Monday, May 2, 2011

It has been confirmed! I am NOT crazy!

I know that the title of this post may seem like an impossibility given what you know about me.  However, in this case, it is true! I am NOT crazy.  The changes and improvements I have been seeing at home are in fact real and not figments of my imagination.  Yahooooo!!

How do I know this? 


Okay folks!  I had my Parent Meeting last Thursday and I am excited to give you the reports. 

At the time of this report the boys had only had 4 weeks of programming.  FOUR WEEKS! I was so excited to see if what I was seeing at home correlated with what they were seeing at the center.  Guess what?  It did!!!

Here are the reports: (I am just summarizing them)
*Note:  They said that they typically see from 1.5 to 2 levels of improvement.  Notice that both the boys had areas where they exceeded that!


Sensory Motor:
  • His core stability went from level 1.5 to level 3.5
  • His Balance Beam went from level 2 to level 4
  • His Visual Ocular Reflexes went from level 3 to level 5
  • His fine motor went from level 1 to level 5!
  • His Gait went from level 1 to level 4
Wyatt is a pleasure to have in the sensory motor room and I really enjoy working with him.  He is giving a lot of effort and although I know it is difficult to have him wear his one sock, tactiles as well as a cotton ball in his ear, all this will greatly improve Wyatt's progress.  He really enjoys the IM and spinning.  Overall, I am pleased with where Wyatt is presently.

  • Since Wyatt is in Pre-Brain Balance, they do mostly sensory motor.  (A lot of these kids aren't really behind cognitively or academically and the sensory motor is just a lot higher priority right now.)   However, his cognitive goals went from 19-24 month to 25-30 month. 
Wyatt is a joy to work with.  Every day he is showing me more of what he can do.  (Writing his name on his own, using more words when choosing activities.)  He loves the activities when I sing.  He is following directions much better.  He still does not like to do the smells but he is becoming more tolerant.  I look forward to his continued progress.

Go Wyatt!  I am so happy to see that he is moving up in levels and that he is improving based on their records too.  I love that they tell me what things he is lacking in so that I can work on them more at home and get him moving along faster. 


Sensory Motor:
  • His eye muscle coordination and balance improved
  • His Visual Processing improved
  • His Auditory Processing went from level 2 to level 5
  • His Gait/Aerobic went from level 3 to level 7!
  • His Core stability went from level 3.5 to level 6.3!
  • His Interactive Metronome went from level 3 to level 5
  • His Fine Motor went from level 3 to level 7!
Brody is such a hard worker in the sensory motor room and is a pleasure to work with.  He has moved up in many levels and his core has become even stronger!  Please keep working with Brody on push ups and sit ups.  Overall, Brody is giving his best and it shows!  We will continue to work hard on both IM and DDR. 

  • Brody is improving in Reading "main idea", Math reasoning and writing sentences. 
Brody has done a great job in the cognitive room.  I am most pleased with Brody and his improvement in the area of focus.  The greatest struggle that he faced was focusing on the task at hand when we started working and now Brody has become a very effective self starter who chooses to focus on his work.  I am also very proud of the improvement that Brody has shown in main ideas.  This was a great struggle for him in the beginning and now Brody has moved beyond his current age level.  Brody and his hard work are going to lead to great places.

Yay Brody!  I am so please with the progress he has made!  In fact, in the first 4 weeks, he actually already met the goals that they had originally set for him in some areas.  Since the left side of his brain is so much stronger than his right, they are going to raise his goals up.  I love this!  They could just say that because of his age, he has met what level he should be at and just stop there.  However, because his left side is so much higher, they are going to raise the goals for the right side so that in the end, we still end up balanced.  Make sense? 

So there you have it.  I am NOT crazy.  This may be the only time in my life that this happens so I had to have it documented.  :)

I am so excited to see what the next 4 weeks brings and I am SO excited to see the continued improvements and changes in my darling boys.  I LOVE that after 4 years of searching, I have finally found this program. (Rather, it was brought to me by someone special.)  For so many years, we have tried to fix the brain through fixing their  stomachs,  their nutrition, by teaching them, etc.  However, we only saw small gains.  Now - in just 4 weeks, we have had more improvements than really all of the other treatments put together.  Why?  Because this program goes to the source of the problem - the Functional Disconnection Syndrome in the brain - and fixes it.   We are finally on the right path. 

Brain Balance Works. 



  1. That is great news! What remarkable progress! You are not crazy...maybe a little OCD....but not crazy...ha ha (: Your kids are blessed to have you as their mother.

  2. I thought you were crazy way before you started having kids. Remember that day at Storehouse Market when you bought every chery 7up they had and then left me while you went to buy flour? Yes the kids have nothing to do with it. I loved reading their progress reports! That is so great how much improvement they made in so many areas!