  • We played for a couple hours and then we headed home. 
  • I made dinner and did some BB with the boys.
  • Wyatt said potty and I barley made it on time! He is doing really good at telling us when he has to go. Poor little guy can't just get up and go we have to take him. 
  • Went for another golf cart ride and got some cute pictures. Hazel loves to stop and get the dandelions so since we don't have much else to do with Wyatt we stop at all the flowers so they could blow them! 
  • Wyatt is asking for food so good, instead of just saying toast.... he will now say I want toast and bacon please!! So cute!
  • Put the kids in bed.
  • Locked the doors and went out on the town..........;)(Simmer)
 Sorry for the bulletins but there isn't much happening because poor Wy can't do anything! Tam will be back in charge soon then the blogs will get deep again;)

Here are a couple cute random pictures of the weekend! Enjoy:)

 The kids right before going to their friends house they will miss all their friends!

 Cute Haz and her cute hair do!

 They wanted to do an action shot??

 Wy chillin' where he chills best on the kitchen floor with his trains...poor little guy!

Wy was having way to much fun with those barbies! Silly Wy!

 Haz playing with a little kitchen set.

 Wy would scoot a crossed the whole floor with this it was so cute.

 Bro and Haz and one of their good friends! They will miss you guys!

On our golf cart ride getting all the dandelions!

Night (:

My Life in a Nutshell

I must admit that sometimes I feel like this mom looks.  But the truth is, I wouldn't have it any other way. 

So I am home with my husband this weekend and we are working our tails off.  We have so much to do to get the house ready for the kids to come home.  I am VERY determined to not come home and fall back into any old routines.  I am hiding all of the televisions and movies and getting rid of any toys or food that are not approved.

We also have a list of things we have been trying to get done for weeks but have no time to do them or even talk to each other.  Today we spent most of the day in "meetings" with each other talking, going over things, doing paperwork, etc. etc.  It may not sound fun, but it has been a very enjoyable day!  I love getting things done and crossed off my list - it takes such a weight off of my shoulders. 

To reward ourselves we lounged around and turned on the TV.  It is so weird because I haven't had a TV for over 3 months and it is amazing how it can suck you in so fast :)

A movie was just starting and we were hooked right away.  We had no idea what the movie was or what it was called until after it was over.  It was a comedy and I cried.  Ya - weird.  It wasn't the kind of crying you do when you laugh too hard, it was actual crying.   I think there is something wrong with me :) 

Right now it is 2:00 am in my timezone so I am going to bed, but I will tell you all about the movie tomorrow!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Re Re????

Hi everyone once again its Paige! I am starting to not like when Tam leaves( ok I never liked it ;) because then you are all stuck with me writing the blog! I will give you a short recap of the day.....(when I say short I mean it, unlike Tam :) ( Tam you asked for it).

It started out early getting Tammy to the airport. Which went better then usual.....maybe because we had someone sit with the kids since it was early and Wy needs one on one care. Anyways, got Tam on her way and headed back for the long 4 days!!!!! Luckily, Tam took care of me and got me all the help I could need while she is gone... thanks Tam. I got home did all the medicine and started making the pumpkin muffins and cleaned Wyatt's carpet. I randomly started packing things we don't need for the next week, so we can head home! Then it was off to Brody's last assessment of BB to see how much he has improved over the last 3 months! So I took Bro to BB and after he got done there we ran to get some prescriptions and some fruit for the kids.

We got home and Wyatt immediately asked for momma like he misses her or something;) I had to try and explain she will be back soon.... Wyatt was so cute today I think he is going crazy not being able to do things he used to do. He kept saying swim, jump, sensations, and he even threw Brain Balance in there. He just wanted out of the house he didn't care where he went. But first we had to eat so I made everyone lunch and did some exercises with the boys.

