Tuesday, May 3, 2011


 And I have 96 total photos and video to prove it!

No - I will not post all of them - so don't beg :)

I had heard about this indoor sensory playground last month, but we had no way of getting there because it is too far away.  Now that we have a car, we have a lot more options.  Yes, in case you hadn't heard, wonderful Paige and my wonderful mother in law Mimi drove 2100 miles across the country and brought us our car.  They drove through the devastation in Alabama and said it was heartbreaking.  

Anyway, since Tuesday is one of our free days, we decided to head out for a sensory play day! This center was built buy a father who had a daughter with Autism.  She had many types of therapies but none of them were enough.  He wanted a place for her and others like her to get the sensory input they needed while having fun.  He succeeded! 

I loved this place because it had so many of the things that my kids need.  Most everything the kids did today were things that Brain Balance would suggest.  SENSORY MOTOR!  When we go to the park, it has some fun things, but the kids don't stay engaged for really long periods of time and it can get hot.  However, we were here for 3 hours today and the kids still didn't want to leave!  

This is what they had:
  • Zip Line
  • Climbing Wall
  • Mini Trampolines
  • Monkey Bars
  • Climbing Rope
  • Swinging Rings
  • Ball Pits
  • Rope Ladders
  • Swings
  • Exercise Mats
  • Bikes with and without Training Wheels
  • Balance Beams
  • And Much More!
A large art room for:
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Crafts
  • Writing
  • And More!
They also had a sports room and a toy room with a play kitchen, legos, blocks and  - OH NO!  Thomas the train and his friends...... We had just taken all of Wyatt's trains away again because he gets too obsessed.  He wants to take them everywhere with us and if we don't let him, he throws HUGE tantrums where he even tries to hit his head, etc.  That is really not like him and anything that makes him that upset and obsessed just has to go.

He didn't find the toy room for quite some time so it was wonderful!  But once he did, we let him spend a little time there but then we had to continually keep bringing him back out to the sensory motor area.  Brody loved playing Legos in there as well but we had to limit his time too.  I let him finish building his Battle Droid City (pictured below) but then that was it.  Most kids on the spectrum prefer more sedentary activities (even though they can be hyperactive) usually because their core muscles are weak and they have low endurance.  But not for long!  After going to this place once a week (wish we could go everyday and so do the kids!) plus Brain Balance, plus all of the home exercises we do, these kids are going to have superhero strength!  :)

Please enjoy the photos and videos.  These are the best of the 96! 
Wyatt LOVED playing in the balls!  He loved to bury himself in them, play in them, jump in them, etc.  He was SO happy!
Brody and Haze playing in the ball pit.  They were "swimming" and covering each other up.  I didn't even realize that my kids really haven't even been in a ball pit.  Growing up that was what we did when we went to McDonald's, etc.  A lot of fast food places had ball pits - but they are long gone which means I am old.

Haze climbing through the rope tunnel.  Note:  Paige is the one that let her out of the house in Halloween striped leggings and an Ariel shirt that didn't match at all.  ;)

Brody getting ready for the Zip line!  This was probably everyone's favorite thing.  It is so fun!  I loved that they had to climb up the rock wall first and then they have to pull the handle back after - all good exercise! 
Wyatt getting ready for the Zip line.  He LOVED it!  He loved to ride it and he LOVED to watch others ride it.  He watches them ride it and fall in the balls and then he laughs so hard. It makes me so happy to see and hear his pure joy :)

My Tiny little Haze getting ready to do the Zip line!  She holds on so good and then drops right into the balls.  I don''t know why it is so cute to watch her tiny little self flying through the air!  Listen to Wyatt in her video - he laughs so hard.  It is darling.   

Haze in the swing.  There were about 10 different swings but both Hazel and Wyatt wanted to swing in this one.  Grandpa Cliff has one like it at his house and I know it brings back good memories to them :)
Little Hazel in the toy room. She met a friend there and they played a lot of the time.  The girl was probably at least a year or more older than her but Hazel was the mom and the other girl was the baby..... Hazel told her what to eat and to go take a nap.  I don't know how she got so bossy.  I was NEVER bossy until I had to start running a business in my home - it is not in my nature.  I guess she got it from Paige.

Brody building his Battle Droid City.  He LOVES to create new things which is good because it builds the right brain.  He is so good at being able to just create something new every time.  I actually have a video of him describing the ship and its functions, the droids and their duties, etc.  It is really cute but he requested that I not put it on the blog.  :)
The finished product!

Haze on the trampoline.  It took me 10 minutes to get her to stop jumping long enough for a picture.

Haze on one of the swings.  It took me 10 minutes to get her to stop swinging long enough for a picture.

Wyatt chillin' in the hammock swing.  About 2 seconds after this picture he rolled out and fell to the ground :(  He actually hit his head (even though they have mats) and was crying.  It was so sad and then he said "are you okay?" Which is what he says if he gets hurt.  It is so cute and sad at the same time.  I thought he was going to head to another toy, but instead he climbed right back in the hammock.  Hmmm?

The rest of the photos are just to show you some of the other areas they had.  We are WAY excited about this place and can't wait to go back!  In fact, Brody met some friends there at an after school program and wants to join the program as well.  He asked me if we can go back every Tuesday because that is when they meet.  My favorite was that he LOVED all the kids and was talking to them and playing with them and he didn't even notice (or if he did, he didn't care) that they were special needs kids.  He loves everyone unconditionally and has the most tender heart. 

Balance beam
Sports Room.  Basketball, baseball, soccer, etc.

Climbing Wall and swinging rings.

Trampolines - as if you couldn't tell :)

Bicycles, tricycles, scooters, etc. The black track is the bike path the kids can ride around on. 

The Toy room.  Hazel had a blast in here.  The boys would have stayed in there all day if I let them.  (okay, maybe not all day, but a lot longer than I let them) 

In the front they have a little store with sensory toys, weighted vests and blankets, books, etc.  Look!  There is Dr. Melillo's Book Disconnected Kids ! I have a whole post planned about this book, but for now I will say that I would suggest every parent read it.  It is so amazing and informational and not just for parents with affected kids.  I believe all of us have some degree of imbalance in our lives and we can all benefit from this book.  It also has checklists that you can use to identify if your child has an imbalance as well as some home programming that can help you treat your child at home if you are not near a Brain Balance Center

The art room.  The kids painted, glued, colored, etc.  Not for long, but long enough!
Well, there you have it.  I went from 96 to 24 - not bad.  Now it is time for bed.  Yes, it is only 10:15 and I am going to bed.  This is very rare and I must do it before I get sucked into starting more work that needs to be done.  Example:  4 batches of laundry to fold, cookies to make, muffins to bake, pantry to organize, bills to pay - you get the picture.  Last night I couldn't stand it and deep cleaned the bathrooms top to bottom - you see what can happen? 


P.S.  Thanks for all of your nice emails and encouraging comments.  It really does keep us going here!  If you would like more information or have any questions/comments - feel free to email me at brainbalancemom@gmail.com

Shhh..... Paige always proof reads my posts for me and she just read it.  She thinks that it is over, but it's not.  Tee hee :) 

Paige loved the zip line too - so much that the kids barely got a turn!  (okay, she only did it twice, but still...)  Here is the video that could get me a punch in the nose tomorrow :)

** For those who don't know me or have not read my earlier posts:  Paige started it.  She loves to mess with me, tease me, tease the kids, etc, so now she gets it back.  This is just the way we are.  I am not being mean to her.  She loves it :)


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