Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I LOVE my children, my amazingly supportive husband and my family!

I LOVE my amazing Brain Balance Employees!

I LOVE Brain Balance and what it has done for my family and I LOVE that I get to share that with other children and families!

I could go on, but you get the picture :)

So - I know I have been gone awhile and I apologize.  Since school started, life has gotten even crazier! 

We have to leave by 6 am to get the kids to school.  I work all day getting things going for the center and then pick them up, head home only to go to bed and start again the next day! 

I have so much to write and can't wait to do it - maybe this weekend! 

BUT FIRST.......!!!!!!


We are headed out of town tomorrow just in time for a Thursday wedding.  Maybe once we get back things will calm down - Ha ha... they will only get worse :)  But by worse I don't mean bad, just crazier!  Construction should be starting soon and we have a to do list 3 miles long but I won't bore you with the details. 

So for a little light entertainment, please enjoy the cutest Engagement video I have ever seen!  I must be really old because these didn't exist when I got married :)

Aren't they the most beautiful couple!??

Talk to you soon!

Amanda + Booker {Date Video} from Jesse Felter on Vimeo.