Wednesday, November 2, 2011


After 6 months of lease negotiations, plan design, engineering and city approval, we are finally starting construction!  That was the hard part, this will be the easy part :) Things should be able to move along very quickly!

Here are some "before" photos.  I am so excited to track the progress along the way and document with photos.  I think it is always important to be able to look back at the road you traveled so that you can see how you got to where you are.  

Tomorrow we start cutting the concrete floor so that we can put in additional plumbing for our 2nd bathroom, drinking fountain, etc.  Then we will be patching the concrete and starting framing!  

This truly is so exciting for me for many reasons.  I am obviously SO happy to get Brody and Wyatt back into the Brain Balance Program so that they can continue to progress and grow into the smart, happy BALANCED little boys I know they can be.  Also - I can't wait for other families to start experiencing what we have.  I have already talked with so many wonderful parents that have been doing everything they can to help their children.  I feel blessed and honored to be able to work with these amazing parents and children.  I know how much they have been through and how much they are going through - because I have lived it.   But because of the Brain Balance Program, our life gets better and better and easier and easier every day and so will theirs. 

I have some GREAT updates about the kids and my goal is to post them by this weekend!  Enjoy the photos! (Okay they probably are really are not that exciting to you - but they are to me!)
We LOVE our contractors - Lucky 13 Construction! They are good, honest and are working hard to get this center open to help the children in our community.

Our Empty space! (Not for long!)

Snapping lines for framing!

Our coming soon sign!  Looks like we may need a few more of them and maybe bigger!