Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Totally Random

Sometimes my days are so random, that the blog post just doesn't have a chance of being "normal" or structured.  So here is my day in a nutshell and here is my post.  For those of you that like things neat and organized, watch out!

  • Had three phone consultations - 2 with doctors, one with corporate. Did the time zone thing backwards and thought one was at 10 when it was really at two... that started me off strange.   It was really hard talking to doctors about supplements, medications, lab tests, etc. with kids running around a park, climbing all over me and asking for food non-stop.  Things are SO much easier with a second person around here!
  • Got Wyatt to Brain Balance and he earned a star!  So scattered, I didn't take a picture of it.  Will have to do it tomorrow. 
  • Tried to take the kids to the park (while talking to a Dr.) and it was WAY too hot and we had to go home.  
  • Had lunch, another phone consult and then off to take Brody to Brain Balance.  Poor Wyatt thought it was for him and he kept saying "no".  Like he was saying "I already did my work today!"  It was cute. 
  • Brody also earned a star!  I didn't even know that until later since he just ran out to the car!  I will have to get a picture tomorrow.  
  • Had planned all day to go swimming at our pool with some other BB friends and then found out it was supposed to be closed!  Oh no!  Wyatt had been saying "swimming" for two days and I was so so sad.  I called and asked the office and they said that the roofers didn't make it to that building today so we could swim!
  • Went swimming with 3 other BB moms and a total of 8 kids - 6 enrolled in BB.  It was a MADHOUSE!  We were laughing at ourselves the whole time.  The kids were good but nuts!  We felt bad (sort of) for the poor people trying to "relax" around the pool.  :) There was nothing quiet or relaxing about this pool party!  
  • At one point another mother and her son came and one of the mom's said "this is the crazy side of the pool" and then Brody yelled something like "Ya!  We are the Brain Balance Bunch!"  It was pretty funny.  
  • By the time we got home the kids were ravenous.  I hurried with dinner and meds and Wyatt said another prayer completely by himself.  This time he said "bless water".  So cute.  
  • Brody fell asleep in the living room, Hazel in my bed and I finally just got out of the shower and it is 11:00 pm.  How is that for a scattered day? 
Now on to the random picture post!  Here we go!

Wyatt's Drawings!  This is Wyatt's version of the Baby Einstein baby (I helped only with the glasses because he asked me to, but then he did another one on his one later, but I can't find it)  He wrote the words all on his own and If you can't tell he was writing "Baby Shakespeare" which is one of the movies.  He has not seen the movie for probably over a year yet he wrote that word from memory.  Pretty darn good if you ask me. 

I have seen Wy draw this  a couple times and wasn't sure what it was.  I finally figured out that the middle picture was cheese!  Then I asked Brody if he knew what the last item was (Wyatt kept saying it but I couldn't tell what he was saying)  Brody finally said "It is tomato sauce!"  I guess it is from an old Blues Clues episode that he hasn't seen in ages either where they make pizza?  So the circle is the dough?  Then the cheese and the tomato sauce?  Really pretty good illustrations - better than I could do :)

Randomly went Gluten, Dairy and sugar free the other day.  Thinking I might go all the way with no grains either - basically what the kids are eating.  Let's discuss this topic later :)  Anyways, got a grilled chicken breast at Chick Fil A when Bo was in town since Hazel was DYING to take Papa there.  I got a side salad with vinaigrette dressing and it came with these sunflower seeds. I don't love sunflower seeds, but thought about tossing them on the salad - until I looked at the label.  I really don't understand what has happened to the world.  Since when do we really need all of this junk in all of our food?  In case you can't read it, these simple sunflower seeds contain:  Sunflower kernels (thank heavens), sugar, corn syrup,honey, wheat starch, high fructose corn syrup (otherwise known as the neurotoxin Mercury), salt, xantham gum. Wow.  I thought maybe there was just sunflower seeds and salt.  And no, I did not eat them. 

THIS WAS A MAJOR DEVASTATION!  This is my favorite sauce in the whole world and it is the main reason I go to Chick fil a.  I have NEVER looked at the ingredients.  I don't know why I just rip it open and enjoy without taking into account what is in it.  Now, if we are only talking about myself, I probably won't die from eating this (although who knows the long term effects of all of this crap?)  We do know that mercury is linked to Alzheimers, etc. so..... Anyways, but when you have developing young brains it is ESPECIALLY toxic.  I already told you to check your ketchup, salad dressings, breads, etc. but I never really even thought about checking condiments at restaurants.  Well, now I do and guess what?  My favorite sauce has HFCS as the FIRST ingredient!  Now I wonder if when I was a kid it used to just be plain old sugar?  Not sure.  So even though it was SO hard for me I ate the chicken breast with a little salad dressing.  It was not great for me, but didn't have any toxic ingredients in it... 

Since Ranch is not sweet really, then it would be safe right?  Wrong.  Same HFCS right in there.  So Sad.  How many children around the country are eating all of these sauces and foods that contain toxic mercury (not to mention the other toxic chemicals that we call food..)??? 

Brody's Brain Balance Creation.  My sweet sister sent the kids a package full of awesome toys and crafts.  One of them was this foam.  It was great and not sticky!  Brody created the BB logo!  It was a little easier to tell what it was before, but then he added the sun, the music note, the letters, etc.  onto it and it made it a little jumbled.  A darling effort though!

Here they are playing with their foam.  Wyatt was of course wearing his glasses and trying to cheat by pulling them to the side... punk.  He liked the foam and made a house, a snowman, etc.  It was great! Hazel played with this stuff for hours - really.  I have never seen her play with something for so long.   You can see the BB logo on Brody's shirt.  :) 

Here is Brody playing with the Jacks!  I already posted about how hard he worked to catch the ball.  What a good boy!

I came in the room and found Paige playing with the foam and she had created the whole alphabet!  Okay fine - Wyatt wanted her to do it and helped (a little..)  But I think she had a lot of fun :)  She was really glad it wasn't messy like Moon Sand!

The next day we played with modeling clay and Hazel made herself a beard.  Not sure why, but she wanted me to take a picture so here it is!
On Saturday the kids to Papa to the sensory gym.  Not sure what was going on here, but they all had a lot of fun!

Well, that is the end of my randomness tonight!  I can't believe I might be to bed before midnight!  There is a HUGE part of me that wants to stay up and make muffins for the kids since we are out.  We are also out of bacon so this is BAD!  Poor Wyatt has nothing for breakfast!  I guess it will be hamburgers and smoothies.  Yum. 

And one last thing.....................................................


Thank you for being an amazing, wonderful, fun, crazy, thoughtful, selfless friend (with an attitude).  You have been with us on this journey from almost the very beginning and you will be with us to the end!  Like it or not :)  We are so blessed to have you (and your family) as part of our family.  Thank you for all that you do.   Our children (and countless other children) will have futures because of the help that you so lovingly offer.  We are so glad you will be part of our Brain Balance Family too!  
We Love you!  Tam, Bo, Brody, Wyatt & Haze

See you tomorrow!   If you are not too mad to come back ;)
This is the only picture we have together that we can stand.  Everything else we have ever taken really just didn't work out... :) This picture was actually taken a year ago when I took Paige to the airport to go see her sister.  (I had given her a plane ticket as her birthday present)  I don't know if I can top that gift and I think she is probably sick of flying :)  So I am going to have to come up with something different this year.  She gets home tomorrow so I better hurry up! 

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