Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday Rainy Sunday

So it stormed all night.  Rain, Thunder, the works.  Hazel woke up crying pretty bad at one point and had to go potty and then was scared and wanted to sleep with me.  I slept okay with her rolling all over the place, but not great :)  When we woke up this morning the first thing she said was "What is that sound?"  I told her it was thunder.  She then said (in a very dramatic voice) "That means a twister is coming!"  I asked her where she had heard that and she said "Mimi (Grandma) told me.  I asked her what a twister was and she said "It is a big wind and everyone has to hide!"   She always makes me laugh!

It was about 8:30 and church was at 9:00.  Wyatt was still asleep and Brody was just getting up.  There was NO way I was heading out in the storm in a golf cart, but I was sad because I really wanted to go to church.  I texted pretty much the only person I know in the ward and told her we wouldn't be able to make it and she offered to pick us up.  I felt bad because she has already helped us so much, but decided to take her up on it.  However, she was going to be here in 20 minutes and no one was dressed, no one had eaten and we had nothing together to take with us!  We ran as fast as we could and got dressed and I grabbed some food to take with us and we were on the road.  We made them late :( but we made it. 

When we arrived, there was about 30 people waiting in the lobby - it was crazy!  There was 4 little girls sitting in a circle talking.  Brody stood up from across the room, walked over, sat down next to them and said "Hi guys.  What are you all talking about?"  It was so cute.  He SO reminds me of myself as a child.  I would walk up to pretty much anyone, anywhere and be there friend within 2 minutes.  I heard him tell some kids that he had moved here for Brain Balance.  I asked him later what he told them about it and he said "I told them it was going to balance my brain".  That makes perfect sense.  I always feel the need to go into a 20 minute explanation and Brody can just do it in one sentence. 

The Kids did really well in sacrament meeting.  Wyatt sat next to a gentlemen and leaned up against him for about 20 minutes!  Just sat and chilled next to him.  It was funny.  They sat pretty well overall.

Then it was time for primary.  Hazel loves sunbeams and seems to like her new teacher.  Brody has made some friends already and I was AMAZED at how well he sat still.  He is usually jumping around, wiggling, talking, etc.  He sat nice the whole time and paid attention.  Totally BB.

Wyatt's class has a husband and wife that teach together.  The husband was gone last week but was there today.  Between the two of us we wrestled a VERY wiggly Wyatt during the first hour.  He was all over the place and ran away twice.  (I was happy for that because it gave him a sense of what he would be dealing with)  During the last hour, they were in a smaller classroom and I was confident that they would not let Wyatt escape, so I went to Relief Society for the first time in 4 years?  It was so nice! 

We got home and the kids were STARVED!  They hadn't really gotten to eat before, so they ate and ate and ate.  Then the boredom hit.  There was NOTHING to do.  We couldn't really leave, or go to the park and we have really no toys and of course no TV.  It was a long day...

I will go into more detail when I catch up on all my posts, but here is the big news of the last three days.  WYATT HAS GONE TO THE BATHROOM ON THE TOILET BY HIMSELF 100 PERCENT OF THE TIME!  I have not had to ask him or take him to the bathroom ONCE!  I just turn around and he is in going potty.  #1 AND #2 :) It is CRAZY!  We have tried everything under the sun for the past 2 years.   Every type of chart, ABA tactic and reinforcement and NOTHING has worked.  Do I think that it is coincidence that after some reflex exercises and ONE WEEK of brain balance that he is now going by himself?  No I do not. 

Anyways, so after church he went in the bathroom and was going poo poo. (Yes, you get the details).  It was a better poop than usual which hopefully means the bowels are getting better.  He didn't look to good all of the sudden and got of the toilet and laid on the bathroom floor.  Then he got up and just looked sick like he was going to throw up - it was very strange.  Then he did something weird and took his shirt off and said "shower".  He doesn't hate showers, but usually protests a bit and doesn't usually ever just ask for one.  He got right in and stood in the water for a bit still looking terrible and pale.  He then laid on the floor of the shower and then got out.  I put him in a towel and went and laid on his bed with him.  I really don't know if I have ever seen him so strange.  He has been sick where he is lethargic and lays around, but he has never been like this.  Even when he has had the stomach flu, he will not even make one noise and I will just look over and he is throwing up.

Anyways, he just laid there squirming, crying, struggling and looking terrible.  He would get up and try to walk and be in obvious pain and have to hunch over to walk.  He went to the bathroom again and was crying while he was on the toilet and reach out for me to hug him and looked at me with the saddest eyes as if asking for me to comfort him.  He went and laid back down and squirmed and cried some more.  I was SO worried and was sure that he was going to be throwing up soon or worse.  I laid by him and sang some songs and within 10 minutes he was up running around, climbing the kitchen cabinets, trying to eat all the cheese crackers and vitamin C we have in the house.  I had to hide it all from him.  Red Flag:  If he is so obsessed with those two items and they are all he asks for, looks for and will not eat anything else, then they probably are not good for him.  I am going to remove them for a few days and see if I see any changes. 

Within 20 minutes, I was so sick.  My stomach hurt so bad I wanted to cry.  I laid on my bed and did what I had to do - I turned on a movie.  They are allowed their 30 minutes (although Brody and Hazel already had theirs) so it wasn't horrible, but I just try to avoid it if I can.  I was dying and almost fell asleep but I hurt too bad and knew Wyatt would escape the house if I did.  I felt pretty horrible the entire day.

The rest of the day was honestly pretty bad.  Like I said, there was NOTHING to do.  I tried to do a craft with the kids but they weren't interested.  I felt so terrible I couldn't do much if I wanted to.  All Wyatt wanted to do was have me hold him by his feet, hang him upside down and swing him in circles - over and over again. It was SO hard because I was so sick, so I couldn't do it as much as I wanted to for him.  Hazel cried for 45 minutes because I wouldn't give her a treat.  Her eyes were almost swollen shut from crying so hard. 

I finally made dinner and got them ready for bed at 6 pm.  I was just done.  Wyatt was out by 7 and Brody and hazel were up until 8:30 reading stories on my phone. (Also, not great).  Wyatt was up by midnight (and I am still awake).  He had wet the bed and was naked trying to sleep on the floor in his closet.  I cleaned him up and gave him some food and he ran to my bed and snuggled under the blankets.  He is still laying there now as I write this post listening to the pouring rain.   The thunder is so loud it actually scares me. 

I have SO many more cute things, improvements, etc. to post, but they will have to wait - again.  I Promise (mostly to myself) that starting tomorrow I will get back on track with my daily kid updates and all of the other great things we are seeing from Brain Balance.   As for now, I need to put Wyatt back in his bed and hope that I at least get 4 hours of sleep and that tomorrow is a better day!

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