It has been really hard to do all of Wyatt's BB stuff with his broken leg. So today since I had help we attempted to do the things we could still do with him. At first he was upset because he thought he got out if it. But we kept on him and by the end of the day he was doing them great! Good job Wy Wy . I decided it was too hard to carry Wyatt everywhere we go, so I went out and found good ole Jeffery ( its a stroller;) I put Wy in to see if it would work and it worked well and was much easier then carrying him. Poor little guy, he is getting much better but that cast is HEAVY! I think it might weigh more then he does;) Tam got him a little mini walker to use and he is slowly getting it but it is so cute to see him try and use it. He is holding his leg off the ground extremely well now, I think it clicked that he can't touch the ground with that foot!( Totally not because every time it touches the ground Tam or I don't get all scared and freak out:) After lunch I decided to take poor Wy on a little walk in the stroller......bad idea we only had like 15 minutes before Brody and Hazels karate class! When we turned around to come back to the house, you would of thought the poor kid was never going to get outside again. He was so sad and kept saying this way, that way, any way that wasn't home! Anyways we got back and got everyone ready for karate. Hazel was so excited to go and get her white belt....Brody had gotten his last class so Hazel couldn't wait for hers!

I wasn't so sure about attempting karate cause Tam had said how the people watching have to be extremely quiet so the kids can focus. But I couldn't say no to these guys they were so cute and so excited to go to karate so we attempted it! We packed up all the stuff including Jeffery and off we went. We went and sat down Brody went right over to where he was supposed to be with his class. I was amazed at how good all three of them did! Haz didn't make a peep the whole time watching Brody's class, Wyatt only made a few peeps but did extremely well with just sitting nice and watching. Also, Brody did good at following his instructors directions! Good Job Bro. Hazel was so excited for her turn she couldn't stop asking... is it my turn Paigee?? When is it my turn?? Brody's class got over and Haz jumped right up and went to sit down with her class. She is so little next to all the other kids its way cute. She did good and was so so excited when the class was over and they gave her the belt! She ran right over and was ready for them to tie it around her waist...poor thing it wrapped around like 10 times cause she is so small. I got some pictures of today and a video of Haz getting her belt its darling!

Good ole Jeffery!

Haz in her cute little stance!

So cute to see how excited she was!

  After both of their classes ! Now they are both white belts.

Proud Little Haz!

Then after karate we came home and got dinner and medicine and put everyone to bed........when I was informed I had to write the blog! For some reason I didn't really think she meant every time she leaves I have to write it! Guess I was wrong;)

Night (:

This is Not the End!

I hope I didn't leave anyone hanging last night.  But just in case I did, let me clarify a few things:

  1.  We are NOT done with Brain Balance.  We are only done at the location we are at. 
  2.  We will be modifying our home programming and working on everything possible that we can   with Wyatt and his broken leg. 
  3. We will continue to work on home programming with Brody as well. 
  4. We will work hard to keep the boys moving along and progressing.
  5. We will work hard to get our center up and running.  I set high goals and I am hoping to open by October!
  6. Our boys will continue the program at our center for as long as it takes to get them balanced and until the symptoms are no longer present. 
  7. We will use the knowledge, and experiences that we have been blessed with to help bless the lives of other children and families struggling like we have been for so long.
There is NO way that I am giving up or taking a break even for a day.  We have finally found the answer to our many years of prayers and we know that Brain Balance will heal our children.  Even though there are ups and downs and good times and hard times, I know the end result will be worth it.  I wouldn't change a thing about my life right now because I know it is exactly the way it is supposed to be. 


Here is a video of Wyatt adapting to his cast.  He didn't move for about 4 days or so, but he finally dares to scoot around a bit.  He has tried to stand up on it a few times, but we all freak out, so I think he is getting the idea that he can't do that.  I just love seeing him trying to figure out how to do things now - he is so smart.  

I know I am not crazy because Paige has noticed too, but he is talking a lot more in the last few days.  A lot.  He is making little sentences, communicating more (I think because he has to more because he can't really do anything for himself) and singing songs.  His articulation is MUCH better too.   We love you Wyatt! 

Here is a short clip of Brody roller skating.  We went to the sensory gym today (Wyatt played in the art room and the toy room and even asked for the zipline!  We tried holding him and his heavy cast as he went on it a couple of times -but it was hard!).  Anyway, Brody ended up wanting to try a friend's skates on and I was a little nervous. The last time he put them on he literally could not even stand up for one second.  He kept falling right away and gave up very quickly.  He fell down a few times today, but he kept trying and at least stayed on his feet most of the time!  Go Brody!

Hazel at the store.  The other night I ran to the store and Hazel wanted to go.  Everyone else was in bed and she was already in her pajamas.  She is so fun to take places alone because she is a different child.  She is just so much more mature, talkative, etc, when you are one on one with her and there isn't so much craziness around.  She pushed this big cart through the entire store and then asked me to video her doing it.  She is such a sweetheart and loves her brothers so much.  She is a good helper and will continue to be an important part in their recovery. 


Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Just Bought 4 ONE WAY Tickets Home....

Yes, you read that correctly - ONE WAY tickets.   I am telling you this now, but the decision was really made within an hour after Wyatt broke his leg on Friday.  I told you the partial story of what happened that day, but let me share it again with all the details.

We had always planned on staying here for 6 months - at least.  In fact, because of the results we were getting my husband said if we had to stay 2 years it would be worth it.  Thankfully we didn't have to do that and were blessed with the opportunity of opening our own center.   There were a few times that the thought entered my mind of going home early, but it always left when I thought about Wyatt and making sure he got what he needed while we were here.

On Friday I dropped Wyatt off at Brain Balance and then went to pick the other kids up from a play date. We went home and had lunch and things were going quite well.

We left to take Brody to Brain Balance and as we pulled out Wyatt said "jump".  I figured that would be a perfect thing to do while Brody was in BB because we had just the right amount of time and it was inside and out of the heat!  We got to Jump 2 It and the fun started.  It is hard to keep track of the kids in there because they are all over the place, but luckily I only had 2 that day.  Also, I don't worry too much about Hazel, so I stuck with Wyatt to make sure he didn't run out the door and down the road.

Wyatt loves to say "Im gonna get you" as his way of getting us to chase him up the stairs and down the slides, etc.  This particular day was no different.  We usually do it on a certain slide, but on Friday he was trying something new.  He was on a different slide where you had to go through a whole maze pretty much to get to the stairs and then down the slide.  I was too old and tired and just waited at the bottom of the slide for him.  When he would get to the top he would say "I'm gonna get you" and I would run up the slide as far as I could and he would laugh.  He would then slide down (in the way shown in the videos on a previous post) and start again.  We had done this about three times when it happened.  Luckily,  I was standing right at the bottom of the slide (having just ran up it) and not sitting on the chairs, or visiting, etc. 

As Wyatt jumped on the slide that last time, this time with his leg underneath the other, I heard a very distinct "crack" and I instantly knew his leg was broken.  It was very strange because I usually would have told myself that I was being overly paranoid, but there was not a doubt in my mind that he had broken his leg.  I ran up the slide and scooped him up.  He immediately started crying and holding his leg.  I told Hazel we needed to go and that Wyatt was very hurt and she wasn't listening too well.  Luckily, one of the girls working there has babysat for us before so I asked her to help me get Hazel to the car.  I called my husband when we got in the car and he was VERY concerned.  I told him I would call him after we went to the Doctor.

Poor Wyatt was sitting in the back of the car crying and holding his leg and I felt so bad for him.  I called a friend and luckily, she answered.  I asked her if I could drop Hazel off and she said she would pick up Brody at BB as well.  I asked her where the hospital was and she said it was kind of far.  She said there was an urgent care but she didn't know if they did x-rays and that I should call.  I got back in the car and went and tried to comfort Wyatt.  As he sat there still crying (which is pretty unusual - and great in a way - because he never used to feel his own body enough to feel pain) he looked up at me and said "Erase, Erase".  It just about broke my heart.  When Wyatt spills something, he says erase.  If there is something that he doesn't want on the table or his shirt, he says erase.  That was his way of telling me that he wanted me to take away what had happened and the pain that he was experiencing.  Although it was so sad, I loved that he was trying to communicate with me in a way that he knew how. 

I called the urgent care and luckily, they did x-rays so I headed over.  Luckily, we got right in - which is usually unheard of at an urgent care.  I was VERY nervous about how Wyatt would react there since it sometimes takes multiple people to hold him down just to look in his ears.  He has gotten better over the years and I knew that he was better because of BB, but this was a lot bigger than looking in his ears.  I was also nervous because most doctors we have seen don't really understand and are not very compassionate towards Wyatt.  They don't have patience for the fact that he is crying or won't stand on a scale, or refuses to put the oxygenation monitor on his finger.   Luckily, this day was different.  The entire staff was so nice, understanding and compassionate.  Wyatt did AMAZINGLY well and although he was scared and whimpering, he let them do x-rays and even put the splint on him.  I was in shock.  I thought he would be struggling and crying and he was so good and almost seemed mature and like he understood what had happened and what had to be done? 

