Monday, March 28, 2011

We Miss You Papa!

I would give anything in the world if I could have my sweet husband here with us.  It is so hard being away from him.  We miss him so much and the kids miss having someone fun to play with.  Let's face it, Dad's are just way more fun to play with than moms.  I am trying to think of things I can sell or ways I can make some extra money so that we can fly him out here every weekend.  He will be here this Friday and that will be almost 3 weeks since we have seen him.  That is WAY too long.  Especially knowing that this is a 6 month arrangement. 

Everyday when Papa came home from work, Brody and Hazel would immediately run to him and scream and then grab onto his legs and not let go.  He had to walk down the whole hallway to the kitchen dragging them behind.  Then the night consisted of Wyatt dragging him to the trampoline, everyone screaming and yelling and running around playing chase and then nightly scripture reading.   Since we have been here the kids have had none of those things. :(  I am just not Papa.  Families were designed perfectly because I just cannot replace my husband or what he does for our family and kids and he could not replace me and what I do.  But for now, we have to do the best we can and just be so grateful that this is a temporary situation. 

There are not many fathers that would do what he does.  He has willingly done all he can over the last 4 years to treat our boys and help them improve and be happy.  I come to him with something I have researched and want to try and he says "ok".  He is so supportive and so loving and so unselfish to do what he does. 

Once again it is so late.  I don't know how the time slips away from me so quickly.  I will NOT miss a day on this blog but It may take awhile for me to catch up on the lists of things I have written down to post about. 

Tomorrow we don't have to go to Brain Balance so I am hoping we can do their exercises, organize the kitchen, make bread, clean the house, put away the laundry, find Hazel a preschool, pay the bills, etc. etc. etc.  I did get a text today from another mom who moved here from out of state as well and we are planning to meet at another bouncy place so the kids can get their motor activity in as well as play with some other kids. 

We are hoping the next three days go really quickly because we can't wait to see papa!

We love you Papa - you are the best!

Night. Night.

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