Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Has anyone seen my children?!

I left for three days - just THREE days and I came home to find three crazy children who had already changed in that short time! 

Wyatt had started talking a ton more.  They went on a drive and he was pointing and labeling everything he saw:  mailbox, fence, driveway, etc.  He was also trying to repeat whole phrases from the movies he watches.  

Then, he pulled the ultimate trick (well, at least he tried to!)  We left a sprite on the counter and Wyatt got a sip of it. He wanted more where that came from so a few minutes later he took us by the hand and took us into his room (as if to get rid of us) which he has done before on occasion.  We knew what he was up to and went out of the room.  Since that didn't work, he took us into the bathroom and tried to sit us on the toilet.  He realized that we were on to him and we were faster than him and could get to the sprite before he did.   So - what did punky little Wyatt do?  As we are  sitting there on the toilet he says to us:  "Pants off" and tries to pull our pants down!  He was trying to get as much time as he could to get the sprite and figured that would buy him a little extra time!  What a silly SMART kid!

Brody has been working on situps and pushups and he is getting better fast!  Before we moved here I tried to get Brody to do situps.  He was supposed to be able to do 31 situps in 1 minute for his age level.  He only did 4.  But now, only a short time later he is doing 34!  He did it today and I recorded it, but didn't think watching one whole minute of situps would really entertain you. But I did film the pushups!  He didn't really have the upper body strength to do push ups and we have been working on them and Paige must have worked a lot this weekend because I came home and he was doing them awesome! 

Hazel is still crazy Hazel, but she is growing up so fast.  She is smart and helpful (most of the time) and loves her Brothers.   Before I left she didn't want me to go.  When I got back I asked her if she missed me and she said "Yes, but I wasn't sad and I played and ate my chili all gone and I even ate all my broccoli!" 

Below are some pictures and videos of my ever changing children from over the weekend.
It is not even 10:00 and I am going to bed.  I am still not caught up on sleep from 4 years ago so I am going to try to get an extra hour every day... I wonder how many years that will take me?  :)


Strong man Brody!
Pirate Hazey!

Is Hazel Driving?

One of Wyatt's favorite thing to do is go on slides.  They found a new park while I was gone so they all played and had fun!

Holy Handsome and Happy!  What a darling little boy - seriously -I love him!

Bro being cool :)

At the park (with Hazel in her Pajamas!) Wyatt kept taking sunglasses and wearing them :)
Wyatt is obsessed with drawing houses.  He always draws them exactly the same with the same colors.  We have worked on this for a year and he does NOT like when we try to get him to change colors.  He drew this one all by himself while I was gone and they didn't even have to tell him to switch colors!  The house is usually always blue, flower purple, etc.  Good Job Wyatt! 

Here is Wyatt riding a tricycle at the sensory gym.  We tell him if he wants to play in the room with the trains, he has to ride his bike into there.  This time he is already right by the room and we try to get him to go around a bit, but as you can see, he has other plans....

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