I headed home and realized that I needed to go get some medicine for Wyatt and I wanted to get him a new movie or something to do - I felt so bad for him.   Luckily, I had already arranged for a babysitter to come over so that I could take Brody and Hazel to karate class.  I asked her if she would mind helping me for the night instead and she was glad to.  She sat in the car while I ran into Target.  The Dr. had told me to just get some over the counter medication but unluckily, every last one of them had high fructose corn syrup in it.  My poor child already has heavy metal poisoning and was sick and hurting.  Why on earth would I want to give him more toxins?  Sorry, I am just very annoyed that medications that are supposed to help people have harmful chemicals and toxins that hurt them. 

We went and picked up the other two kids and headed home.  The sitter helped me make dinner and took care of the other kids while I took care of Wyatt.  He seemed not to be in pain but more bothered by the splint.  However, how was I really to know?  I talked to a friend who is a nurse and she said she had broken her leg and it didn't hurt the first while, but it got really bad after a few hours.  She said I should call back to the Dr. and try to get a prescription for something.  I got nervous and didn't want him to be in pain, but I looked at the clock and it was 12 minutes after 8:00 and they urgent care closed at 8:00.  I decided to go ahead and try calling anyway and luckily, the Dr. himself answered the phone.  He called in some Tylenol with Codeine right away.  I called the pharmacy and they said they had just gotten the prescription but that they closed in 20 minutes.  Luckily they said they could get it ready in time and so I quickly ran to the pharmacy. 

I got about 2 hours of sleep that night or less.  I would wake up every 10 seconds to check on my poor little boy and so many things were running through my head: 

  • Luckily I had booked a last minute plane ticket for my husband to come for Father's Day.  It was so great to have him here to help and comfort Wyatt as well as come with me to get his cast on. 
  • Luckily Wyatt had just barely had his sensory motor assessment the day before this happened.  Otherwise, he would not have been able to do his assessment.  It had been scheduled for the middle of July because they were booked up, but I had called on Wednesday to see if there were any cancellations and luckily, they were able to get us in. 
  • Luckily, it was his right leg that broke.  I explained this a bit the other day.  Wyatt is supposed to balance on his left foot, we are supposed to stimulate the left side of his body and he is supposed to limit the sensory input on the right side of the body.  Now he is in a cast that limits almost all sensory input to his right leg and he is going to be forced to balance a lot on his left leg and use the left side of his body a lot more. 
  • Luckily, when Wyatt went to his Brain Balance session on that very Friday just 2 hours earlier, it was session number 36.  The 12 week Brain Balance program consists of 36 sessions exactly. 
Now, a few of you, if you are really quick, may have caught onto a theme going on here.   I used the term "luckily" 16 times (and could have used it a lot more!)  The problem is, I don't believe in luck.  I would like to think that anyone reading this would realize that there are WAY too many "lucky" coincidences in this story. 

All of these things kept running through my head all day long, but what is interesting is that within 2 minutes of Wyatt's injury (before we had even gotten confirmation that it was broken) I had a very strong feeling that just said "You are done here, you can go home now".   It was very obvious and all of the other things just kept falling inline to confirm that feeling.  This injury did not happen before or after Wyatt finished his 12 weeks.  It did not happen before he was able to get his assessment done, and it was not his left leg that broke.  Also, I have realized that if Brody or Hazel been the one that had gotten hurt, we would not be going home. 

Once again, the Lord has a plan for our family.  I don't always understand why, but there is no way we could ignore the fact that he was leading us and telling us what to do. 

When we decided to come here, everything fell into place within two days time.  Now that it is time for us to go home it came together just as quickly.  Luckily (okay fine - it is not luck!)  Since we had already purchased a plane ticket for my husband to come out for 4th of July weekend, we just needed 4 more one way tickets.  By no coincidence, there were still seats available on his same flight so that we could all fly home together - as a family. 


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blast from the Past!

Okay, so this post is only from a few weeks ago, but it feels like ages!  I started it and never finished it.  Maybe I need Brain Balance :)  There has just been so much going on to write about, that this one took the back burner, but here it is! 

