Thursday, May 19, 2011

We're On a Roll Folks!

 Okay - so much is happening it is hard to keep up!  Really, it seems like it is just one thing after another of amazing things!  So here we go!

We will start with Hazel.  Sometimes I feel bad because I don't blog about her as much.  However, it is just a fact that there is not as much to say right now.  I am sure her time will come :)  She is growing up fast and is so cute.  She is excited to go to school next year and talks about it a lot.  She gets excited about all of the improvements we are seeing and always prays that "Wy Wy will talk".  She loves to build obstacle courses with Brody and loves when Wyatt wants to play with her and tickle.  She is convinced that the Brain Balance we are building is for her.  She always wants to go to Brain Balance here and she can't so I had told her she could go when we open ours.  I guess to her that equals "Hazel's Brain Balance Center".  :)

Wyatt:  I failed to mention a few things yesterday and then I have a whole new list for today!

Wyatt has always loved music and has been interested when I play songs for him on the guitar.  The other day I played Row Row Row your boat and he was singing along and then he started asking for songs like Old MacDonald and Twinkle Twinkle.  It is SO Cute.  So then he has been wanting to play it a bit so I gave it to him and he actually let me put his fingers in position for a chord and then he strums.  I love that he doesn't just bang or be crazy.  He actually just strums the way he should and it is darling.  Soon enough I will be teaching him :)

Future musician!  I started playing when I was 7 and Wyatt might even beat me!

Wyatt has been drawing and writing on his magnet board a lot the last few days.  I saw him drawing this in the car yesterday.  I think it is so cute.  I am quite positive that it is the Baby Einstein baby and he is in the process of writing Baby Einstein :)  SO cute!

Yesterday when we were driving to the Sensory gym Wyatt said "potty" so we had to get off the freeway and the whole clan had to go in the gas station to go to the bathroom.  So great that he tells us though and doesn't just have an accident!  Anyways, so even after making that stop and taking three freeways to get to our destination, Wyatt still new exactly where we were.  (And we have only been there 4 times?)  How do I know?  We got off the exit, made a few turns and then we were coming up on the left turn we needed to make.  As we approached, Wyatt sat up in his booster seat and pointed to the next turn on the left and said "This Way".  It was SO cute and so amazing that he knew where we were even though we were 40 miles from home.  And even more amazing was that he pointed to and told me where to go!  That is communication!  Spontaneous communication!  Yahoooo!!  After that it got even better!  I said "where are we going?"  (which he never responds to my questions unless they are yes/no questions and that is still only every once in awhile)  But this time he answered and said "Sensations" (as best he could).  I COULD NOT BELIEVE THAT HE ANSWERED A QUESTION!  If you think this is great, wait until you hear about today :)


This morning I got breakfast ready which consisted of fresh fruit, pumpkin muffins and turkey bacon.  Wyatt doesn't eat fruit, but since I had gotten him to try some last night (Miracle!) I decided to try again.  But first, it was prayer time.  I decided to have Wyatt say the prayer again so I started the same way and said "Heavenly" and again Wyatt said "Father".  But this time - before I could even say anything he said "bless food".  Holy Cow!  He was saying a prayer!  He knew what he needed to say without me telling him and he actually said it.  He wasn't just repeating words, he was USING them!  Wow - this is so significant and so amazing.

Okay, back to breakfast.   We cut a grape up in small pieces and also put a few small pieces of strawberry on his plate.  I had to withhold his bacon as reinforcement, but I am amazed at how quickly he keeps trying things.   Within a few minutes he had eaten about 4 pieces of grapes and one piece of strawberry.  He didn't try to spit them out and the gagging was very minimal.  Crazy.  Just Crazy.

After exercises it was time for lunch.  Oh- and I think I failed to mention that the boys were both re tested yesterday and they had both lost a few of their primitive reflexes!  Wyatt had lost 2 and I think Brody lost 4!  This means less of the primitive exercises and more time for home programming! 

