Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Holy Cow!

Today Was absolutely insane!  It started at 6:00 am and it is now 11:08 and I have only been home for 30 minutes!  I have SO many stories to tell about today's events - PLUS all of the stuff that I wanted to post yesterday! 

But - Since I got almost no sleep last night (this is becoming a pattern...) And I have another crazy day tomorrow, I fear I have got to go to bed.  Although my blog posts may take you minutes to read, they take me a long time to write so for me to write what I want to say today I would be up another 2 hours!

I will say that the blood work went well and better than expected.  I can't wait to get the results.   Then we ended up at Whole Foods, Target, Costco, Chick-fil-A, the pool, the gas station, Sam's Club, Costco, the gas station and then Target.  It was not a fun filled day of shopping!  I don't have time for those and I don't even enjoy them.  Especially with 3 children that do NOT want to be in the car! It was rough!  But, since we had a car for ONE day, I was determined to get everything done so that we can finally get organized and settled in. 

So much to write tomorrow I will need to start in the morning to get it all done :)  Oh wait, I have to take the rental car back by 8:30, bake bread, make waffles and cheese crackers, patty a bunch of hamburgers to freeze with the organic beef I got today, repeat the same with ground turkey, organize the house and the kitchen, install the new water purifier, figure out how to water the batteries on my golf cart and then be to Brain Balance by 11:45.  I am going 15 minutes early to meet the insurance agent and sign the papers for my renters insurance and my golf cart insurance.  Then I have a parent meeting while Wyatt is in session, etc. etc. etc.  You get the picture!



  1. Are cheese crackers new? I've never heard of those. Did they replace Cheese Mates? If you decide that Haze is too much work out there - you can put her on a plane to me! I will deal with the whining for you.

  2. I'm curious about the cheese crackers too. Although, I'm wondering what the recipe is. But I know you're busier than busy, so even if don't see the recipe for a year, I'm ok with that.

    I am seriously amazed at all you do and your attitude about it all. You're my hero!