On Memorial Day weekend my husband AND Paige's husband came to play!  It was so much fun having them both here.   Although it was a bit of a drive, we decided to go to Stone Mountain for a fun outdoor adventure.  Overall the day went very well.  The kids stayed with us better than ever before, they had fun and got a lot of exercise.  In fact, we had to walk a lot during the day and Wyatt got pretty tired.  He kept asking us to hold him, or give him a piggy back ride.  We did help him out a bit eventually, but we pushed him pretty hard.  We realized that when we went places like this he usually ended up in a stroller, etc.  His endurance was really low and I never really realized that.  It has gotten SO much better which is why we made him stick it out longer than usual.  At one point he actually said "sit down" and had me sit on the sidewalk with him for a few minutes to take a break.  It was cute. 

There were a few not so happy times though.  As soon as we got there, Wyatt saw the giant sky hike course.  It looks like this: (But WAY bigger). 

It is a ropes course that is three stories high and you are hooked on with a cable and a harness.  Wyatt wanted to "climb" so so bad.  He was freaking out and crying, etc.  Problem:  the line was an hour long.  We knew he couldn't wait in that and there we so many other things to do so we finally got him away and on to something else. 

We went to the smaller rope course with no line and no harness and thought he would love it.  He was not too thrilled and went through it like he was doing me a favor.  Stinker.  He didn't even want to do the zipline at the end because he wanted to go back to the bigger structure.  At least he knows what he wants.
Hazel with her Papa on the rope course.  The kids were so stinking excited to be with their Papa.  They miss him so much.
Brody tearing it up.  He loved this rope course and pretty much loved everything about the day.  He is always such a good, sweet, positive boy. 

The brothers :)

We went to the big barn where they had "fruit" (foam balls) that you could pick up and throw or shoot out of little cannons. They had slides that went through all three floors.  Wyatt was in heaven with the slides....  Brody had fun collecting the fruit and hitting us with the cannons. 

I LOVE this picture.  Hazel looks so cute and grown up with my very handsome husband.  Sorry to embarrass you honey, I had to say it.  :)

Hazel with her big brother.  She was tickling him so he is making a funny face, but they were having fun sitting by each other.  I love that they are playing more and interacting more.  Hazel says things like "Wyatt loves me now!"

Hazel and her boyfriend (I mean... Paige's husband) Drayton.  She loves him!   We were on our way to the pedal boats which was the longest walk ever!

Hazel would bum a ride from anyone that would give her one.  Paige seems to be the lucky one a lot. 

The Pedal boats!  This was really fun although the splashing wars were not my favorite.  (Bad Bo and Brody!)  We got to pedal around and relax a little after our long walk.  Thankfully we took the shuttle back to the other side of the park (which is how normal people get there...) 

The cute brothers again.  Brody is always looking out for Wyatt.

Waiting for the shuttle having a little snack.  Wyatt loves Drayton too!  In fact, I think the whole world does.

Having lunch.  This is always a task because the kids can't eat anything.  I came prepared with their food in the insulated cooler and the rest of us ordered off the menu.

When we rode the train, I tried to have Paige and Drayton pose for a picture and this is what I got - three times. They are punks! Thanks a lot guys!

The whole family!  We never get a picture with everyone looking, so I don't even try.  Someday though....

Bubbles!  There was this nice guy walking around the park making HUGE bubbles.  Wyatt immediately ran over to him.  Paige followed him and got some great pics and video.  Thanks Paige!  He did really well and didn't run away and was trying to catch and pop the bubbles. 

What a nice guy!  He could tell Wyatt was so interested and he let him help do bubbles!  It made me so happy because so many times, kids like him get left in the background because they don't talk or express their needs or interests.  This man knew what Wyatt wanted and that means a lot.  I wish I had his name to send him a thank you!

Great bubbles Wyatt!

This video is SO cute!  I love the huge bubble he made and he was so happy!!

We were all sitting on the grass and Wyatt just took off and started climbing around.  I of course followed him, but not as closely as usual.  He saw his brother climbing and wanted to climb too.  He was running off just to run, he actually had something he wanted to do.
The fastest boat on the water! (Thanks to Paige!) 

Two troublemakers

Hazel rode the gondola all the way to the top of the mountain with Papa while the rest of us were in line at the sky hike (story to follow below).  Look at that view!

