Sunday, March 20, 2011

This Deserves a Post of its own!

Yahoooo!  An amazing happy thing just happened! 

I was putting Wyatt to bed  (yes, all three kids are in bed and it is 7:30... They were so exhausted and delirious after being up most the night last night, that I almost put them to bed at 5 :)

Anyways, Wyatt wanted me to swing him around so I did.  Then he wanted me to tickle, so I did.  Then he wanted me to "kiss" so I did.  In the midst of the silly kissing, Wyatt scratched me on my face with his fingernail and it hurt!  I let out a yell and said "Ouch Wyatt, that hurt Mama". 

Wyatt then did the most AMAZING THING!  He looked right at me and said "Are you ok?"  It was the cutest thing I have ever seen!  Now once in awhile if he hits his own head or gets hurt he will cry and say "u ok? Which is really cute and I think he learned it from a movie?  However, the fact that he saw that I was hurt and read my body language (which most of these kids cannot do) and asked if I was okay is a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL thing! 

I find it truly amazing (although not surprising) that even though Wyatt has not officially started Brain Balance and has only been working on his reflex exercises - that we have already seen so many glimpses of what is to come.  They are small things, but so HUGE. 

My official daily post is coming soon!

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  1. That's wonderful Tam! I'm excited for you and your cute fam. I think the world of you! I haven't been around your kids forever!! This is so cute of Wyatt! I love reading this and excited to hear all the great things that will happen!

    LOVE U! xoxo