Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When Mom's Away - Paige Goes Crazy!

I don't think I ever posted about our little Moon Sand day we had last month, but let's just say that Paige was NOT happy and said she HATED Moon Sand and that the kids would NEVER play with it when she was around again!  She didn't like the huge mess or the cleanup that came with it.  

So.... You can imagine my surprise when I came home from my weekend and Paige showed me these photos.  What started out as an innocent finger painting afternoon.........


Look at those Angels....


As usual - Wyatt is being a good boy.  He always seems to be saying "you guys are all nuts" :)
Another one of his house masterpieces.
The kids had so much fun and even though she won't admit it, I know that Paige LOVED seeing them so happy.  We are so blessed to have someone so amazing, capable and loving to help us out.


Paige also kept track of all improvements, changes, etc. over the weekend and there were quite a few!  I can't wait to post them, but for now I must sleep!  I will say that it is amazing how in only 3 days time, my boys have even changed more.  That is fast and truly remarkable.  



  1. Way to go Paige! Those pictures are very cute!

  2. I wanted to see the pictures of Paige! I bet she had more paint that Brody & Hazel put together!