So here we go with the not so much fun part.  Brody really wanted to go on the sky hike so Paige and Drayton said they would take him.  Bo and Hazel left for the gondola and me and Wyatt were trying to decide what to do.  I didn't really want to do either because I had had a terrible headache all day that kept getting worse.  I knew Wyatt wanted to go on the sky hike and the others were already almost to the front of the line so I decided to try it.  It still took forever in the line and then even longer to go on the first rope.  Before we even go on it Wyatt was already trying to go back down but we were harnessed in!  I kept thinking he was just not wanting to wait so I kept him occupied as much as I could.  When we finally got to go across the first course it took about 10 seconds and then you had to wait on the platform for almost 5 minutes or more before you could go on the next one!  This was NOT good.  You had to do that all the way around and then up three levels.  He was freaking out and I had the worst headache.  I kept asking him which way he wanted to go and he would point that he wanted to go on the ropes, but then he kept trying to walk back the other way.  I was so afraid we were going to get stuck half way around and not be able to get back!  He was starting to freak out and so was I. I really don't think I have ever had that bad of a headache and this was only the beginning.  I finally decided to go back down the first course and unhook.  It took forever to get through all of the people and I got yelled at by a few a long the way because Wyatt bumped into them, etc.

We finally got unhooked and I realized that the car keys were in the locker and Drayton had the key on his wrist.  I looked all over for them in the sky hike but couldn't find them.  I finally found Paige and by this time I was crying.  Yes crying.  Wyatt had been screaming and upset for an hour now and my headache had taken control of me completely.  Paige got the key for me and actually left the course to come help me which she didn't have to do (Thanks Paige). We took Wyatt to the car and got him a snack and I tried to relax but it didn't work. By the time everyone else got to the car I was dying.  We had a long drive home and it only got worse.  Bo kept trying to get me to take some medicine but I refused.  He finally stopped anyways to get me some medicine and an ice pack.  At first nothing helped because the pain was so bad.  I really can't believe that I was crying and sobbing in the car in front of everyone.  Anyone that knows me could tell you that I am not a baby when it comes to pain.  I got my tonsils out and was making lunch a few hours later.  I have a baby and am at the store the next day, as well as cleaning, cooking, etc.  I just don't have time to slow down :)  So, that may give you an idea of how bad it really was. 

Anyways, we got home and they put me to bed and thankfully the drugs kicked in and I fell asleep.  (Thanks for getting them honey!) I dare say that was the worst pain I have ever been in and I hope I never experience it again.   So, if any of you were following the blog then and you saw Paige do the blog post that night, then now you know why.  I was completely incapacitated.  Thankfully the headache was mostly gone when I woke up. 

On Sunday we thought it would be a good idea to head to the tennis courts and play a little and let the kids ride their scooters.  Wow - we must have forgotten the pool and tennis courts are hooked together.  Wyatt kept running over to the pool and we kept having to bring him back.  He finally seemed to give up... (yea right, he was just waiting for the right opportunity!)  We were getting ready to leave when he just took off.  We were all standing there and Bo took off first so we let him.  Wyatt got all the way to the pool and jumped right in!  He always swims with a life jacket so he obviously thought he could swim.  We are working on getting him out of that, but for now it is a safety thing.  Bo being the good father that he is, jumped right in the pool in his clothes to save him.  This is not the first time he has done this. :)

Drayton's first day here we ran to Walmart because Brody had earned a Lego set.  The three of them played in the aisle like they were  5 years old :)

Well, that was our crazy weekend!  I'm so glad that we got to have a "family" vacation!  We haven't been able to do a lot of things like that in the past because they were just too hard.  In fact, a few years back Brody took off at SeaWorld and we lost him for about 10 minutes.  We were freaking out because we knew that he did not understand, was probably not looking for us and would probably go home with a stranger.  I didn't know if I would ever find him in that sea of people. Thankfully we did and he WAS sitting on a strange man's lap!   When we used to go to the park, Wyatt would be in the middle of the road within 2 minutes.   Because of Brain Balance a family vacation, or even outing to the store or the park is not only possible, but enjoyable.  Minus the headaches of course.


A Very Blue Day (And I Don't Mean Sad!)

The theme of our day was BLUE!  Wyatt LOVES BLUE shirts so Papa had brought him one to help him feel better. We got him all cleaned up and in his new BLUE shirt for his big day.  I called first thing this morning and thankfully got Wyatt an appointment.  We went  in at 11:00 and got his cast.  He was SO good.  Really, Bo and I were both shocked.  However, I was less shocked because I had seen how good he was after the break when they put the splint on.  He literally just sat there and let them put the cast on.  Didn't fight, wiggle or cry (just whined a bit...)  I have posted a short video documenting this below.