Anyways, Lunch.  I decided to grill some steaks.  Hazel and Brody loved it and Wyatt had eaten a bit the other day so I went for it.  A lot of times he will do something and then never do it again, so I was prepared for the worst.  I worried for nothing because he ate all of his steak and without us really pushing him!  Then, I put a small piece of a green bean on his plate since the other kids were eating them and he definitely didn't want to eat it, but with a little push, he grabbed it and ate it!  He has NEVER eaten a vegetable!  This was SO exciting!  He made a funny face, but didn't spit it out!  Go Wyatt!

After that it was off to BB where Wyatt earned a trophy!  This means that he moved up levels.  Way to go Wyatt! 

Later in the day he was coloring and drawing.  For a year or more he has been drawing the same house in the same colors and we have tried to work on it but with little success.  Today he drew a house, but Paige told him he had to switch the colors up.  He must have listened and understood because he mixed it up a little!  He then drew a clown too!  After that he started writing his letters and numbers and kept switching colors which was so cute.  I can't believe how well he writes for never being taught.. 


Before dinner Wyatt came and grabbed me out of the kitchen and took me into his room.  When I got there, I realized he had just done the same thing to Paige, Hazel and Brody.  They were all laughing because Wyatt had brought them in there and sat them down exactly how he wanted them.  He put us all in a circle and started touching our heads and saying "Duck, Duck, Goose".  I know he learned this from a movie and I have seen him play around a little before, but I have NEVER seen him really interact with all of us and try so hard to get us to play together.  He would say "goose" and then the person would run around and Wyatt would grab them and sit them back down.  I don't know if he really gets the real rules, but it doesn't matter.  He had each of us take a turn getting to be the "goose" and it was a blast.  We were laughing so hard - all of us.  Just to see him laugh and play and have fun and really spend time with all of us was wonderful. 

In this video for some reason he was only touching Hazel's head the whole time, but that is okay.  Then after he kind of tackles both of them!  Not sure why, but it sure was funny :)

What great changes and great blessings these are. 

 Now for the grand finale!  We have gotten Wyatt to eat a little chili once, but he didn't eat a ton.  We had also tried the split pea and ham soup I make and he had one little lick of the spoon and that was all.   Since he had been so open to trying new things today, we decided to give it another shot.  We heated some up and put it in front of him.  He immediately pushed it away as usual.  However, I used a little bribing  and got him to taste a bit.  He tried to push it away again, but I kept on him.  After only a few minutes he was eating it (while watching his phone of course) and just taking bites on his own!  It was so cute to see him just pick up the spoon and keep taking bites of this green soup!  It is such a different flavor and texture and I am so happy that he kept eating it.  It has carrots, garlic, onions, ham, peas, etc.  So good for him!  He ate almost a whole kids size bowl of soup.  Watch the video and be amazed :)  (Or cry like I did).

I know we have gone over this before, but these things I have been telling you are absolute miracles.  Even more of a miracle is that they have all happened in 8 weeks time.  When I really think about it and realize that 8 weeks ago Wyatt was still having accidents all over the floor and only using the toilet if we took him in.  8 weeks ago Wyatt was only eating pumpkin bread (with almond flour and eggs which he can no longer have), turkey burgers and waffles and it would take over an hour to get him to even touch a new food.   8 Weeks ago Wyatt was only using language when we asked him to say something, not because he WANTED to say it.  8 weeks ago we couldn't even get Wyatt to sit still for a prayer, let alone say one.  These are miracles and Brain Balance is a miracle. 
I wanted SO badly to get to Brody tonight.  I had his 8 week report today and he is doing AMAZING (I use that word a lot don't I?)  It is WAY too late so I am just going to have to tell Brody's story tomorrow.  I can't wait!



  1. I'm crying too! I can't wait to come and visit you and have Wyatt know me and come and give me a hug and talk to me. He is such a smart little boy and I love him so much! It's true Tam, Faith can move mountains. Your faith is amazing! Please ask Hazel if she will let me visit her brain balance center sometime. :) Oh and I don't think Wyatt was just tolerating that soup, I think he really liked it!

  2. Wahoo!!!!! So amazing and wonderful. I'm so excited for you guys! Can't wait to hear more about the new center. Just WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! Love you guys!