Monday, May 30, 2011

All Worn Out!

I had planned to do a nice long update complete with pictures and video from our long, fun weekend. However, we are BEAT!  We took the boys to the airport about 3:00 and then came home and played play dough, did some coloring, cleaned the house and did dinner and medicine.  After finally getting the kids in bed and having some dinner, Brody woke up.  Then I realized that Wyatt had never gone to sleep!  What?  It was 10:00!  I went in to find that he had gone #1 AND #2 in his little tiny potty (Hazel's old princess potty....)  That is SO great since this morning we woke up to another GIANT #2 disaster including the infamous "train through the mud" trick.  Yuck. 

Now that they are both back in bed we must get our sleep so that we can make it through yet another crazy, busy, fun, stressful, happy, roller coaster week.  I promise to start early tomorrow so I can give you (me)  a full update.

One funny note:  When Paige got home last week and we picked her up from the airport, Brody asked her why she went home and she told him it was so she could see her husband and family.  Brody then said "Why do you keep leaving?  It's really annoying".  It was in the cutest tone and I gave him a high 5 ;)    Silly Brody.


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