Our little sweet boy in his BLUE wheelchair.  I am SO glad that we had booked a last minute Father's day trip for my husband.  He was SO amazing and took such good care of Wyatt and all of us.  The kids had so much fun playing with him and we even got to go on a date. 
Wyatt was SO happy all of the sudden.  I think he was so glad to be out of the house and not laying down anymore.  It is hard to tell because he has skinny little legs, but his right leg is a bit swollen from the break. 

Being a brave boy.  In general, he HATES socks so this thigh high is not his favorite.....

Here he is all done!  We got him a BLUE cast.  It looks great!  Papa held him and comforted him the whole time.  They are both amazing!
Wy Wy and Mama.  I am just glad he is okay and that it wasn't a worse break.  It is broken in three places, but they said it should heal fine since it was still aligned.  When I heard it break, I thought I was going to see bone sticking out of him, so this is MUCH better that what I had imagined...
The doctor even gave us a permit for a little BLUE sticker to get us closer parking spaces :)

When we got home Wyatt was wiped out from the ordeal and his pain meds.  Paige flew in this morning at 6 am and was wiped out too so we left the two sleepy heads home and took the kids on a surprise BLUE outing...

Brody has been asking to go there since the day we moved here.  We kept wanting to go when Papa was here, but it just never worked out.  We decided now was the time headed out.  The kids were SO excited and loved every minute of it.  Brody was a little too excited and/or over stimulated because we saw him act more hyper and impulsive than we have in a long time.  He was running from place to place, darting in front of other people, etc.  Maybe he still just can't process that much information and excitement all at the same time?  The kids were still very good over all and way better than they have ever been before at this type of place so we had a great time.  It felt a little weird that Wyatt wasn't there, but we knew he wouldn't be up to it and didn't want the other two to miss out on it.

Touching the Stingrays.  We did this for a long time.  They both loved it!  However, most of Brody's time was focused on touching the hammerhead sharks.  He ran all around the pool trying to catch one.  Even after he touched one a few times, he kept trying again and again.. 

Here he is finally touching one!  He was so happy!  I was shocked I caught any pictures or videos because the sharks came and went so fast.

Here is another one!  Brody asked if we could have a hammerhead shark as a pet.  I am going to say no to that one :)

Hazel in the BLUE Tunnel.  She is so grown up!

Brody in the BLUE tunnel.  It was so much fun to see all the fish, sharks and whales swim right over your head!
This room was awesome.  It was set up kind of like a movie theater with this huge BLUE "screen".  We could all just sit down and watch the show.  It was beautiful.  Here are the little two cuties standing at the glass.  I love this picture!

The giant Whale shark.  It is a good thing Brody was there because he knew pretty much what every fish or shark was.  When we first walked into the aquarium there was a tank of fish and Bo and I didn't know what they were.  Brody said "they are Tuna!"  We asked him how he knew that and he said "Because I am smart."  Yes he sure is :)

We told the kids these were the "shrieking eels" (from the Princess Bride for those of you who have not seen the greatest movie of all time!).  It looks like we scared him a bit :) 

Up close and personal with the eels.  I have never seen them up close and they are U-G-L-Y!  The sign even said they had a face that "only a mother could love".  Too funny.  Oh - and note to Monica:  NO WAY could I eat one of these things!  Sick!

Brody and the Japanese spider crabs.  We couldn't stand there too long because Bo and I got creeped out.  Who wants to stand around looking at giant spiders?!  Yuck!
Here are the videos of the kids touching the stingrays and the sharks.  This was for sure their favorite part!  Bo touched them but Mama kept her hands out of the water!

So there you have our BLUE day.  We are very proud of our brave Wyatt.  He has been so good!  When he woke up yesterday he did get very upset about the cast and tried to hit it and get it off.  He also said "scissors" and "cutting" trying to get me to cut it off like Papa did the splint.  I think I will make a calendar and cross off each day that he has the cast on and have a picture at the end of him cast free so that he can see that there is an end in sight!  I just wonder if he thinks this is his new leg forever! 

We had a great day, but we were all quite BLUE when we had to drop Papa off at the airport :(  We are so glad we will be seeing him again in a couple of weeks for the 4th of July!